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    Over the last 10 years the Union Bears have been proud of our rise from a small group in the Copland Rear to having our own section at Ibrox, becoming the heartbeat of the stadium on matchday whilst creating many of the best visual displays ever seen in Britain. We have been involved behind the scenes working to help other groups and RSC's within the wider Rangers support in countless ways during our existence. Aside from all these notable achievements, our group has also dedicated much of our time to developing our aim for the future and ultimately attempting to convey this to Rangers. In the past few years we have worked hard to develop a detailed proposal for a safe standing section at Ibrox, which included meeting with architects, companies who have implemented rail seats in other grounds and a dedicated football crowdfunding platform who have achieved success with projects around the country and in Europe. We also conducted our own research to establish the level of interest among Rangers fans to both see a safe standing section installed and actively be a part of one. During this time we met with representatives of Rangers, including current Board members to discuss our vision for the future and how this would have an extremely positive impact on the fan experience at Ibrox, the image of the club and most importantly the backing we can offer the players. In all instances we were told that the Club was very much in tune with our thinking and that follow-up meetings would be arranged to discuss further. They never were. At our most recent meeting with the club hierarchy there was numerous options discussed for firstly expanding our current section in a more prominent part of Ibrox and we were told there would be a follow up meeting ASAP, as soon as the options were explored further. However, to our dismay, at the time of writing the Club have cut off all but essential communication with our group, especially when it comes to safe standing and an expanded singing section. Our prior research has shown that there is huge desire within the Rangers support for fans to have the choice of sitting or standing at Ibrox. We believe there are thousands of season ticket holders and RSC members who would take great pleasure in being able to stand with their friends and vocally back their team for 90 minutes, to recreate the fantastic away support at Ibrox and to generally enjoy the experience much more than they are now. We believe that a safe standing section at Ibrox, large enough to accommodate all supporters who wish to participate is not an issue which should be pushed to the back of the queue but an absolute requirement. As Rangers supporters, we have all seen how the Ibrox experience has been in terminal decline for many years and shows no signs of improvement. Unfortunately it seems that the Club are simply unwilling to listen to ways of improving that in the short to medium term, as it's much easier to ignore and rely on the unwavering loyalty of the Rangers fans instead. That's not and never will be good enough, and the Rangers support must come together and show just how much we want to affect positive change at Ibrox. We all want our passion to be showcased to the world, our flags to fly high, our children to get a buzz like no other when they walk through those hallowed gates. Lets be clear, this is not about the Union Bears, RSC's or individual supporters. This is about Rangers fans working together to achieve together a lasting legacy, paving the way for Rangers to become an intuitive Club willing to make the effort to improve the fan experience at football and reaping the rewards in doing so. Safe standing can be those first steps, a tangible achievement which we can all tell our children and grandchildren we helped to create. The Union Bears urge all RSC's and supporters to lend your voice to our fight for safe standing to be introduced at Ibrox so that collectively the Club cannot ignore us. As has been proved many times in the recent past, together we are unstoppable. Union Bears - No Surrender
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    Because he has been told to prove he can do it on a wet night in Stoke obviously.
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    I'm surprised the title of this has remained the same for such a long period of time
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    Wouldn't be hard. Average tarrier fuck.
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    Agree with all of that However, one thing lads - the songbook you have needs much improvement. Thats an area that needs working on from within eg 9 in a row blah blah blah, jason holt and halliday - cmon!!! Other than that keep up the good work lads.
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    I would drop fod and miller and go for Alnwick Tav Cardoso Alves Wallace/Beerman Candieas Dorrans Rossiter Windass Kranjcar Morelos
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    Says more about the world we now live in than anything then
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    Bring this back while you're at it.
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    He should be sacked before then. He should have been sacked before now.
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    My thoughts exactly. Can't stand the cunt.
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    If we still don't lay a glove on Celtic in September that has to be the very final straw.
