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    Apologies if this journey appears a tad confusing, I can assure you none of it is my doing. It starts with Rangers player Andy Halliday receiving a red card against Morton for a goal celebration which officials deemed had the potential to incite a riot. Further along the road we have a security guard gesturing a 5 - 1 sign whilst posing for a photograph with Hibs manager Neil's Lennon. A gesture the Edinburgh club described as "insulting" and which merited a complaint. Our journey ends at Ibrox with Neil Lennon aforesaid, gesticulating a GIRUY to the Rangers support during a match Police Scotland had expressed concern about. Despite all of the foregoing this incident was deemed neither insulting nor likely to incite a riot, apparently it could be categorised as "banter" I have read and listened to several comments from bears in response to the Club1872 statement regarding Lennon's conduct. "Ill-advised" "Misjudged" as well as the suggestion it has deflected from other matters e.g. the very one-sided refereeing display. If any of you think Beaton's performance would have been subjected to forensic examination by the Scottish media you are clearly more optimistic than me. For example. Keith Jackson's Monday column appeared to have been prepared based on the ongoing boycott of the Daily Record and the introduction of a camera to the Rangers press conference, both subjects which have attracted his ire. There is almost a suggestion of Rangers fans having temerity and audacity to choose to boycott a newspaper which has been shown to print lies about them. His own newspaper’s lies in respect of Rangers supporters is something Jackson's fails to mention in his column. Furthermore, as he sets out to compare our club to the North Korean regime, hinting that the presence of a camera to record proceedings is some kind of "sinister sub text" he neglects to mention its primary purpose is so that our manager can analyse his performance at press conferences. Those of us who had undergone even the briefest of media training will know such practice is commonplace. The only sinister element at play here appears to be the very selective presentation of facts in a manner befitting a totalitarian despot regime. There has also been the suggestion the club itself should have taken the lead on the response and highlighted the refereeing. I refrain from using the term “bad” or “abysmal” refereeing as it would suggest it was consistently bad across the board – it was anything but. But as someone who has been particularly critical of “dignified silence” from Rangers’ boards I find myself in a strange place. However, the issue of the refereeing performance is a matter for the club to pursue and they appear to be doing so courtesy of the appeal of Jack’s red card. Would it be appropriate to comment prior to the conclusion of the judicial proceedings which will determine the outcome of that appeal? “Unlawful Tom” appeared to be concentrating on the “indignant” nature of Rangers fans regarding Beaton’s performance rather than offer any analysis of it. (As a side note, a few have contacted me regarding the initial response from the BBC regarding complaints. My suggestion would be to escalate if you are not satisfied with the response – if they refuse to do so I’d suggest addressing your concerns via Ofcom) When Butcher/Woods/Roberts and McAvennie were deemed to have fallen foul of the law Sheriff Archibald McKay was unequivocal in his summation at the end of the trial. “A large percentage of supporters are readily converted by breaches of the peace into two rival mobs. That they were not so transformed is no credit to you. You must have been aware of your wider responsibilities and you failed to discharge them” There is a clear message within that summation of both the standards of behaviour and responsibility of those on the park. If you think Neil Lennon satisfied either on Saturday then your opinion is different to mine. A person does not require to be offended to recognise irresponsible, reckless and provocative behaviour. Of course the easy option for Club1872 would have been to remain silent, to say nothing, to ignore all the foregoing. And in doing so they would have fulfilled the brief provided recently by others :- “Know your place H** scum”
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    Last week we were absolutely thrilled to receive an email from the Granddaughter of Rangers player George Gillespie. George joined Rangers in 1875. The family were researching his story and found themselves on our website. They’re coming from British Columbia in Canada to visit Glasgow at the end of this month and we’ve arranged to meet and take them around town telling George’s wonderful story. We’ll visit Burnbank, Kinning Park, West of Scotland Cricket Ground, George’s house on Radnor Street, his Pub in Finnieston which today is the Tap House, his final resting place in Lambhill Cemetery and take them on a Tour of Ibrox Stadium. It’s these events which makes working on the Founders Project a real joy. George Gillespie. George was a member of the legendary 1877 Scottish Cup Final team and gave great service to the Rangers. He started his career as an outfield player but is remembered more for his goalkeeping skills. He appeared for Scotland 7 times during his playing career, never on the losing side. He was a very successful business man in the license trade. George lived at Radnor Street facing Kelvingrove Park and sadly passed there in 1900.
