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    I for one will take great satisfaction at chanting 'we paid for your stand' when they start singing 'you let your club die' the next game we play at Tynecastle.
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    Seems to be more geared toward posters getting likes and seeing how many posts they can post in a day rather than good content. FF not that busy either. We have a shite Manager a team going nowhere and a board not interested in competing anytime soon there's only so many times a person can post on that subject.
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    had a group interview the day for a seasonal job at Amazon, swear to fuck a cunt turned up in a celtic top, for a job interview, you really can't make it up with this mob
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    Nothing wrong with that. Not that that'll stop those who have had enough of him using some or all of it to abuse him for it.
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    Thats because it is not my first language. I try my best when writing. Maybe if you write in my language you will sound like Chinese man speaking Spanish.
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    Neither do I but I watched two threads deleted in which I was disagreeing with a "well known poster". One was I didn't see the issue with calling MOH "Michael Francis O'Halloran" and the other was agreeing that Scott Brown is most likely an active paedophile. Went to the shop and when I came back I was banned.
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    I swear this story is true too in 2012 I believe it was I went to Manchester to see Pearl Jam, was standing outside the Wetherspoons near the train station having a fag and I heard an argument between someone and a guy with a distinct Glasow accent I heard the Glaswegian saying "al fuckin take ye roon the corner and plug ye big man!" and i looked along and it was a wee jakey homeless looking guy arguing with one of the Asian doormen of the pub the Scottish guy was pissed off at something and shouting and the Asian guy looked terrified and for some reason, probably because I was pished, I decided to include myself in the conversation, I said "here chief calm doon they'll get the polis on ye if ye carry on like that". the guy seemed overjoyed at the fact there was another Scottish person in Manchester and smiled and calmed down instantly and started talking to me, I kinda gave the Asian guy a wee nod to let him know it was sound and it calm the guy down or whatever so the guys fuckin rancid, two different shoes on, nae teeth, asking me where abouts in from and saying he hasn't been back to Glasgow in years, when my mate walked out and laughed like "who's yer pal Willis?" and at that moment I realised the absurdity of me standing in Manchester talking to a jakey from Glasgow who'd just threatened to stab the bouncer and I laughed when my mate asked who he was, the guy looked like we'd offended him but didn't say anything and continued to chat for a minute while I finished my smoke, And then right just before I was about to walk inside he pulled his jumper zip down and showed us his fucking celtic top that I hadn't noticed, and within an instant my mate goes "do you wear that every day mate?" ? the guy said aye asked us for any spare change, "sorry mate no change on me" asked if I had a spare fag "sorry mate don't smoke" and walked back inside there is no such thing as a stereotype when it comes to celtic fans
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    Me and the Hammer nearly 20yr ago at Durrants testimonial dinner, we had just beat the tims 2-0 and 10iar was back on, still to this day it was one of my greatest days being a bear.
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    That would be a mistake the standard of Rangers fan on social media is a disgrace we’d get an influx of wee yfront sniffers from Facebook groups with Pedro and Dave King avatars talking absolute shite i know we’ve a few clowns and braindeads on here but there’s a good group too - less is more rather have it slightly quieter than 8 pages of Robertson style threads started every day
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    Ended 2-0. Great thread
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    puputting this Putting this picture in as a tribute to my late Mum. She loved this guy, her favourite Rangers player, a fully paid up member of the Iron Curtain Defence of the late 40's/early 50's and a true Rangers Legend. Here he is as usual getting steamed into those rag tag cretins from the east. Step up to the plate the late great Sammy Cox
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    Die ya tarrier fuckpig
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    BluePeter9 mate. Was bullying me something shocking in another thread this morning.
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    My goodness what an appalling thing to post to a fellow Rangers fan, swear words and everything, if I was sipping tea just now I'd have spat it out.
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    I should be made Mod/admin.
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    St Johnstone FC vs Rangers FC Scottish Premiership Match Venue: McDiarmid Park Date: Friday the 13th of October Kickoff: 1945 (7:45pm) Available on BT Sport Recent Forms (Most Recent First) Rangers: WLWDW St Johnstone: LWLDD League Standings: Taigs: 20pts Aberdeen : 20pts Rangers : 14pts St Johnstone: 14pts Motherwell : 13pts Hibernian : 13pts Hearts : 9pts Dundee : 8pts Hamilton Accies: 7pts Ross County : 7pts Partick Thistle : 3pts Kilmarnock : 3pts Team News: Wallace is still out Rossiter is also out Jack is unavailable due to being red carded in the Accies game. Alves, John, Wilson and Kranjcar have all returned from injury Miller has also been brought back into the first team squad Top Scorers: A. Morelos (8) G. Dorrans (4) S. Candeias (3) E. Herrera (2) D. John (2) C. Pena (2) J. Tavernier (2) K. Miller (1) B. Alves (1) J. Windass (1) Next 5 Matches: (NS) Motherwell (League Cup Semi Final) 22nd Oct (H) Kilmarnock (Premiership) 25th Oct (A) Hearts (Premiership)28th Oct (H) Partick Thistle (Premiership) 4th November (H) Hamilton Accies (Premiership) 18th November Other Fixtures This Weekend:
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    Thank you, I appreciate it. I dont see all Rangers games because of time difference and working but I try and see as many on internet as I can. I will write my opinion of games more often from now when I can.
