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    Yet the biggest ever scandal in Scottish football which would cause "lasting damage to the reputation and integrity of Scottish football" is unspoken and has never been properly addressed. They are bheasts in glass houses.
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    His bird is currently starring in Riverdance with Gary Mackay Steven.
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    Obviously I'm delighted with this but celtic should be disciplined for trying to tarnish the Scottish game further for personal gain. You can bet your bottom dollar that if the SFA or SPFL could have sanctioned further penalties, especially financial ones, they most certainly would have. Sure Lawell must have known this? Or is he just shit stirring to appease the smelly tramps he calls supporters?
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    They truly are desperate tragic fenian bastards
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    Tom Vallance was Rangers Player, Captain and President. He had a 60 year association with his Club that he’d helped form and nurture and was awarded life membership. Tom was a guest of the Club at a match at Ibrox Stadium in 1933 when we faced Sporting Club of Vienna and also at the New Year’s Day game against celtic. The lad who was present at Fleshers Haugh was now attending Ibrox where his Club were now playing in front of huge attendances. Tom was a very successful business man and in 1890 opened the Club Restaurant at 22 Paisley Road West which today is The Viceroy Bar, a popular pre and after match venue for us Rangers supporters. Tom’s Club Restaurant business was so successful that he was to expand into the building across the lane. This sketch of the Dining Room was done by Tom’s own hand. Today it’s wonderful to see that Peter ,the current owner of The Viceroy Bar, has paid tribute to Tom Vallance by adding this sign above the main entrance. The Viceroy has a fantastic link with the Rangers early years and is well worth a visit.
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    I think if anyone let him down it was hearts. He will be a Rangers player whether it be in January or next July and for a lot less than hearts were willing to take. Fuck hearts.
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    I hope Craig Levein sacks Craig Levein by Xmas
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    Them two are everything that is wrong with fella's nowadays. No such thing as just being mates. You have to be picking out clothes for eachother and getting in every photo ever together aswell.
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    New Hearts manager Craig Levein has taken a thinly veiled swipe at Rangers over their failed summer pursuit of Jamie Walker. Hearts rejected several pre-season bids from Rangers for the midfielder and the clubs did not come close to an agreement during transfer deadline-day talks last week. The 24-year-old has rejected an offer to extend his deal at Tynecastle and could sign a pre-contract at Ibrox in January, but Levein feels the wide player has been let down. Levein, who moved back into management from his director of football role just before the transfer window shut, said: "I don't want to go into too much detail but if I was Jamie I'd be a little bit disappointed that a lot of the promises that were made to him weren't kept. And not from our club." Walker was left out of match-day squads by both Ian Cathro and caretaker boss Jon Daly amid a perceived lack of focus, before returning to the team ahead of the international break. But Levein has not felt the need to talk to Walker about his situation since the deadline passed. "I have just been watching training and he has been excellent," the former Scotland boss said ahead of his return to the dugout against Aberdeen. "I haven't had a conversation with him. He has trained fantastically well since the beginning of the week. "For me, Jamie Walker is another player. If he does work on the training ground, he will play." so there we have it, you're starting out in management in the Scottish game, first thing you need to do is have a pop at Rangers to prove your credentials, I hope the club has something to say to the grizzly mess Levein. You'd imagine the clown would be more interested in actually learning how to win trophies (which he's never done).
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    Apologies if already posted.
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    Why do we still give these cunts the full Broomloan? Get them in the fukkin corner like everybody else.
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    Peter Lawwell; The guy who used a mans tragic death as an excuse to benefit his football team. Beneath contempt
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    I can't wait till we win the league.
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    he has been brought in to do what Candeias does on the right. I really like that setup. Whether DJ can do it or not still remains to be seen, but its a real old fashioned 4-4-2 and i really like it
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    I'm actually half laughing at the responses here! We are talking about sacking our manager by Christmas if he doesn't beat the tims at the end of this month! Where's Pedro 's couple of windows?! Unfortunately that's the nature of the beast and don't kid yourself if De Boer was here that we would be saying anything different. We would be wanting him sacked too!
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    Greatest football commentator ever for me. H'e passionate about his nation - fuck all wrong with that. Fucking pisses me off when a tarrier starts bleating on about how he never shuts up about 66 when they lot never shut the fuck up about 67. Cunts. Well done Motty, it's been a hell of a run
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    Report on tonight's Glasgow Cup tie https://rfcyouths.wordpress.com/2017/09/07/17s-cruise-to-glasgow-cup-win-2/
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    We need to win 55 as soon as possible I fear it's the only way to end the anarchy and treachery that's followed our plight, restore some order to this cesspit.
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    How about an inquiry into the abuse of weans ya fucking rats? Hushed up to protect the already sordid, dirty name of the worst 'football club' the world has ever seen.
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    We weren't the first club to live beyond our means and won't be the last. So according to them any club with debt is cheating? Fucking ridiculous concept. I wish the would just be honest and tell us they hate all things Rangers and we are to scrutinised and judged differently from everyone else just because of who we are. The fallout from our next title win is going to be something else. We think its bad now, just wait till we knock them off their perch - its gonna be awesome
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    It must be really hard to be in the constant shadow of your far superior greatest rivals. The victimisation, bigotry and delusions all stem from the top to deflect away from their own, very real and serious problems.