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    ultimately, what this is saying is that in the surreal world of modern Scottish football, we have to play the game the way the taigs have played it for years
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    I agree with the sentiment to this article to an extent. However, as I stated earlier we are playing a game the taigs are good at - and they have the loaded deck. I watch T2 Trainspotting recently, and of the course, the "no more Catholics" scene duly came about. However, it wasn't the scene itself that resonated with me but the Ewan McGregor narrative in the build up to it where he states "These are people who've been abandoned by their political class". Never has a truer word been said about the Rangers support than those lines. However, it is manifestly not the case for the Celtic support - Irish republicanism and the SNP go hand in glove - they are the backbone of the Independence movement. They have huge political support across the country with numerous SNP MSP's - their heinous GB even stated recently they are a political movement - the OBAFM was brought into being to specifically target us - and is being removed because on the odd occasion it targets them as well. They are now unquestionably the Scottish establishment club because they unquestionably have the backing of the political establishment in Scotland. What political support do we have? and without that support, how do you play their game?
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    Seriously.... get back to winning and forget about last weekend! We'll learn a lot about the team and manager this weekend I suspect. A professional, well earned win will do us a great deal of good... Anything less I will not consider.... But.. given what has gone on... IF we do not show up for this, I do fear for this season. A must win! MON THE GERS! WATP and GSTQ
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    Tbh I didn't think he got much abuse on Saturday - there was one round of Neil Lennon your a wanker but that's all I really noticed. I do sit in the Govan Rear so maybe missed stuff closer to the dugout.
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    It's a fuckin riddy! We pelter him every time we come up against him, he winds us up when they score and cunts are phoning the polis.. embarrassing. If that offends you you're in the wrong sport, next time we beat them he'll be peltered again and nobody will care what he does.
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    i don't think he should get charged by the police but if Andy Halliday gets done for a fist pump in celebration of a goal then this wee prick should be gettig penalised.
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    The more I think about that the more I tend to agree with it. There was no way that any mhedia outlet was ever gonna criticise TLB for his actions, it was always going to be about someone might have heard someone in the Rangers Support calling him a DFB, a hivs fan heard the Billy Boys and Pedro's jacket is on a shakey peg. We've seen it time and time again, week after week. Same shite from the usual sellick appeasing suspects. When I first saw the 1872 statement I was "aye whatever" but now I'm beginning to think they played it just right. Because if the boot had been on the other shoe and it had been our manager that had behaved in such an unprofessional and ungentlemanly manner you can guarantee the press would have been all over it. Good post.
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    Because he has been told to prove he can do it on a wet night in Stoke obviously.
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    You continue to use the word "offended" yet I am yet to meet a bear who has claimed to be "offended" by Lennon's actions. Angry yes at the irresponsible and provocative nature of his conduct - but offended ? - no. Nor does that statement suggest offence being taken but refers to inflammatory gestures during a match which the Police had characterised as high risk due to the previous meeting of the clubs and its conclusion. Furthermore his behaviour is inconsistent and at odds with the summation of a sheriff when on the field incidents met with that big bad world you refer to.
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    Up until Jack getting sent off, I had no reason to believe that we couldn't have bossed that game. We scored early, we looked lively, whenever Hibs did make a move it was swiftly dealt with. That all changed with Jack getting sent off and with Beaton being completely biased. Now I hate bringing the ref into the equation but he did have a massive say in the game. I firmly believe we have strong players who can put in a tackle and can hold their own, however they were effectively rendered useless in that department by Beaton who would give a free kick against them for the slightest of challenges. and hibs used that to their advantage, especially with their goals. The defending at the goals were awful, but if the defenders put a tackle in then there's a good chance it would've been either a booking, free kick or penalty and personally I think Beaton was itching to send another Rangers player off. Going into the Hearts game next week, I won't be concerned. I still believe in the team and manager.
