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    There's Rangers supporters somehow, for reasons unknown to me rooting for this gypsy bastard - but I've not seen tricolours or anything like that. Any Rangers fan supporting this IRA loving trampy bastard is as bad as any who vote for the SNP - infact maybe worse.
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    Here's a picture of ma burd's chihuahua wrapped in a Rangers blanket to cheer u up mate
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    McCoist "it's not a must win game" Ffs how did that man become our manager?
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    Ridiculous amount of people giving the old "aye but how long would Mayweather last in MMA" patter. McGregor is a puncher from a boxing background who went in to a fight where he could only use a certain part of his skills he already had. Mayweather would need to train in a completely different sport to even be competitive. It's not even close to being the same. Unless I'm mistaken I don't recall Mayweather ever claiming that he could go and take over MMA and become the new "God" of the sport either. McGregor wanted this fight, conned people into believing he was capable of doing something and now because he's been relentlessly slapped about for the vast majority of the fight the same people who were conned into believing in him are now making excuses for him. Geez peace.
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    See tbf, whatever's happened this is a good away result.
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    Numerous "Rangers fans" on numerous forums with Republic of Ireland flag support Conor messages on Facebook and the like. Have we really sunk that low as a fan base that ANY Rangers fan would support a Republican who's staunch against the Union.... AND SUPPORTS FKING CELTIC... Have we sunk that low as a fan base. Fking hell
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    Boy in my work supports the bheasts getting into Champions League to help the national co-efficient. He's got a ST for ibrox too. Fucking weird. His type, our snp supporters, folk backing that rattler last night, folk grassing on our own, ..... no wonder we're an easy target.
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    These wee snide remarks about Pedro from these three clowns commentatating are embarrassing.
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    London RSC on tour in Southend today. Everyone hammered. Certainly brightened up the place. Tourists wondering wtf. Hardly a scottish accent on show but everyone a bear and singing the songs without fear of plod arresting anyone for it. Great day so far
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    Folk getting their knickers in a twist over who folk support in a boxing match
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    The best bit about this match so far was the footage of the lass inhaling a pie before kick off
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    "In Portugal coaches don't fuck young boys, at celtic they do"
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    Horrible bigot. You're exactly what is wrong with our fanbase.
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    Protecting himself from getting a sore one from Miller.......who's doing a standing jump... Aye ok Ally. Hope the moneys worth it. Fuck sake
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    I have however came across Rangers fans that when telling new people who they support they seem to be apologising for it. The worst.
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    Mayweather's broke more sweat taking a shite than he did with ragdolling that wee fanny. Loving that all the wee MMA fans have been put back in their place - boxing is chess compared to MMA's draughts and that wee fucking taig got schooled by someone out the game. Had he fought an in prime Mayweather his head would be hanging off after one round
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    He's a wank, regardless of where he's from imo. All the cunts on FB and Twitter that have a hard on for him make me hate him even more.
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