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    What an Ibrox introduction for my boy, really couldn't have panned out better. We were running late due to an accident on the M77, so the pre match ritual I had planned was abandoned. But this minor blip was quickly forgotten once we got inside the ground. Really can't explain the pride I felt as the goals rained in and you see for the first time your son's reaction to the roar from the crowd.
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    Don't know if this has been posted
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    Vloggers, bloggers and all them cunts should be volleyed into a fucking fire
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    The "love me" types that want taigs to see them as good guys should take themselves so far away to fuck from the club. Embarrassing cunts.
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    Mate its just a wean doing something relating to the team he loves. I did daft Rangers things when I was a kid. Used to make up pretend Champions League tournaments and have Rangers play in the final, which I would play myself v myself in the garden with full commentary. I even used to make a programme for the game
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    for god's sake, dON't let @piperpete NeAr any pRintiNg
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    Brilliant mate. Get that pic framed, he'll be able to show his kids and their kids it in years to come when they're preparing for their first Ibrox trip. A cracking lifetime memory right there.
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    The Provos version is better and actually rhymes. However (and I'll probably get slaughtered for this) the days of singing FTP and about the IRA at Rangers games is cringy as fuck tbh. Every song these days is hijacked with this pish. Rather sing about Rangers. ??
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    I'm from the Laudrup school of thought.
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    A seriously hope it's the vilest of bigotry on show tomorrow.
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    @K.A.I you have just been branded a homophobe on hibs.net for calling our card displays 'faggy.' a proud moment for the entire forum imo
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    Should have a look at hibs.net, makes for good reading. I made a post on here saying I hoped they win so Pedro got sacked and it's made it on there with them thinking I was serious
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    To see Alves stare down taigs this year, half the team infact. The switch from shitebags to proper men is such a relief. The want to drop the head into so many taigs and scream "yassss" is intense Uppa Volunteers. 3 days weekends have me ruined.
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    I'm actually quite glad to see kids still as excited about Rangers as I was at that age, feel right old typing that.
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    I like Herrera, different style of player, the target man and believe once he adapts to the Scottish physical style of play he should do the job well. I think he would compliment Morelos because he's that type of player who would create space for Morelos to get in and score.
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    It's getting very worrying how many young lads have taken to "vlogging" at games. Their opinion matters not one bit to nearly all normal supporters, another aspect of modern football I absolutely despise.
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    I did a FoI a couple of years ago, asking for a breakdown of venues (Ibrox and Parkhead) used by GCC, associated costs of each venue and (if possible) approximate number of people in attendance (between 2002 - 2012 I think the dates were). I don't have it to hand (it's on here somewhere) but it showed the septic park was by far the venue of choice, regardless of how big or small the number of people in attendance. I then asked why the blatant favouritism in choice of venue, despite (on some occasions) PH coming out at a higher rate than Ibrox - got fudged off with 'only choice of venue available at the time'. Back I went with something along the lines of 'on a few of the dates in question, Ibrox wasn't being used - so why the higher priced venue. Surely GCC has a duty to provide the best value for money...' All I got back was some bollox about them having answered my original enquiry and that there are many factors considered when choosing a venue GCC - Glasgow Catholic Council. Maybe time for an updated FoI request
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    Be a fucking joke if it's some wee poofy display considering all that happened the last time we played this mob. I hate these cunts more than the sheep at the minute, that display better represent some sort of battle fever or hopefully it gets booed tae fuck
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    How exactly is he worth a lot more? Was out of his depth against England and cost the goal in injury time, done nothing in Europe. One purple patch season and he's worth a lot more than £3 million with a year remaining on his contract? Seems a minority of our fans are buying into the media hype surrounding Armstrong!
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    If we don't win this one we can forget getting 3 points.
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    You're wantae get a fucking grip.
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    His Dad was probably like "away up the back away fae me if yer gonnae spend the game filming yersel"
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    Let's see how much they're disgusted by sectarianism when they're chanting about H*** and orange bastards tomorrow.
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    Apologies to our Hibs supporting guests it's just football banter the same way sevco, strip the titles, h*ns, cheats, orange bastards, your not Rangers anymore, weegie patter is for you guys. I hope tomorrow is played in the true spirit of the game for the good of Scottish football, the Ibrox crowd hold the follow with pride cards high, our supporter liaison officer who's Dads a grass is waiting for you's at the bus park with the half as half scarfs that he will be selling in the Copland Road Louden and you's all have an enjoyable day for Scottish football lads
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    She looks like Mark Hughes, who in turn looks like Ailsa from Home & Away.
