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    What an Ibrox introduction for my boy, really couldn't have panned out better. We were running late due to an accident on the M77, so the pre match ritual I had planned was abandoned. But this minor blip was quickly forgotten once we got inside the ground. Really can't explain the pride I felt as the goals rained in and you see for the first time your son's reaction to the roar from the crowd.
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    My hands were painful from clapping, my throat sore from shouting and cheering and my head ringing from the noise around me. Painful but in a good way. I sat at Ibrox last night with a lump in my throat, not my Bar72 chicken curry, oh no, this was an emotional lump. A strange feeling had came over me and hard as it was to keep telling myself "it's only fucking Dunfermline" there was a change in the wind, a weird sensation I tried to fathom, a sensation I have not had in way too long a time. It's hard after 5 years of shite to trust anyone and that includes players and managers. We have had to put up with cheap fakes, powder puff and managers who were just not good at their job..... Charlatans, shysters and con-men, taking a wage and giving fuck all back. It's also difficult to leave 5 years behind, it's ripped us apart so I can see where folks are wary and sceptical and not trusting, but do you know what, this just feels different, in my heart and head it feels different - watching Pedro and those players last night, fighting, organised, clever, I think finally we can move on - never forget - but move on. This is gonna be some season ahead, I can tell you that for sure Stick that on your fucking Birthday card
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    I was guilty of buying in to these accusations as well after the McKay interview... But the way the players are on the pitch and in particular the way they celebrate goals together would suggest he very much has the dressing room on side. I think it's safe to say the stories of him "treating players like dirt" were perhaps blown out of proportion, vicious rumours from bitter players because they were deemed not good enough. One of the things that's stood out so far is the bond between the team. And Alves sent a message with his celebration last night, straight to Caixinha.
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    Great start to the season.
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    Brilliant mate. Get that pic framed, he'll be able to show his kids and their kids it in years to come when they're preparing for their first Ibrox trip. A cracking lifetime memory right there.
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    Subtle "I sit in Bar72" post
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    I get the impression that while we are in full recovery mode, the rest of scottish football - particularly some fans - are on a really bad downward spiral. This is a good thing.
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    I'm hearing we've managed to go the night without one fan taking another fans face off or another one headering a baseball bat. thank fuck, im so relieved.
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    The spirit between the players seems better than it has been for a long time....
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    That's unlawful. No I never said it was unlawful.
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    Buckling at "they're sayin cheerio but nobody's leaving" 30 seconds later "right folk are leaving"
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    'Rangers fans need to calm down were only shitty little Dunfermline' ??
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    Done OK. Not bad for a boy not long back after 10 months or so. His positioning and reading of the game is class, covers for the defence really well. Mad that is still only 20 years old. Hope he is here for years to come as he will grow in to a fantastic player.
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    The Provos version is better and actually rhymes. However (and I'll probably get slaughtered for this) the days of singing FTP and about the IRA at Rangers games is cringy as fuck tbh. Every song these days is hijacked with this pish. Rather sing about Rangers. ??
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    Hope a never hear penny arcade at ibrox again tbh
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    It would be tremendous if Dundee Hivs struggled again this season.
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    Some of them (well most actually) needed a boot in the baws, the ones still there obviously took it on board and knuckled down. The others have left and won't be missed.
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    We were 5-0 up against a lower division team, don't blame him tbh.
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    That's what it's all about. Nice story and good to hear another wee Bear in the making. Get him out to the parades now and you've done your bit as a parent
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    First thing that goes when things aren't going well is team spirit. Let's be fair - until the last 2-3 weeks, things weren't going particularly well, so it's no wonder it wasn't all sweetness & light. Good results are the perfect remedy, though - fingers crossed they keep it going.