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    I put a post earlier about getting rid of transfer fees, bringing in a short contract and trade only system a bit like the NFL. Get rid of these ridiculous 4-6 year contracts that mean nothing except the size of possible transfer fee. If you want a player under contract from another club, then trade for him with other players. No other fees involved. So if you want a clubs star player like Coutinho with Barcelona, Barce would have to give Liverpool a player or players they would like in return, so say Rafinha and Alcacer with a high prospect youth. Bring in salary caps worldwide that's rated by competition level/coefficient. For example the EPL/La Liga/Bundesliga/Serie A have a limit of say £100k p/w and Ligue 1/Primeira Ligue/Eredivisie have limit of £50k p/w and so on. Wage limits can rise and fall by performance of the clubs and players contracts that are signed have these increases and deductions included so no negotiations needed. Bring in the Bundesliga matchday squad rules of 10 homegrown minimum out of 18 for every league. Keeps clubs playing there own countries players, less foreign influx. Players cannot break contract, only be traded for another player(s) or wait for contract to run out. Contracts are only a maximum of 3 years. If agents are involved in contract negotiations then the player must pay any fee for them, not the club. Players cannot negotiate with another team until that contract is finished, so no pre contract agreements. Just a few things that I think could help. Radical?
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    Looking to come away with a well earned decent draw then take it from there. Hopefully the tims drop points
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    shite thread. Starting a thread just to call the manager a cunt is sad as fuck.
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    Speak to Carl down in Nottingham, he loves to tell folk how many turned up to see him fight on that famous night in Wembley!
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    The reason the transfer windows were brought into play in the first place is because all the big teams came in and raped the poorer teams of players any time they liked during a season, teams or rather managers could not depend on holding onto key players for any length of time, it just wasn't fair on the smaller teams or their fans, the window is one of the better ideas and I don't believe it is a reason for transfer fees skyrocketing, TV companies are the reason for skyrocketing fees.
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    So would I but his tactical reaction to Jack's sending off was farcical. We were already losing the midfield battle, get one of our most effective midfielders sent off and he brings on a striker and a centre half and puts Miller in midfield. All when we had Rossiter and Pena on the bench. We then spend 40 mins with long hit and hope punts up the park that clearly were not working. As I said I want him to succeed but crackpot decisions like that will make me change my mind fairly sharpish.
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    I'm just baffled. I can honestly take on board anyone that says they think we are on the right track and happy to give him more time (even if I disagree) but for ANYONE to try and say to anyone who's concerned and not a fan of Pedro is taig-like or too consumed by hate to think straight is mind-numbing considering it appears to be them who's happily blocked out the results of every big test we've faced (and failed in) They do all sorts of mental gymnastics to convince themselves of the failings. I appreciate the ref hindered us big time at the weekend but the narrative from guys like ZZ was that judge him on the first 4 games of the season, no maximum points then no excuses. I said myself that come that time there will a whole raft of new excuses and different criteria laid down in defence of Pedro ... we will see these come Xmas (which is the new cut off point for him to prove us all wrong) .. will probably blame injuries or suspensions despite Pedro wanting a 20-21 man squad or say the full-backs aren't upto much and you can only piss with the cock you've got despite of us screaming out all summer for new full-backs while he goes after Jamie Walker and Kenny Mclean. Can see it panning out now.
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    Some would have you believe Rangers won every match ever played, until Pedro. The reality is some will never forgive the 2, 5-1 defeats by septic and going out of the EL and will constantly find fault. They made up their mind last season, so getting a reason debate with them is fruitless as they are consumed by their dislike of Perdo. It is Taig like, as they like to say to anyone who disagrees with them. The first team that is still new and finding its feet but that is irrelevent, an bent ref that is irrelevent; all of it- every last thing is Pedro's fault. Try and switch off the dislike and give him and the team until Christmas to find their feet and form.
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    Getting lifted at the Ramsdens Cup Final and being told by the copper who let me out the next morning Raith had won is something that'll haunt me forever
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