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    You just know it will be. I got to the point at games where I refused to even hold the cards up cos the displays and messages getting faggier anywsy first game back tomorrow for me - Bar72 for me also - few vodkas and hopefully watch us hammer these inbred fenian junkie LGBT bastards
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    We didn't just lose games though, we had two of the worst results in our history either side of the break. You don't get pumped 5-1 at home by the filth and say "ah well, they're not his players". He's still got a long way to go to make up for that result but thankfully, he seems to be on the right track. Going into the first OF game level, or close to level, with the taigs, and then beating them, will be a huge step towards forgiving him for that.
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    He's not even the best Celtic player over the last 40 years, never mind when you include our players. It's the modern era of bumming players up to a ridiculous level.
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    Even by your standards. Fucking hell man.
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    How the fuck can he have a Uni accent when he's only 11?
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    His wee pal "They're sectarian! They're saying about the IRA!" Away back to wanking over micecraft ya wee goblin bowl cut bastart.
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    I get the impression that while we are in full recovery mode, the rest of scottish football - particularly some fans - are on a really bad downward spiral. This is a good thing.
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    I know a few RM members knew Gavin Funeral arrangements as below There will be a Celebration of the life of Gavin Reid to which all friends are respectfully invited at 11.30 am on Wednesday 16th August at Clydebank Dalnottar Crematorium Mountblow Road Clydebank G81 4SL and thereafter to Westpark Hotel Great Western Road, Clydebank G81 6DB Family flowers only please. There will be an opportunity to make a much appreciated donation to Epilepsy Scotland on retiral.
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    That tweet sums up the club at the moment. Wanting to be everyone's best pal, look at us were Rangers, were sorry you had to send us to the lower leagues and try to kill us off it was our fault. Fucking nonsense, this display is going to end up embarrassing us tomorrow, I sincerely hope it isn't some follow with pride nonsense
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    That's what I don't get I had a look on their forum and they are quick to call us bigots and be offended at everything posted but call us h*ns and all sorts of other offensive stuff they also say they like bitter football banter and rivalry but can't stand it when it's over the top - who the fuck are they to decide when it's over the top or not like every other club, supporter and outlet in Scottish football they're hypocrites. its ok for them to spout whatever they want about us on their forums but we aren't allowed the same in return? Then you've got pricks like the SLO, his grassing fat bastard Dad and wee cock smokers like Ace saying don't sing this and be embassadors towards these cunts in the name of the club how about you lot fuck right off
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    50k singing when I was young, exactly the kind of message we need to be giving imo
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    Jus got the wee man and the missus up dancing and signing.
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    How's his criticism been way over the top? As it has been said numourous times before, he lost us a 25/26 year old record against Aberdeen, had us tanked against the taigs at Ibrox and had us dumped out of Europe against part timers. Thankfully the team seems to be coming together now but we have hardly played difficult opposition yet.
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    They actually think they're coming to Ibrox to spank us I just want us to fuck them up on and off the pitch. Revenge for the Scottish Cup farce is on its way, Hibees. Bring your body armour.
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    Folk on here moaning no kids interested in Rangers cause you can't buy a kit etc then up pops a kid showing what a magic time he's having at the football and people are piling into him. Unbelievable.
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    Good stuff, wee man. Giving shite to an 11 year old Rangers fan also marks a new high water mark for RM's cynical cunts.
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    It's going to be pure and utter poison tomorrow. I cant fucking wait. They'll sing about Wallace and warburton cause they're original as fuck. I hope we smash them. @Frank Harrison you coming up to stand with us and make the cf5 ultras?
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    Feel sorry for your children knowing they've got such a lousy faggot of a father.
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    This is a hypothetical question but would a flare gun reach the away end from the Copland front? Asking for some friends @Rfc52 @TheCutch
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    Yes Cushy .In all my years going to games v Dunfermline . I have never seen such anger and rage, as I did from many of them last night . Jesus , they were 4-0 down and foaming at the mouth . Well a few were . What for ?. It was a cake walk There were quite a few ejected I think . They are buying into the corrupt media shite .What we have to put with in this Country . Dunfermline were a friendly support over the years for us . Can you imagine if had been Hivs fans on the end of a 6-0 spanking . I seriously hope we find out
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