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    'the club have tried to move away from the old sectarian stereotypes and songs' Hmmmmm. This is how they welcomed us on our last visit.
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    I slagged one in work earlier and he went off his nut, lovely stuff.
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    "Many of them wouldn't even know the words of the songs that were being sung at their end of the ground."
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    I don't hate Scotland and most people don't hate Scotland. They hate the Scottish national team, there's a big fucking difference. Conparing us to cunts that abandoned their own country to go and play for a foreign country is just fucking idiotic. Im a proud scot and a proud brit. What I'm not proud of is some of my so called fellow countrymen. A support that think it's acceptable to boo their own players simply because they play for Rangers. A support that think it's acceptable to make banners and flags showing their hatred at their own players simply because they play for Rangers. Fact is the tartan army is a closed book, it's a nationalist Rangers hating pile a shite. Fuck them. Not to mention the national team is ran by Rangers hating scumbags.
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    Never defeated always genetically disadvantaged
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    I can't begin to imagine how any Rangers fan could cheer a goal scored by that low life griffiths after his recent antics towards our club. But for any who did ha fuckin ha it was all in vain as usual for the tartan clad losers. Their glorious failure is just that. GLORIOUS!
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    I think the last paragraph tells the truth, ie The Official Linfield Twitter thanked the Rangers fans for their support. Now that will be the truth.
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    This thread saddens me. I don’t give much of a fuck about the Scotland National team. But I want to. I don’t give a fuck because our footballing country has been temporarily taken from us. But I would like it back. I support Scottish rugby. I support any Scot in sport other than football. But football has been hijacked and we have let it happen with the “fuck Scotland national team” stuff its “proper nose off to spite face” stuff and like so many things, we let it happen because we are too divided as a support imagine if the Rangers support united and said nah fuck this, Scotland is ours. Started arranging Rangers supporting Scotland clubs. Sat together, travelled together, made banners together, sang decent songs together. Scotland used to be ours we relinquished it. Same goes for the FA, the politics, the jobs of influence.. Apathy and division led to more apathy and now we have a whole fan base who are majority unsupportive of our nation. We have no players getting picked. We have no allies in positions of power. our apathy and their obsession got us here
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    maybe we could ask them to hold a joint party with us oldco fans? they'll get the beers in and we'll pay for the face painter
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    Mr Struth signs Johnny Hubbard 2 legends
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    Nothing wrong with that. Not that that'll stop those who have had enough of him using some or all of it to abuse him for it.
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    Linfield fans who travelled to Tayside from Northern Ireland have blamed Rangers supporters for singing the controversial songs, which also included ones which are normally associated with the Glasgow club like Rule Britannia and I was born under a Union Jack. Fuck off ya fenian cunt
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    Not only gave up,but battered us senseless and kicked us when we were down,even to the extent of rifling our pockets for prize money. Fuck them.
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    Used to follow Scotland but 2012 really changed my perception of the Scottish national team. I will support Scotland in any support, but football has no place for me anymore. I seen the result and I swiftly got back to my life without a shred of care.
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    Prop,Hookers, Flute bands and Bigotry
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    It’s is all a bit sad this really. Each to their own, the national team isn’t a priority for me (particularly after 2012), but Rangers historically made up the biggest portion of Scotland’s support. I’m a bit apathetic to it all now. Wanted them to win, but wasn’t bothered when they didn’t. I get not supporting a team that’s filled with celtic players and players who abandoned us in 2012, and the weird political position Scotland is in now obviously has an impact. Theres two sides to the arguement - chuck it altogether and let them have it, OR hang in there when you’re probably not wanted by a section of the support and you’ve no Rangers players in the squad. It’s a tough call to be honest. Whats weird is the wee internet RM clique who go for the jugular whenever anyone dares to support their country’s football team. I don’t doubt that some hate the SFA et al, but the hate some Rangers fans are receiving from their own (on here only) reeks of trying to be uber staunch. Think it will all change when we’re better and there’s more Rangers players in the squad, and independence is knocked on the head once and for all.
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    What the same way our country and it’s football association gave up on us.
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    I'd just like to bump this to remind any Rangers supporters upset at tonight's result, not to be. Get it right up the tartan fucking scumbags.
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    Good opportunity to make a gap between us and St Johnstone. Start working on bridging the gap between us and the sheepshaggers and the taigs. Losing this however, will see us go onto 4th place and possibly fall even further down in the table should Hibernian and Motherwell win their games. Such an event will see us down in 6th place Also, fuck the international weekend. Back to real football!
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    Scott Brown being a peadophile, holding Madeline McCann in his shanty van.
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    If you seriously believe your first paragraph watch any footage of teams such as Uruguay in the 60's, 70's and 80's. The fouls committed nowadays are, in the main, powder puff compared to back then. Maradonna, like any skilled ball player then had to avoid or ride tackles that were made with the intent of serious injury, not winning the ball. As said earlier in the thread you cannot compare such talented players with such different eras but having seen all three play (Pele, Maradonna and Messi) I can only say in all honesty I would have had Maradonna and Pele in my team before Messi.
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    Im sure GCC are working on this now. 12 months of celebrations, street parties, bus parades, street renaming, firework shows, museum and galleries displays, turning George Sq into a blue/red/white extravaganza all take time to plan you know....
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    Because the biggest skeleton they have is knocking very loudly to get out the closet...and the door is ajar. The press need a distraction.
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    This is what cracked me up as well. People from Belfast not knowing the lyrics to songs that are about Northern Ireland
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    A lot of fabricated dross . A distinct sign of the times where there are no levels to which the media will stoop to demonise the Rangers support.
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    Ive seen Bears get up to all sorts, funnily enough I’ve never seen them getting their cocks oot in a town square.
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    Did I hear Strachan say it's hard for us to compete because we ain't tall enough, then said apart from Spain we are the smallest team? Spain who have won everything the last 8 years
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    You'd think the TA be used to No by now. No Indepence No qualification No soap
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    It was hilarious listening to the arses on bbc Radio Scotland greeting after the match,cause they wouldn't get a free junket to Russia next year.chesney was doing a great job until the final whistle,then the criticism started and they slated him for his selections,when they knew their freebies were in tatters?
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    Jock Wallace return s home 83 first game at ibrox v Dundee u
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    “Let’s not kid ourselves, Rangers are a massive club and of course, it was on my mind,” “But I’ve got seven months left on my contract and it’s up to me to play well and maybe get an even bigger move.” “It’s a massive club and if it doesn’t happen, I can still go on to bigger and better things. “Rangers aren’t the be-all and end-all. It’s up to me to show what I can do and maybe get something better. There's plenty admiration of us in the quotes. He's hardly negative towards us. The above quotes are what he actually said and remove the typical slant of the journo which is as always negative towards us. Typical DR article. Would have thought folk would have learned by now.
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    It's not even a game of football though,O'Neil's football teams are vile,they make the Wimbledon team of the 80s look like Barcelona.
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    2 weeks ago Griffiths wiped his snotters on a Rangers corner flag and gave pelters to our fans at Ibrox, and some Rangers fans actually celebrated him scoring tonight