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    I knew the reaction on here would be this dramatic, there's far too much "I told you so" going on about Pedro, because we lost a game that if we're being honest, dominated until we got wrongly reduced to 10 men. The pendulum swung and the momentum was with opponents after that, plenty of teams would have lost in the same position. I'm not going to make excuses for that second half performance though, that was dreadful, but a sense of injustice and a team consisting of Kenny Miller as centre-mid and a target man winning headers just for no-one to run on to them? What chance did we have really? Dorrans had an off day but we know he's a good player, losing Jack just ruined the entire game plan which was working. Before their equaliser, Miller hits the post, if that goes in then the game is won, the sending off doesn't happen. Yet I'm reading RANGERS fans giving up on the season already and spitting utter shite about the manager and team. I'm not giving up the season yet, there's a team in there, the signs are there to see, we need a couple of quality signings added. The players will learn from today like they learned from Progres, don't write everything off yet.
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    shite thread. Starting a thread just to call the manager a cunt is sad as fuck.
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    I'm not feeling the love for Pedro mate but you let yourself down with that shite
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    The team aren't to blame for the day, neither is the manager. The fenian rhat bastard in the black is too blame. Absolute disgrace.
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    It hate blaming the ref when we lose as it just looks like sour grapes but that was genuinely one of the most disgraceful performances I've seen from a ref at any level of football.
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    I seen this coming and its been my biggest fear all the way through the lower leagues. They will not allow us to reach the top of the game in this shitehole again. How many times in his career has Jack been sent off? Just his second game in the corrupt Scottish league with a Rangers shirt on his back and he gets Red carded for fuck all. Referees know they will not be slaughtered either by their bosses at the corrupt SFA, or by the masses in the mhedia across TV, radio or in the newspapers for showing their hate for us. There will be no lengthy debate from the slime at the BBC about wrong decisions costing us points. They will be applauded and lauded for their "bravery" by every one of our enemies and from fans of every other club in this cesspit backwater that used to be Scotland. If this is left and goes unchallenged, we are fucked, and so is Scottish fitbaw. FUCK THEM ALL
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    Under this guys watch we've suffered the ignominy of a 5-1 defeat to them, losing our home record to the sheep, our worst european result and now tombstone teeths hibs beating us at Ibrox. Grim.
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    Don't know if this has been posted
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    About quarter past 2, the Hibs fans surrounded by police were goading the bears fans walking past, thinking they couldn't be got at Then around 20 Gers fans with their hoods up came out of nowhere and started smashing them about. Don't care what anyone says, they needed it, I don't think fighting is big or clever but when there's people looking for it then they deserve everything they get Payback.
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    Regardless He's a fenian bastard and a cunt
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    We were 1-1 with them when Jack got sent off. If you asked me who was going to win right before that, I'd have said us even though we were fading. Everything after that red card shouldn't have happened. The ref sent 50,000 fans home with the ticket price stolen from their pockets. Game was a bogey. I won't be considering today in my judgement of Pedro whatsoever.
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    I don't really see what the manager did wrong here and I'm far from his biggest fan. First 20 mins were all over them, 1-0 but could easily be 3. They look frustrated and stokes should be red carded. They equalise against the run of play, and before we've had a chance to regroup the ref decides to blatantly cheat and send off Jack for absolutely nothing and completely changes the game. If the ref did his job and set off stokes and the other wee gremlin we wouldnt be having this conversation. Bottom line, the Beaton is nothing more than a cheat and should never oversee another game in his life. Never mind another game involving us.
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    It changes a lot tbh. The whole outcome of the game actually.
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    You must have been watching a completely different game to me then! We were well on top the first 20 mins, stokes should have been sent off and probably should have been 2-0 up. Hibs started to come in the game and we lose a shockingly bad goal that squares it up. Jack gets sent off for fuck all despite Stokes holding his throat. We lose our heads for a couple of mins which shouldn't have happened but understandable and we lose an another shockingly bad goal. 2nd half we did try a 'plan b' seeing as we went to a back 3 but the tactics of going direct never worked because the service was shocking. We had pretty much nulified them in an attacking sense yet they scored a cracker of a 3rd that Foderingham probably should have saved from the extra man. We had a good number of chances to score 2nd half but never took them and actually showed a good bit of fight to keep going. All the while the ref let them away with absolutely everything. How Stokes and McGeough ended up still on the park at the end I'll never know. Rangers Fouls 15 - 6 Yellows 1 Red Hibs Fouls - 14 - 3 Yellows The ref cost us that game plain and simple
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    Feels like we're about to play the taigs.
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    I think I am going to bring back the "no personal abuse towards players and staff" rule pretty soon. 3-2 defeat to a high flying, on form hibs, while we only had 10 men for 2/3rds of the match and we are calling the manager a cunt, it's pathetic taig like behaviour.
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    Fuck it I'll say it. We were outplayed. Dress it up as you want. We are pish and until folk get their heads out their arses we will always be pish.
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    Right up for this today!! Pocket full of coins, couple of glass bottles & I will get a couple of pies in there! They're getting it!!! Might even put the middle finger up at them as well to really ramp up the abuse!!
