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    If there is truth to the rumours that he keeps going to the press against the clubs wishes, then we should sack him for gross misconduct, and move on from this. Pedro might not be the man going forward, but he is the manager right now, he is in charge. None of us should be backing Miller over Pedro here IMO.
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    If Miller is leaking to Jackson then he deserves it.
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    Leaks happen in football, always have and always will, but if it's been found out to be Miller and the club have asked him to stop and he's not complied then some form of sanction is totally correct. Just hope the Pedro oot brigade see the bigger picture in that you cannot have a player dictating what the manager does, even if they think it's wrong. The manager, even if shite, needs to be the most powerful member of the football side of things and if a player is undermining that then it's the player, and not the manager, that needs to be the focus of attention.
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    Oh I believe more than ever he has the temperament, still not sure if he has enough knowledge of the game especially in Scotland. Big JW had to boot the arses of quite a few prima donnas to get his team in shape. Something happened last week with Miller who has brought nothing this season. Manager has my 100 percent backing on this one, disruptive staff are a complete pain in the arse
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    He's done. Pedro that is. You don't banish your vice captain if you have a happy dressing room. Just end it now please before it turns seriously ugly.
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    I've always had the thought Miller was continuing to get picked due to the manager needing to keep a player with a lot of influence onside. Especially after the early European exit, and the murmurs in the summer with a few players unhappy with certain things. It defentetely wasn't due to his performances on the park. Also no surprise that when he gets dropped things start getting leaked. He should have been let go in the summer while we had the chance.
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    Kenny Miller can go fuck himself as far I'm concerned if he is indeed the mole. Last season at a real top club and probably on a decent wage and he's carrying on leaking shit from the dressing room instead of getting his head down and giving his all. His whole body language on the pitch and even last week on the bench is honking. Acts the petulant child when Pedro takes him off even though he has been absolute shite all season.
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    It's clearly more than that. Miller was told to take a wee break from football, spend family time, not even come suited and booted to thistle away. I said at the time there was more to it, this was just after an international break where every player got at least 4 days off. Roll on to the bheast game. The manager has named a captain, and the first action Miller does on entering the field is obtain the armband. That's wrong. Whether Dorrans or Miller or both to blame for us is unclear. But I reckon for Pedro it's very clear, and he's had enough of Billy big baws who is involved in pretty much everything other than creating and scoring goals. I've long said playing Miller would cost him his job. Well if he's going to lose it then at least he's going out fighting and doing the right thing re Miller.
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    If this Miller debacle ends up in Pedro getting sacked, we can be certain of two things: - 1. It will lead to a massive re-writing of history, where people pretend that Miller is the Ferguson standing up to the LeGuen and the fact that Kenny is just a wee gobshite that can't handle his place is forgotten. 2. No decent manager who isn't already connected to Rangers will touch us in a long time.
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    If this is because KM is the leak , then it's hard to disagree with .
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    Tonight will be an acid test and we shall see if any players have downed tools. I really can't see it though because of all the players that I think will start tonight, it is only Fod that was MW's. All the rest are Pedros men. Why would they down tools for a manager that brought them? I'm not having it. I think and hope this is an isolated situation that hasn't infected the others. A good victory tonight leaves any version of the story that Miller or his mates in the media may have in tatters. A bad result leaves Pedro hanging by a thread. I hope the players he bought and the players that he has put trust in, such as Pena, play out their skin tonight. I don't think he deserves this treatment at all, because like him or not, or rate him or not, you cant say the man hasn't tried his damndest.
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    Ffs. Insinuating our player is a paedophile ya stinking fucking bastard. @gogzy get that tae fuck
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    It's like a budget remake of PLG vs Barry Ferguson.
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    I said a few days ago that Miller had outstayed his welcome at the club. I know absolutely no facts around this, but there is no way i think any player is bigger than the club and unfortunately, older pros get to a point where they seem to think they own the place. Its time for him to go. Whether you think Pedro is decent or not is irrelevant - we shouldnt have an old done pro dictating events at Ibrox.
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    So seemingly this is what happened.. pedro: Kenny your 37!ive played you a lot so I think you should take a wee rest - help with the kids and then there's the international break and we will get some more games out of you. Kenny: I'd rather play. But ok. the record: Kenny dropped and humiliated. Dressing room lost. celtic are lovely. RM: Pedro and Kenny oot!
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    Good for Pedro. Finally waking up to what Miller is.
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    The difference might be Le Guen wanted to go, I don't think Caixinha does want to go. Also, Ferguson was our best player at that time, not so Miller.
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    What is he? Not a big fan of Kenny Miller but he's played a massive part in successful Rangers teams, he knows what it takes to be a winner here, Pedro doesn't.
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    We all agreed Dorrans was pish and Miller has been pish for weeks. So we slaughter Pedro We all wanted Miller dropped and when Pedro does that. We slaughter Pedro. It gets to a point where the man can’t win no matter what he does.
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    Zoomer Central in here this morning. That Blue Avenger cunt believing people actively want us to lose tonight for their own agenda sums it up.
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    Miller leaking stuff is unacceptable but I'm not sure how so many people can really take the side of a man who has proven how incompetent he is over a guy who in a 20 year career has never had issues with any other manager.
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    Although not many would care if Miller ever played again as he is past it now, managers rarely recover from these type of incidents. Especially ones with the results Pedro has had. Just a matter of time now before he is punted, hopefully its sooner rather than later so we can salvage this season.
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    You're not half looking at this with blinkered vision but, given your record on literally every issue ever, that shouldn't be any surprise!