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    The team aren't to blame for the day, neither is the manager. The fenian rhat bastard in the black is too blame. Absolute disgrace.
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    I seen this coming and its been my biggest fear all the way through the lower leagues. They will not allow us to reach the top of the game in this shitehole again. How many times in his career has Jack been sent off? Just his second game in the corrupt Scottish league with a Rangers shirt on his back and he gets Red carded for fuck all. Referees know they will not be slaughtered either by their bosses at the corrupt SFA, or by the masses in the mhedia across TV, radio or in the newspapers for showing their hate for us. There will be no lengthy debate from the slime at the BBC about wrong decisions costing us points. They will be applauded and lauded for their "bravery" by every one of our enemies and from fans of every other club in this cesspit backwater that used to be Scotland. If this is left and goes unchallenged, we are fucked, and so is Scottish fitbaw. FUCK THEM ALL
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    Don't know if this has been posted
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    Feels like we're about to play the taigs.
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    Right up for this today!! Pocket full of coins, couple of glass bottles & I will get a couple of pies in there! They're getting it!!! Might even put the middle finger up at them as well to really ramp up the abuse!!
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    For anyone just arriving... We were fucking controlling that, could easily have been 3 up, some great play and individual performances then the ref decided to make a name for himself. Fuckall to do with our team or tactics, appalling performance from the referee.
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    Just had a look on their forum and loads of them are signing up to RTV to watch it Id rather fuck myself off a cliff than sign up to anything for another club
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    Just for today I do though. these cunts are getting it. 90 minutes of utter fucking venom. Today will be off the scale if we beat them. That 4-2 game and the play off semi against them where good but today a few hibs cunts are owed it. Up the volunteers
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    Lads careful in George Square its all kicking off big time!!!!
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    Seems that everyone that... ahem... plays in green... is highly qualified in playing the poor wee victim. To think of some of the shite I've seen from Hivs fans over the years as well. Angels n'at.
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    Been up from 6am, onroute across the Irish Sea, boat is bunged full of bears. Little bit extra hatred cause its popvorn teeth and his septic rejects....
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    "play for the badge on the front and we'll remember the name on the back" display gone up and billy boys belting out
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    When buying your return ticket, hand over a Twenty Pound note.... The Fare is £3.10 ..... Ask how much change do I get? They have to say £16.90 reply No Surrender! Collect your ticket and go!
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