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    I'm looking forward to Southdown1916's list. He puts everyone to shame. There will be some older dudes on here with better lists than mine. From memory - not a lot of actual different countries but plenty of games .. Obviously Scotland, Ulster and England. Apart from them ; Denmark (Copenhagen) Sweden (Gothenburg, Herfolge & Malmo) Norway (Molde) Finland (FC Haka) Poland (Anzi Michkabi & Amica Wronki) Germany (Apart from various pre-season's games with lower league teams/teams I can't mind the names of - Dortmund, Bayern Munich, Stuttgart x3, Kaiserlautern, Bayer Leverkusen, Nurenberg, Bochum, Werder Bremen, Hannover, Hamburg & Schalke) France (PSG, Auxerre, Strasbourg, Monaco & Lyon) Spain (Barcelona, Osasuna, Villareal, Valencia x2 & Sevilla) Portugal (Porto, Maritimo & Sporting Lisbon x2) Italy (Parma, Livorno & Fiorentina) Slovenia (Maribor x2) Slovakia (Artmedia Bratislava) Lithuania (Kaunas x2) Serbia (Red Star Belgrade) Montenegro (FC Zeta) Austria (Stum Graz) Holland (PSV x2, Feyenoord, Ajax, Sparta Rotterdam, VVV Venio, Emmen & AZ Alkmaar) Israel (Hapoel Tel Aviv) Cyprus (Anorthosis Famagusta) Turkey (Fenerbache & Buraspor) Romania (that mob that played at Steaua's stadium - can't mind their name - they pumped us at Ibrox) Russia (Dynamo Moscow & CSKA Moscow) Greece (Panathiniakos x2) USA (Charleston Battery) Canada (Dynamo Zagreb & some other team can't mind who) I never managed to do the following with Rangers since I broke my cherry with Gothenburg in 97 - Inter Milan closed doors, Victoria Zizkov, PAOK Salonika, Bietar Jerusalem, Galatasary - missed out on them for various reasons. Some of the other teams grounds I've done taking in games with Rangers unders, on holiday or with Chelsea - Galatasary, Sparta Prague, Maccabi Haifa, Leipzig, Wolfsburg, Dynamo Kiev (both domestic stadium and Champions League Olympic stadium), Espanyol, Malaga, Girona, FC Bunol, Hertha Berlin, Union Berlin, Levante, Luxemborg national stadium, Utrecht, Fortunna Dusseldorf, Marseilles, FC Braga, Benfica, Azerbajaen national stadium, Gronigen, Besiktas and Landsdown Road (Republic Of Ireland) with Scotland - back when I didn't used to mind the dirty cunts too much. I'll have forgot a lot, lot more. My minds buckled trying to think.
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    Hmmm. Remember when we played st mirren a couple of years ago and the whole stadium erupted in applause after some nice play by waghorn and tav...how did that turn out? We've won the square root of fuck all,people need to settle down.
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    I was looking forward to that conference as well. Not anymore though.
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    Every club in Scotland is a selling club unfortunately. We need to be better at it than we have been and better at it than others. That being said, its still not a very palatable message. However in fairness to him I would also say that the "selling" message is only in the headline - the guy himself only says "There will be some who come in and stay a few years and are then sold on, while there will be others who come and stay for good". I fail to see how that is different from almost any club in the world
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    Too early for this - really think we need to see where we are in December and how all the players have performed in the tough games.
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    Miller scored the first and assisted the next two so job done yet again. I like most Rangers fans look to a future without Kenny Miller but it's GREAT credit to him that he's having none of it .
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    I really want Pedro and Rossiter to be successful. They're likeable characters.
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    I can't stop laughing at the fact he had to ask who hit the first free kick. Love this guy
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    Rossiter is the happiest, most enthusiastic footballer I have ever seen. So refreshing to see. The kind of guy you want to be a success. Was quietly effective tonight. Long may it continue.............
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    I honestly didn't think he was that bad against Progres at Ibrox.
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    Doesn't know what the word sectarianism means, what a fucking mong
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    Send one of the backroom staff who cant speak English out to do press conferences. have him say que to every question in a style of Manuel from fawlty towers..
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    You know things have changed when you ask yourself "Who was man if the match", and the answer is that it is impossible to pick one out because there were so many of them all over the pitch. That is how last night felt.
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    Who the fuck is gonnae believe that a Hearts fan put on a Taigs tap to slash some cunt in the name of KYLE LAFFERTY!!!
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    Every club in the world bar Barcelona and Real Madrid, and arguably Bayern Munich, are selling clubs. Even then, the Neymar deal might have changed that.
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    Nice one, I had Tavernier anytime and Rangers win @ 8.11/1.
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    He did what was needed to 'encourage' those he didn't want to find new clubs. Some spat the dummy, fuck them. The likes of Alves in all honesty likely wouldn't be here if it wasn't for Pedro being manager. As the OP says, the team spirit amongst players seems great, and Pedro seems well received in goal celebrations and as players are coming off when subbed. Very early, but given the criticism he could have received if results had been poor, it's right to credit after 3 points on Sunday and an excellent performance last night. Oh and I'd say his signings are outperforming the guys he inherited. So well done on identifying and recruiting some real class.
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    He's a likeable wee guy and he tucks his shirt in. He wears the colours with pride.
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    Nope. Reckon he's having to do it as the other players are struggling to spot the spaces as fast as he does. They'll get it and we'll really fly when they do.