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    Add to that the way he took the goal to the position he was in for the header plus some of the intelligent runs he made, only a complete idiot would write him off at this stage. I'm old enough to remember a certain Mr. McCoist who had a less than impressive first season with us, ffs the RM mentalists would have chased him after a couple of games.
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    The next two weeks are going to be huge for our season in general. Not ideal to be facing the same team consecutively but if we can beat Partick twice then we go into an old firm game positive, confident and within touching distance. The bonus of being in a cup semi final by then would also be another confidence booster. Lets go into the 23rd and have a go at these fuckers. ??
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    Look at all you sour faced cunts. The three Bears were a big part of the Rangers kids club I was a member of for years- great to see them again! Great nostalgia.
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    Highlight of the day was definitely Broxi, Roxi and Boris taking to the pitch. Delighted for them that they've been able sort out their differences and have another go at it, if nothing else at least for the wean. https://mobile.twitter.com/RangersFC/status/906531253482074112
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    I can call you Kenny, and Kenny when you call me you can call me Al
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    Some miserable fucks on here...we're supposed to be encouraging the next generation of fans by putting on a family show, entertaining football, entertainment for the kids. We've lost a generation to those rabid fucks already.
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    Funny, that. Our fans swear and they make a point of drawing attention to it by apologising over and over again. Their fans sing about proscribed terrorist organisations and they turn the sound down and hope nobody notices.
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    Must admit, Pedro is starting to win me over. Still many questions to be asked of him, and the first old firm match will be a real marker of how far we have come on. Overall, his recruitment has been impressive. 1. Bruno - So much of an improvement over what we had. Calm with the ball at his feet, can put himself about when needed. Big upgrade on Hill, who himself was one of our better players. 2. Cardoso - Looks to be a good prospect. Can be a bit suspect at times, but young guy who is assured with the ball at his feet. Big upgrade on the frankly awful Kiernan. 3. Jack - Outstanding so far. Breaks up play well, makes surprisingly decent forward runs which I was not expecting from him. Massive improvement on Halliday. 4. Dorrans - Seems a tidy player, if not as influential as I may have expected. Much rather have him in the team than Holt, but still got something to prove I think. 5. Candias - Superb signing. Workrate, delivery, physicality and skill. Perfect match for the scottish game. 5 times the player of the spiceboys O'haloran and Forrester. Also his inclusion seems to help Tav out big time. 6. Moreles - What a fucking find! Get the boy tied up on a longer term contract! Waghorn and Garner might have had a good start at their new clubs, but they couldnt put the ball in the back of the net here. Morales cant stop scoring. 7. Pena - Still questions out on what the deal is with him not starting games. Makes fantastic runs, but has a very suspect touch. Took his goal well. More time needed to assess him, but got a good feeling about him. 8. Herrera - Cant get in the team due to Moreles, not really seen enough to judge. Good addition as a squad player I suspect. 9. The Dalco - Seems pish, but is only on loan. Expect he just wanted to have a look at him and I doubt we are paying very much at all for him. 10 / 11. John & Nemane - Time will tell. We have a few places to upgrade on. Miller as great a pro as he is, is coming to the end of his career. If we can replace him with someone of real quality, then we take a big step forward. Niko, great talent, but his legs have just gone. Probably more suited to an MLS style league now than a physical league like ours. If we can add 2 quality players in the next window, then I think we will be in good shape. The window after that, add another couple. No massive squad overhauls are needed now, we have a decent core. For the first time in a good while I think we have a good base to really build on and start to honestly think about making a challenge for the league from as early as next season.
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    You You You You And fuckin you away and fuck Broxi Roxi and wee Boris represent the ethical protestant family unit, Hoopy the hound is gender neutral, but Broxis family are part of Rangers tradition and I for one have always wondered where Roxi fucked off too, but thats between the big man and his Mrs, at least wee Boris wasnt raised a taig or on the smack wi that lot over in Maryhill. Im glad to see them back and long may it continue, bring wee Boris out on a white horse with his sash on just look him right in the eyes, hes ready to kick the pope all over govan, no surrender boris
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    I'm delighted to say that I will be present as one of the serviceman this weekend, after 30 years service I think I deserve it. Looking forward to being in uniform at ibrox, that will be a pleasant change.
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    HD highlights: https://streamable.com/1utl6
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    Ah what could have been. Boys got talent. Who knows how he could have developed had he just waited. We didn't have a midfield at the time, he'd have walked right in and had an opportunity to be become an even better player. Alas he chose to get into a team who didn't need him and rotted away in the reserves. You stupid stupid cunt
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    Harry Forrester should have been off, mate.
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    What a clusterfuck of a thread We are bang average, with (in the main) average players and an average dugout. There will be a fuckin meltdown in here in 2 weeks time. If you found that encouraging today then youre in fairyland Miles short.
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    Mind that time everycunt thought Hodson was a better defender. Wit a laugh that was.
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    You lot covered up the rape of innocent children ffs We won't be taking moral guidance from them Fenian tramps
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    King, Robertson and the rest of the masquerading clowns in blazers and ties have until Monday night to prepare a belter of a response to this shit if they don't they should get the same rat protests as the last lot got
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    Fuck all you naysayers. I'm just glad to see the family get back on track.
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    The SPFL (represented by celtic's lawyer) can't take any further action against Rangers because their rules (drafted by celtic's) lawyer) and previous disciplinary process (led by celtic's lawyer) don't allow it, so the SPFL and celtic (clearly acting in consort) try to scapegoat the SFA!! The relationship between celtic, Doncaster and their common lawyer has been dodgy from the start. Lawell attending meetings with Sky, Mackenzie attending meetings between Doncaster and crazed celtic fans, Doncaster issuing statements on behalf of all clubs at the calling of one etc. I'd like to see Rangers firmly turn the attention on the SPFL and Doncaster. I'd also like the club to publicly question why in a country with thousands of lawyers the SPFL needs to use celtic's. Did Mackenzie review celtic's statement? What about Doncaster's letter? What hat is he wearing when he pitches up at meetings with celtic fans and bemoans that no action can be taken against Rangers? Whole thing is a fucking farce.
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    He's a right good talented wee striker. Was delighted when we signed him as it was exactly the type of markets for those types of players we should finally be scouting (instead of SPFL dross and guys in English lower leagues who were once on the books of a bigger club) I'm happy it's working out. What's that? 7 goals in 6 games? Hopefully he keeps this up, we can get a couple good years out of him and maybe 10 million quid and the wee buffalo get's to play at a higher level - win-win-win.
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    We just won 4-1 But let's look for negatives. Ffs
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    As a member of Club1872 I am emailing them. 2nd largest shareholder and they must demand board action.
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    We demand an inquiry to see how big that carpet is for sweeping under the sexual abuse that went on at celtic! Absolute scumbag club with a huge chip on its shoulder!!!!!
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