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    What have we done wrong exactly? if anything it's Hearts that's let the boy down with a stupid, unrealistic valuation of a million quid on a, let's face it, average player who we can sign in 4-months on a pre-contract for nothing. Hearts need to look at themselves and step into the fucking real world.
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    He's under pressure and trying to deflect criticism. Hope he gets them relegated.
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    I hate the Club Deck when the Broomloan mob join us for an old firm game. It totally detracts from the atmosphere. All you hear is non stop moaning about the stairs, the view, the leg room etc, etc etc. I tried to shut someone up by offering them one of my fine prawn and cucumber sandwiches..............They even moaned about that because it didn't have brown sauce on it!
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    The same fat Jap who was asking for political support for the beggars in April of this year to help the "growth" of their club. Double standards. But to be expected from that slimy bastard.
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    Based on what? The 2 jobs hes had in the top leagues has lasted 5 league games in Italy and potentialy 4 in England. Im sure Real Madrid will be keeping tabs on him ?
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    I'm delighted to say that I will be present as one of the serviceman this weekend, after 30 years service I think I deserve it. Looking forward to being in uniform at ibrox, that will be a pleasant change.
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    They should be really careful what they wish for. Not even mentioning the vile abuse that went on for years at their club, the very man who funds their manager and some of their players is being scrutinised for alleged money laundering and tax evasion. They had many, many players who used the tax avoidance loophole and invested in bogus film companies and the tax man is coming after each and every one of them. I pray that one of these ex players squeals that they were advised by celtic to invest in this
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    Any other countries FA would charge a member club with disrepute if they behaved the way that bastard of a club did. No not in Scotland. They've got away with state aid, referee strikes, using ex players deaths, an undeclared ebt, encouraging the promotion of terrorism, the cover up of child abuse, demolition of listed buildings, fiddling gate receipts, sectarian remarks from the head of their supporters and countless fan offences in Europe. They won't quit with this. They want a new enquiry that will have different powers so they can say we would have lost titles if those powers were available at the time then they can play the victim card even more than they already do. And to think our board will welcome theirs and their vile support into Ibrox and turn a blind eye to provocation from their players.
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    While their pain is a great source of humour, the fact that the authorities, press etc consistently legitimise their bleatings instead of mocking them is a tad infuriating.
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    "Rangers or any other club are unable to accumulate such insurmountable debts in the future" - Our debts were manageable, being paid, and reducing every single year. What threw the club in to chaos was the decision by Lloyds to call in that debt. What caused Lloyds to call in the debt? The media claiming that Rangers owed the tax man as much as £140m pounds which was complete nonsense. The club was in a desperate state which resulted in SDM selling to Whyte and even more chaos. celtic need to accept that their fans, particularly bloggers, and the SMSM, had a hand to play in destabilising of Rangers financially.
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    Would be illegal to have made any promises to Walker, perhaps Levein should forward his evidence of tapping the player onto SFA
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    Watched the "helicopter is changing direction" living dream unfold in there. Bedlam. Great day.
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    They'll be the 2nd club to sack him after less than half a season in charge. Maybe he's just not a good manager?
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    De Boer seems another Warburton football purist. Needs to realise you need to do your job (win games) while developing your ethos. Pragmatic while playing the long game.
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    You can't be serious? You can't blame a Rangers "fan" for signing with that lot? Then coming out with such belters as: "I am absolutely delighted to sign for celtic, such a fantastic club." "It is such an honour to be given this opportunity and I can't wait to get started and play my part in bringing success to celtic and our supporters." All he had to do was sit tight for a year and he could have signed for whoever he liked. Clearly never much of a bluenose and he should be ashamed to have ever called himself one. Personally I find it quite amusing how his career has turned out and won't fear much from him this weekend.
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    That's irrelevant to having Rangers players in the squad. Doesnt matter your feelings towards the team we should be providing 4-5 players each squad. A club our size should be having the pick of the best scottish talent.
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    This when we go to the piggery, we have police and stewards either side off us. Get the cunts allocation lowered and put them in the corner. fuck them
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    From a hostel to high roller in 5 months
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    As I said on another thread Livingston played inelligible players won the league and got fined £5K
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    Banner for OF game. Tierney and Roberts arse bandits and Big Jock knew.
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    Taigs uploaded a video of that wee cunt Tierney saying "I'm Brian" in reference to that video cunts have been posting. The original is funny as fuck but just like numerous weans lives, they've ruined the video too. Tramps.
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    I can't remember if it was on Football Weekly or the new podcast James Richardson is doing but he pretty much said that he suspected that it won't work for him at Palace because people had told him that de Boer is so ingrained in the Ajax culture and way of doing things that he will struggle to adapt to anything that isn't that.
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    Not a decent seat if its pishing of rain and windy. I like my seat in the club deck.