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    Cheering on a team full of tarriers, ran and supported by a shower of unwashed, inbred livestock molesting jakeballs who wanted us dead and buried. Fuck that.
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    On behalf of every genuine Rangers supporter out there I'd like to wish our Slovenian brothers all the best tonight.
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    No cunt hates their own country, we hate the scumbag bastards that play for, manage and support 'us'. I use the us term loosely cause I feel very little relation to the national team now. Fuck them and fuck everything to do with them.
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    "Wit times the dole office open the morra?"
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    What we need now on and off the park
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    Andorran Sturm Graz fans who take pleasure in, and actively want, their local volleyball team getting beat are in the same bracket as fans of AS Monaco who pretend they're homosexual. Rid fucking cocks the lot of them.
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    Shut up ya fucking moron.
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    Can mind watching the Italy game in a golf club of all places and celebrating Ferguson's goal like an absolute mad man, can't imagine ever getting that feeling with them ever again tbh.
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    Although he’s probably annoyed me with his radio nonsense at times you just can’t help love this guy. 16 years old, ffs. Club legend. I’m sure I’ve seen this pic in colour before but I couldn’t find it.
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    Nothing more than they deserve. Playing against a side who don't even give a fuck about the game. They were lucky enough to play against 10 men for 60 minutes the other night. Even with luck on their side they still can't do it. Strachan is fucking useless.
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    celtic lining up January bid as we speak
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    At least 2 posters wanted Craig Gordon to get stung by a wasp, which shows you just how bad things are.
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    Not a pic but worth a spot in here lol
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    as the game went into extra time were you confident? "I was confident before it started, son"
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    Unlucky celtic. Come on you can.still do this. Just need some of that Brendan spirit.
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    Scottish Rangers fans who take pleasure in, and actively want, a team crawling with fenians who despise our club and fans to win, are in the same bracket as taigs. Rid fucking necks the lot of them.
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    I'd cheer him breaking a leg.
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    Taig, Taig, Taig, Berra, Probably a taig, Dalkeith taig, McArthur, Taig, Phillips, Martin, Scumbag thumbheid junkie taig. Yay mon Scotland.
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    A young Barry Ferguson & Durrant.