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    Catalonia is Spanish Scotland is British Fenian fuck.
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    It most certainly is true and we have sat back and allowed beggars take over our public sector and in turn mostly employing fellow beggars. I think a lot of people have woken up to the corruption and nepotism but my fear is that it is too late. We are the most demonised group of people in modern day Scotland, no other group of people would have to accept the abuse we take whether it be about their religion, choice of political leanings or gender. 1 Scotland, many cultures unless you are a white protestant Rangers supporting unionist.
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    You think Catalan is where you go to buy your clothes, ya thundercunt.
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    He's an ex Rangers player and if it's true he's getting roundly booed off they mhanky tartan mongos you should be defending him against they Rangers hating scumbags.
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    An SNP govt that wants to separate the union most of us believe in. Councils that fly Catalonia flags. A drive to bring Irish republicanism mainstream. Legislation (OFBA) was devised to defend abuse of that cult before they realised it also criminalised them. Targeted by HMRC who leaked significant documentation to assist the public condemnation of our club. Significant state aid to one club in the form of commonwealth games funding. Tax avoidance being apparently the biggest scandal in UK sport. What is almost a media ban for decades for mentioning the bheasts sexual abuse of children and the club cover up. It seems to be worse to say BJK than commit the crime against kids. A media that is without doubt republican sympathetic and Rangers hating. The republic NUJ list of journos who despise us is endless - English, Hag, etc many of whom get a national profile to spout their hatred. Add 3 names to that who is apparently supporting anti racist / sectarian charity that only seems to look one way. Many bears support our Orange parades. They have never been more at risk yet the hibernian walks face no such clamour. Continued football authority attacks on our present and past - from titles stripping, to illegal 5 way agreements, to the recent spfl challenge. Only skimming the surface, but it's absolutely evident.
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    We have become apathetic, and have left things for others to get on with, not realising that they were all out for themselves, plotting to marginalise the majority. I remember when our RSC used to run buses to the Home Internationals. I stopped going to Scotland games in the 1980's, when the kids came on the scene. I went to a Scotland game in about 2001, and I noticed a change then. It seemed the Tartan Army was full of 'Wee Team' supporters, and fans who only followed Scotland (at least that's what they told me to my face if I enquired what team they supported). We left a void in many parts of Scottish society, when we never carried on from our parents, and grandparents. The taigs have filled the void. Pretty soon they're going to be running every sector of Scottish Society, and we let them do it. Maybe when Rangers becomes the dominant force in Scottish football, once again, they'll lose interest, and we'll have to take over. PS I have found that regular Tartan Army followers of our Scottish national team, don't like either of the old firm.
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    Multicultural is no culture and it's in most European countries now.
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    Remember we used to laugh at the Tims because of their moronic paranoia? Well some of our support is worse, it is getting genuinely embarrassing. Have a fucking word with yourself FFS. on another topic, how do you get rid of the underline on a tablet?
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    Black man redemption / wade wilson
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    I hope you aren't being serious here. Some of our support has become very precious recently
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    sooner we get rid of the freeloading essenpee the better. Cunts are doing nothing to help the country, they go on their wee tours spewing hatred for the english and blaming the tories for everything, take to social media to froth at the mouth about catalans and let the country fall into ruin. Where are all the jobs and income they prmised? Where are the partnerships with other countries apart from a deal for dodgy steel? They are fucking the country constantly and get away with it due to their pals in the mhedia. Army regiments disbanded, schools built on the cheap that then fall apart, an NHS propped up by student nurses on placemnet that is akin to slave labour and a dwindling oil economy. The cunts have a cheek - we've banned fracking but we'll continue with oil, just lets not talk about that.
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    The question I've yet to be seen answered is how do we change it? Getting rid of the SNP has to be a start; no?
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    You can actually hear duelling banjos in the background
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    At least we now know what happened to the guy that threw the lighter at Ricksen, and the two tarriers who bottled young Bears going to Hampden. He ate them.
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    Actually can't stop laughing at this
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    Jesus, if anyone was ever worried aboit facing Ricky Foster they should chuck it. Games on a Friday, MOH will be busy, i'd imagine.
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    When is this going to be available for purchase? Beginning to suspect that the board won't allow it for public sale due to muh sectarianisms/anti Irish racisms...
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    Bheasts have probably set that as a default on your tablet. They're everywhere....
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    I won't ever let anyone take my country from me, I am and always will be, a proud Scot and unionist. Anyone that lets the yes voters, SNP and the SFA/SPFL etc. make them give up on their country, needs to have a word with themselves. No surrender to any of them.
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    The ‘staunchers’ ? Very good. fuck scotland, fuck the trannies, fuck their catalan flags (cringe) and fuck everycunt in this country that isn’t us.
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    Foster must be better at kicking doors than he ever has been at kicking footballs.
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