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    I have no issues him in the firing line for this. He acted on the bequest of one member, against another, apparently contrary to set spfl guidelines. But the bheast has arguably played a blinder here if Doncaster had served his purpose and his removal was their end goal. Let's not get ahead of ourselves. If he was to be bulleted then his successor could well be even more dangerous to us.
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    Anthony Ralston is an 18-year-old right back with 14 celtic appearances to his name. This week he faced Neymar, one of the finest footballers in the world, and certainly the most expensive. Time for humility, one might think. Time to drink it all in, to accelerate the learning process. No — not in this age of entitlement. Despite losing 5-0, Ralston was full of it after the game. ‘I don’t fear the likes of Neymar…I had to play my normal game…I won’t lose any sleep over it…he’s just another man on the pitch…I don’t put him on a pedestal…’ The arrogance was astonishing. If Ralston matures with one 10th of Neymar’s talent he will have a fine career. Here was an opportunity to acquire knowledge, to be tested against one of the greats. Ralston was too busy preening, his team having been swept aside, to pay much attention. He asked for Neymar’s shirt at the end but was rebuffed. Maybe one day Ralston’s shirt will be in demand among the elite of European football. Until then, he might consider winding it in. By the way, after a fan ran on to the pitch and tried to kick Paris Saint-Germain striker Kylian Mbappe — the oaf missed, providing a neat metaphor for the gulf in class — celtic have again been cited by UEFA. This is their 15th citing in 10 years. Imagine how many they would have racked up if they didn’t keep getting knocked out at the group stage. Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-4885346/There-way-kids-games-not-elite-club.html#ixzz4sjvQmtB4 Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook
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    If your a Rangers fan the last few years has been an eye opening experience and once your eyes are opened agendas become clear. Doncaster has pinned his colours to the mast here - as so many have done against us over the last few years. His position is now untenable imho.
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    Should be sacked for that haircut alone.
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    I dont agree with that. Doncaster done what cellic wanted. Why would they then remove him?
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    Are we bringing Dodoo back from Charton for this game?
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    This picture was indeed nicked but funny enough to post.
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    Looks like an office block ffs , if that's a stunning feature , what's the pitch side look like
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    I think they have made a huge mistake, rather than it being a big cunning plan
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    Sack the bastard, nothing less will suffice Get David Longmuir back
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    how that useless bastard is still in a job after the last 4 or 5 years Peter only knows
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    Maybe. Or maybe he's happily and deliberately left us dealing with this shitstorm whilst he's manipulating the new Scottish and European Boards he's got himself onto. I would seriously guard against underestimating this schemer.
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    I don't often post on here but I spend a lot of time reading The Bears Den and maybe on this one area I have a bit more of an insight than most... not sure what difference it will make but I do know that the current situation in this thread (and others before it regarding The Dude) is toxic to the atmosphere and quality of this forum so something needs to change. In my previous work life I was a journalist. I'd like to think a fairly successful one ( building up and running a site with millions of hits a month) but my time in that industry (15+ years) I learned a few things. The main point of note is that the vast majority of journalists are utter *insert your insult of choice*. It is an industry which just seems to attract complete arses. Those arses then tend to seek out like-minded arses, working together towards a common goal. It is exacerbated by the fact that the people journalists mostly deal with have ended up in their role due to failing at life. Entry level PR and Marketing people, for example, tend to be barely competent but very good at forming nice little cliques with journalists/writers/editors who agree with them. It suits all of them to have this relationship as the journalists will get exclusives from their friends, the PR people will be given an easier ride in harder times as you don't tend to have a go at your mates, etc. In Glasgow you can see it happening all the time in the relationship between the DR and celtic. It's for this reason that the theory of joining the staff or working freelance for the DR while hoping to change them from within falls apart. By the time the organisation is outwardly taking actions which are pro one club/company and anti another the culture is set. To survive in there you've got to adapt and follow the thoughts/actions