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    This was deleted not long after apparently it was 'mix-up'. Coral knows everycunt knows.
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    Because they are literally taigs? Allan is a fucking nobody
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    When did Roberts become such a superstar anyway? He couldn't even get a game ahead of Forrest until about January. Six months of decent performances and he's worth 30 million, Man City don't want to sell him and he's nicknamed "PR7". Absolute fucking riddy
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    Didn't realise he was at Dundee. Thought he was rotting away in the reserves somewhere. I don't blame him for his choice. It was clear from Stubbs that it was anyone but Rangers he was being sold to. Clearly took the sensible financial option, as unpalatable as it is. Similar to MOH and us. He's an irrelevance to Rangers though. Wouldn't give him the recognition of being booed.
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    Booing Scott Allan makes it seem like we'd still have him here
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    Peru and Iceland got me a return if Japan had won ad have won a wouldnt go into work this morning
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    Here we go. It was only Carreno Busto v Schwartzmann, but it was still great...
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    His bird is currently starring in Riverdance with Gary Mackay Steven.
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    Things I'd like to see on Saturday; 1. Herrera and Morelos starting together. 2. A convincing contribution from Pena if he's brought on. 3. More threatening play from Dorrans. 4. Wingers to cut in and create from outside the box instead of waiting on our FB's to overlap and cross. 5. Hunners of goals, for us.
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    I couldn't give two fucks about him, wouldn't waste my breath booing him either.
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    And he wonders why they are 'light years' ahead. Having those two would bridge the gap considerably.
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    I just keep seeing daft odds from the bookies. Peru should have been around 11/5
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    Craig Gordon not signing was the gardeners fault no one elses. He thought Cammy Bell was a better option. Sums his reign up really.
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    His celebration was a thing of beauty as well...stops at the edge of the pitch facing the crowd arms outstretched and just roars like a lion...love that man
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    The boy and his pal are going. First time he has went over with his mate. Better fecking behave himself and only sing good Loyalist Songs. ?
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    I didn't know about that rules, thanks very much. I'm gonna bring that up with my pro.
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    i was told by two unconnected people it was 3million quid 3million quid t appease the slabbering hoards of fandans in their support
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    I'd rather he didn't get booed by us though. Gives him undeserved importance. I'd prefer if people just forgot he was playing.
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    "celtic made Fraser Forster an England star" 6 caps in 4 years is hardly a star is it?
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    Looking forward to proper football. Can't stand the international break.
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    Would be nice to see Jack and Rossiter with Pena Dorrans and Candeias infront, buffalo up top.
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    celtic's Brendan Rodgers was the only manager to congratulate Scotland on reaching the Euro 2017 finals, according to Anna Signeul, who has since stood down as national team boss. Daily Record All hail St Brendan who is now doing missionary work for the Scotlands womens team according to the Daily Record
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    At the us open last 2 days. Watched delpo and sharapova yesterday. Both beasts in their field when serving. marias match was really good. Sometimes these can be drab, but both players were excellent. hope Delpo can stay fit.
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    The desperation of these cunts aided by their own in the msm in Scotland to be recognised as the "loudest" or "invincible s" "open to all" friendly wonderful place is fucking pathetic ....and so detached from reality it's rediculous .... but you have to remember this a group of people in our society who also stand convinced that the Catholic Church is a charitable feeding the poor sacrificing all in the name of God organisation when in reality it and the most corrupt vile bigoted politically motivated and blasphemy ridden cult in history .. these individuals also regard the Ira as "freedom fighters " or underdogs against the big bad British empire who (still apparently) keep down the innocent catholic republican man.... in reality it's a terrorist organisation responsible for the murder of countless innocent people in search for this "united ireland" fantasy land they dream of....This is the mindset of the followers of these organisations this is the mindset of the followers of that club..... everything in their history is riddled with shame that's why's they need to lie cheat and steal in order to hide that shame and at the same time promote this false representation of who or what they are.... it makes them feel significant in a world that most of us rational folk detest them and the rest of the planet could not give a fuck less about them....
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