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    This isn't about you mate
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    I realise that but they need to man up. Surely people can't all be that soft that they can't cope with an online community telling them to fuck off every now and then? Im making this after making an account on FF yesterday and seeing how active all of their threads are. The entire 1st page of threads in their "bears pit" are all as active as only a minute or two ago. I got banned this morning for disagreeing with people.
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    Willis is gonny be raging when the tarrier gets the job n he doesny.
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    https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/news/1677791/scott-brown-madeleine-mccann-paedophile-chant-lithuania/ "One punter replied to the clip saying: hahahaha howling." I'm in fucking bits at that
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    Perhaps if you actually read the article rather than bumping your gums before commenting you would have realised we played a 15yo, and 2 x 17yo with 3 different set of players playing 3x35min periods. I know reading more than the headline hurts your head but you'll get better with practice.
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    A lot of fabricated dross . A distinct sign of the times where there are no levels to which the media will stoop to demonise the Rangers support.
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    'the club have tried to move away from the old sectarian stereotypes and songs' Hmmmmm. This is how they welcomed us on our last visit.
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    Pedro Caixinha believes Rangers have gone up to a new level after making the most of the international break. Gers face St Johnstone in Perth on Friday and the Ibrox boss has worked his team hard over the past week to ensure they are in top condition before facing Tommy Wright’s team. He says Saturday’s behind-closed-doors bounce game with Morton was also the perfect tune-up for Saints. Caixinha - who put out three different XIs during the Ton clash, which was played over three 35-minute periods - told RangersTV: “The whole week was great. We took advantage and worked on a lot of aspects, and worked at a high pace. So it was an intense week and we knew it was the moment for us to do that. “That is why we played the game with three periods of 35 minutes - giving 35 minutes to the players who have had more game-time and then giving a chance to those who have not played that much, as well as giving a chance to some young boys too. “So overall, it was a really good week and we are starting this week on a totally different level as we prepare for the next match. “I think Morton play in a similar way to St Johnstone, with more or less the same philosophy, so it was good to put in practice some of those things.” Caixinha also used the Morton friendly to blood young defenders Andy Dallas, Kyle McLelland, Lewis Mayo and Scott Gray. And he was encouraged by the way his fresh-faced back-line stood up to Jim Duffy’s side during the 3-3 draw. He said: “They played the last period. We had Andy at right-back. Kyle, who is 15, was one of the centre-halves, Lewis, who is 17, was the other one, and Scott, who is also 17, was the left-back. “So they did very well, and in that period of time, we only conceded the one goal from a direct free-kick. “I liked overall the three groups. They were three different groups, with a different formation in each of the periods. “It was also a moment for us to try something and also for us to give minutes to the players who have not been playing.”
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    This forum is excellent IMO, and because it has a wide range of views and I think age difference it works really well. I must admit I do not post much some days but still enjoy reading a lot of the threads, but then as has already been said the international weeks cause havoc and not much Rangers news to discuss. Unfortunately we will have it again in November when the playoffs are on. Another thing is that some of us cannot be bothered to argue with other Rangers fans every day or the threads are not all interesting to individual posters. The game on Friday night will get everyone posting, I just hope it is after a win.
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    Instead of banning people there should have been a banned room ... can you imagine that little lot together in one small place
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    Quality over quantity mate
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    As funny as it is, we probably scare most of the new posters away
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    let's see your RSC banners lads, here's ours Old and New
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    I had a rancid tarrier in same corridor as me in the army yes they exist in the forces he would blast IRA tunes but that stopped after he got a bucky bottle to his chops. Anyway one night he came to my room in his manky top and said he was going to top himself to which I thought aye awrite so gave him 10mins went down to his room and he had put his bed up on its end and was hanging from a tie from the frame to which I said "yer feet are touching the floor ya daft prick now make yer bed ya fanny!". He also got another slap for being such an absolute roaster along with a lad hitting him with a frying pan just for being a tim
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    Away tie against Dynamo Dresden
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    The wee man tells a great story of when him and Baxter were picked to play for a rest of the world side. Anyway, they are in the hotel when the team bus arrives and Baxter says to him you nip on the bus wee man and get us a couple of seats, I need to wait here, Puskas and Di Stefano want my autograph. Slim Jim, you can imagine him coming away with that. Brilliant
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