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    Its got to be said, fair play to club1872 for their anti Daily Record banner myself included we were all expecting a gay follow with pride or generic red white and blue thing but fair fucks to them - more spine and backbone in that banner than the team keep up the good work
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    Aye, it shouldn't have been a sending off. but... We should still be able to muster a lot more than that performance. Each time our defence won the ball back we high punted it up the park and gave possession straight back to Hibs. Is this why Herrera was brought in? Are we going to punt it front to back as a tactic? That's not a Rangers team I want to watch. We're badly lacking quality in the middle of the park. We've gone in to this season with Windass and Miller still running around in there and that's a sacking offence in my opinion. We were powder puff in midfield last season, and we were powder puff again today. We need a big commanding CM who can put his foot on the ball and boss games. We also need a creative wide player who can occupy that left-side and attack with real purpose. Say what you will about Kranjcar but at least he attempts to play football instead of hoofing the ball all over the fucking park and I would say we missed him today. Pedro had to go in to this season and start winning consistently. He's failed to do that. To get outplayed at Ibrox in the manner we did today was totally embarrassing. I think that's up there with the 5-1 gubbing we got from Celtic. We were dominated by a newly promoted team. We actually paid McGregor off a few years back and replaced him with Kiernan. Our club is a complete, and utter, circus.
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    Behaves like a fucking 8 year old, a thick mick ned. Don't let the cretin annoy you.
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    Don't be silly mate he's the best keeper in the league as long as you ignore the mistakes and soft goals he lets in and focus only on his good saves. He's fucking rotten. And some cunts on here actually think we should be asking Forest for £5m for him
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    For anyone just arriving... We were fucking controlling that, could easily have been 3 up, some great play and individual performances then the ref decided to make a name for himself. Fuckall to do with our team or tactics, appalling performance from the referee.
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    Just had a look on their forum and loads of them are signing up to RTV to watch it Id rather fuck myself off a cliff than sign up to anything for another club
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    Just for today I do though. these cunts are getting it. 90 minutes of utter fucking venom. Today will be off the scale if we beat them. That 4-2 game and the play off semi against them where good but today a few hibs cunts are owed it. Up the volunteers
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    Taig stuff blaming refs. The same shite keeps getting spouted after every defeat. You would think the refs all have rosary beads on listening to the roaster on here. We got beat by a fucking championship club from last season at home....end of its fucking unacceptable. This on the back of a tanking to the tims at home and being embarrassed in one of if not the worst European result in our history. We start a season yet again chasing the tarriers and now sheep, it's woeful. A good performance against diddy sides in the cup and some think everything's fine. Honestly think some of our support are on glue
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    It's all fine and well scraping wins against the likes of Motherwell and Partick Thistle etc and hammering Championship teams. But when it comes to the games with a big occasion and atmosphere attached Pedro and team fail to adapt and rise to the occasion. The scum twice last season, Aberdeen at Ibrox, Progres Niederkorn and now the game today. Now don't get me wrong woeful refereeing played a big part today but we had 45 mins to salvage a result and we offered next to nothing in that second half. When teams are hyped up for the big meaningful games we fail to respond and it's worrying.
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    You've a short memory Beerman was woeful in the two Celtic games
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    Lennon did this before as Celtic manager and was warned by Police. He's now doing it again and must be punished. Andy Halliday fist pumped the air and got sent off for inciting a riot so deliberately antagonising oppositions fans in this way is forbidden. He knows what he's doing and it's utter stupidity. The guy does stuff like this, brings trouble on himself, then plays the victim card. A fucking mongo of the highest order.
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    @JamieD is streaming it on YouTube mate
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    Lads careful in George Square its all kicking off big time!!!!
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    Seems that everyone that... ahem... plays in green... is highly qualified in playing the poor wee victim. To think of some of the shite I've seen from Hivs fans over the years as well. Angels n'at.
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    Been up from 6am, onroute across the Irish Sea, boat is bunged full of bears. Little bit extra hatred cause its popvorn teeth and his septic rejects....
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    We are the only support in the world who expect to win handsomely with 10 men. We don't have a God given right to win every game, we have to fight and scrap for every point. Referee sending Jack off weakened us considerably. How are we meant to dominate and win with 10 men
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    I've seen the footage from different angles multiple times and I can confirm that there is actually nothing to see. You missed nothing. Disgraceful decision at best.
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    I'm going to keep saying it in every single relevant thread and don't care if it sickens people but we were all told win first 4 games of the season no excuses the ref was a cunt but going down to ten galvanises teams we have no spine or back bone or plan b
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    Positional sense found wanting again. I said in the transfer forum during the week if a decent bid came in we should take it - though some of the fees mentioned in there were ludicrous. He's bang average and anyone who thinks otherwise is fucking deluded and needs to waken up.
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    "play for the badge on the front and we'll remember the name on the back" display gone up and billy boys belting out
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    When buying your return ticket, hand over a Twenty Pound note.... The Fare is £3.10 ..... Ask how much change do I get? They have to say £16.90 reply No Surrender! Collect your ticket and go!
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