of that culture. Culture change is maybe possible (I've never seen it happen in that industry) but it would take maybe 10+ years I'd think and so in the case of the DR in its paper form it will be an irrelevance by that point. Online, who knows. My thought on the online front is that it will have a limited audience. The more extreme readers will always have more extreme sites to visit. If you are in the position of The Dude, wanting to change the balance of reporting, what should you do? You've got two options. One is that you identify a publication which is as unbiased as possible and you work there, even for free if need be at first, using that platform to build your skills, reputation and audience. The second option is you start your own site. It won't be easy, it will consume your life. You'll probably need to work another job to support your family while building that business. There will be days you don't sleep (on more than one occasion I got up in the morning, took the kids to school worked through the day and night, took the kids to school the next day and then slept) but it is possible. The key to success on this option is hard work, insane levels of perseverance and quality content. If you are truly passionate about journalism being your calling then the hard work and long hours will barely be an issue and the creation of good content will be easier. It's incredibly rewarding too. In summary, the journalism world can be distilled into two different areas. Low quality, hit grabbing, (often extreme) publications who's standards are low and audience like minded and unlikely to change. Vs. considered, thoughtful, respected, factual reporting by people who care about their work. There isn't a middle ground, just various extremes of each and I don't think it is possible to cross between the two... or at least not in the good direction. To give you an example, if I was running one of the more respected sports journalism departments and was hiring a writer, I (or more than likely one of my HR team) would be looking at two aspects of a candidate. Their past work and their character. Nowadays part of that character would come from meeting them in the interview process but the other part would be looking at their online persona. Twitter, forum posts etc. If the tone of those posts are not in keeping with the quality of candidate I am looking for then that person finds themselves further down the pile of candidates, if not removed completely. On a personal note, I don't know The Dude so I can't say if he is an arse. Experience tells me that it's possible but as a Rangers fan, I can say that I'd never consider working for the DR in any capacity. With some of the writing around the cup final (as one example) they went beyond what any true fan could find acceptable in my opinion. I'm with those that say journalists should be banned from having accounts here... well, sports/financial journalists. People who write about the latest happenings in the world of competitive decorating and the like, they can stay. TL: DR Most journalists are arses. They don't change. Change can only happen through competing with them, finding your audience and beating the arses by doing your job to a higher standard. And specifically, anyone who works for the DR is not a Rangers fan. Maybe they once were but not now. That's fine, but as a non Rangers fan they probably shouldn't have an account on here either.
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    So she supports Rangers but her 8 year old is a die hard Dundee fan. We're to assume the wee lassie was wearing Dundee colours and was abused by fans? How many 8 year old lassies are big Dundee fans when their parents support other clubs? Mon tae fuck Utter tripe I'd believe adult sheep, hearts, taig or HIV fans getting a bit of abuse shouting at them but not a wean. And other teams fans walk to Ibrox from all around the stadium wearing colours and I've never seen any of them being hassled The story is utter nonsense
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    Booked Hospitality for tonight. Steamin Loyal
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    I hope everyone has a nice time and behaves themselves x
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    It is probably just me thinking this, and I expect to get pelters for saying it but here goes...... Does it feel to anyone else like the press coverage in general is starting to swing back a little bit in the way of neutrality. When this latest assault by celtic on the review kicked off, I was expecting the press to go into full 'Sporting Integrity' mode. Almost instantly though, things took a little bit of a turn against celtic though and now Doncaster. Reports of 'no appetite' and reporters suggesting it is 'time to move on'. We even have defensive columns from the likes of DJ with (as yet) no counter piece from the likes of Sutton or others. Dont get me wrong, the coverage they get when a bam runs onto the pitch and attempts to assault a PSG player was simply glowing in comparison to when our supporters 'threw missiles' onto the pitch against Progres in the form of deadly paper planes. Hopefully the start of the power transition back to us, but no doubt im being overly optimistic.
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    Only in Scottish football can this shit happen. People still justifying the non-statement, if anything this means we need to make one MORE.
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