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    Why is our board hiding behind the Rangers Observer who clearly have no weight to make People sit up and Notice. This board are too busy Bridge Building they should attack the Hate and Bile coming towards us head on instead of cowering away until someone Questions individual board Members.
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    You think you have morals? There's probably dozens of little orphans have passed away in the last 6 months because they haven't been able to get a bed because you decided you were entitled to a higher quality of life and moved into a homeless shelter ya scumbag.
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    Wouldn't hold my breath mate corrupt to the core 'lenny and stoksey' will face no retrospective action, Dont know why it takes so long in this country looking at spain ronaldo gets a 5 game ban less than 12 hours after the final whistle.
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    Taunted by cries of Neil Lennon you're a wanker . Club 1872 have fucked it IMO. The absolute focus should've been on the shambles of a refereeing performance, not on Lennon doing what he does best. Obviously the anger towards Lennon would boil over completely and you would have people on social media writing crazy stuff, which the media are only to happy to highlight to protect the Lurgan bigot. The focus should've been on Beaton, instead the fans group shifted that to Lennon and now that's been turned on its head completely as it makes Rangers out to be the hate filled club etc and allows Beaton to get away with his actions
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    Give the guy a chance.Sunday was mass,Monday opus dai meeting and today knights of columba gathering.I'm sure he'll get round to it soon
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    I'm surprised the title of this has remained the same for such a long period of time
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    It's dead simples. We don't want different treatment, nor better treatment. We simply want equality. A level.playing field. Consistency. Whether it be from football officialdom, plod, the courts, or from whomever. It is clearly obvious that all to do with Rangers a different standard is being applied. Whether it be to our managers, players or fans, we for reasons of bigotry and hatred are being singled out for different treatment. Judged by a different standard for reasons of prejudice and punished accordingly. I dont have the answers to it, but one thing we should not do, is accept this prejudice in silence.
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    when Lennon was manager with the shower he caused mayhem in the game,not just the game but a lot of Scottish society problems can be linked to him, he caused the referees strike ,when refs were costing his team points,ironically on the day of the unbiased foreign refs his team drew at home , he was the instigator in the trouble with mcoist that caused the infamous shame game ,a situation that was blown out of all proportion by salmond,at a time where the snp was struggling pre election,he promised a clamp down on sectarianism and offensive behaviour,we saw an increase in snp support and the much flawed and anti Scottish football fan offensive behaviour at football act ,which is now being removed ,the increase in snp support has devided this country for a generation Lennons behaviour ,which seems forgotten by his media pals led him to bans from the touchline to a level never seen in Scotland before and probably the world ,think he was sitting on 8games for his next offence , the guy has serious issues as well as being a vile anti protestant ,last night i listened to that biased programme on superscoreboard ,a bear was on ,spoke well ,he was talking about Lennon actions and said that they were out of order ,he said he was a youth coach and if he had acted in the same way he would be pulled up in from of the syfa and banned,he also said that he thought Lennon was a crackpot,the action by the programme was to cut him off immediately, once the show returned one of his freinds ,kheevins said that he feared for the future of the game if people like that were running youth football , when Lennon left last time I thought ,good riddance to a twisted man who is dragging our game down to sewer level,now he's back he's upto his old tricks of instigation and running behind the bigot offended card whenever there is a reaction, also saw yesterday that he demanded a hearts security man be sacked for making the 5 1 gesture behind him in a picture ,proves he loves to dish things out but can't handle the replies , the sooner this crackpot cancer of the game gets out this country the better it is for us all
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    Get a good win then delude ourselves for a couple of weeks that last weekend was all the referee and then the taigs tank shit out of us.
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