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    Enjoy **Quality may not be as good as normal, as my movie editor thingy has became corrupt whilst doing it, and wasn't starting again ... so Ive just screen recorded it inside the movie maker - looks a wee bit blurrier than usual to me. Time to reset my laptop me thinks, as a few things are getting fucked/slow
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    Can't believe he's getting pelters from posters on here. It's exactly the passion and belief we need from our players with every pass, every 50/50 ball, every tackle and every goal attempt. That's the sort of commitment we've been missing for ages. Gees up the player and the team and most of us other fans. Huge difference from the days of players poncing anonymously round the park while the manager watched folded armed and expressionless. Reminded me of the days when Forsyth and Jackson excelled at that type of tackle. Hopefully we'll be seeing more and more of it this season, the sheer desire to compete and win.
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    Absolutely disgusting the words trafficking,cartel,sniffing all used in what is terrible piece of journalism riddled with xenophobic comments replace the negative Colombian stereotypes and replace them with jovial muslim ones see the response
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    Took some clips of noteworthy points in the game for Pena, now he did make some mistakes and I haven't done those so I'm not saying the guy is the real deal yet, he's still rusty but there is potential. First time ball over the top to Tav and look at this movement as soon as he's hit the pass it something he does really well Comes deep, nice first touch and good reverse through ball only undone by sliding block and then slides in attempt to win the ball back Nice bit of skill with the flick pass to Morelos and on the spin he attempts to get forward at pace again Shows positional awareness here just sitting off Morelos in the space in front of their back line. Reminds me a bit of Naismith's positioning in the year with Jelavic. For me this is something we have been missing. Showing for the ball once more in a deep lying position then spots the space and the move opening up and sprints into the space, nice couple of touches to play it through to Morelos and again he moves after passing and gets into a great position for the return where he'd be odds on to at least hit the target Gets back here to win the ball back twice and unlucky the second challenge didn't start a counter attack. Once more showing good positioning here in this move, staying farside of the marker until seeing the ball is coming in towards the front post and getting in front of his man, again Thistle with there 3 man central defence had someone to block the cross otherwise it was landing at Pena's feet. The goal, good movement to peel away from the marker(s) and as we have seen from his YouTube videos he is actually good in the air and the deft glance floats into far corner More evidence of the work rate closing down the first player then chasing the loose pass to nearly break through. As I said he did make some mistakes and you could quite easily clip those and say he's mince but I think there was enough in the performance last night to believe that with some more starts and game time under his belt that he'll be an asset to us.
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    Rosie will be raging with him
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    Nah for all Pedro's fault's I don't think he's the type to radically adapt in that manner. He's stubborn and determined (that's not a dig before anyone starts) that's his way - he believes we are the best and whatever players he picks are the best so I can't see him going down this route. Re Herrera I was delighted to see him get that wee neat finish last night. As I've said a few times if he get's a run of games with Morelos he could really offer us something, but because he doesn't score 30 goals in 2 starts some fans can't give him the time even though he's genuinely talented - whilst some talentless players seem to get worshipped and loads of chances. Can't fathom it out.
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    Unbelievable. I want us to win games as much as the next but the petulance of posters on here to dismiss any tactical analysis because it goes above their intellect is hilarious. I know its a personal preference, but I would think any football fan would be interested to know the ins-and-outs of football tactics when presented with them.
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    Win and we are 2 behind and in a semi final. Not only that but in the ascendancy with Pena and Herrera settling in. Lose and we are looking at no better than second. This is the type of crunch game a Walter team would just find a way to win. We frequently got pumped and still won 1-0. I'd settle for victory by any means.
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    He'll be glad you told him that mate. Being from northern Ireland I doubt he would've known that
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    Crossing the 'white line' as well.. if he doesnt get pulled up on this then something ia seriously wrong. This is actually really, really bad.
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    Can we now have a 'probe' into the blatant lies spouted by arseholes with a clear agenda against our club?
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    I take it you were of the same opinion when Walter done it?
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    Look how fat this guy is... If I was built like this I would be ashamed...
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    He was NOT celebrating the tackle, he was pumping himself up as anyone who has ever played competitive sports has also done. He was at that time taking more responsibility, having a decent game and showing passion. We demand passion from players tey criticise them when they demonstrate that passion, odd.
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    Keith Jackson is a heavy duty weapon. He is trying to stay relevant and is getting more and more desperate in his attempts to do so. He is also trying to remain hip and trendy but the years haven't been kind to him, but that's a personal matter.
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    Premiership big-hitters Aberdeen , Kilmarnock and Hibs
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    He sets the bait at bed time then checks the nets in the morning, laughing like fuck eating his cornflakes, rascal.
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    Really hope Pena and Hererra turn out to be stars for us just to shut up a few of the detractors who were slagging them after a few minutes in a blue shirt.
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    Read a few posters commenting on Morelos temperament, I honestly don't know where the fuck this comes from . He temperament is no worse than anyone elses.
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    People want him to fail so they can use it as a case against Pedro. That's it.
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    451, harass their midfield, close them down and Brown will blow. 1st half, don't even think about anything but disrupting them all the time, close them down, niggly fouls and watch them lose it because they are only used to getting it their own way. Break the spuds midfield and we win the game. 2nd half keep at it and then move more forward when they have a few bookings against them. Tell Morelos to save his energy until the 2nd half and then work their defence. Rangers can win this.
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