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    Yes mate! my doctor has told me today that I'm a very lucky man to have survived it because he said it was huge.....I'm not feeling the best but I will survive
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    Good stuff. I'm mostly still in wheelchair, but I can lift a pint and get a hard oan, so all's good. ?
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    Hope he writes FTP in raspberry sauce on tarrier's cones.
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    I almost had a stroke when Hamilton scored in first minute..
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    He’s been helping with our youths mate on a part time basis and I always welcome at first team training . gregory Vignal is also with us this week as part of his pro licence. wish you a speedy recovery mate and hope you’re feeling better
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    Just relax and watch the cricket, don't ask me which match, but have a look out for this flag. My brother messaged me from Sydney saying he had met a Bear in the gym and became pals, the Bear is from Bristol and wanted to show me his flag, said he was taking it to the cricket.
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    Because there's a song about their captain being sung by England fans
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    A former professional footballer making a living for himself? What a riddy. Embarrassing and pointless article from an embarrassing and pointless newspaper.
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    King Kai celebrates scoring winner in the 1966 Scottish Cup Final replay.
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    I just wanna thank everyone for their kind words. I'm sure Alec would also be thankful for the kindness that's always shown by the Rangers family.
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    He thought the interviewer asked him " who is the third fittest player at Rangers?"
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    Forgot a K there mate
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    Not good enough. Nicola Hay knew exactly who Phil the Gobblegiver was/is and will continue to be yet she still associated RTRC with him. Its a hollow apology and she should be removed from SRTRC and until this happens it will remain tainted.
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    Sorry if already posted. Love this.
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    Nothing like having a good shag in a wheelchair while the burd holds yer pint
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    Name the 5/10 posters.
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    Well mate! I've been doing it since 1953 so I guess it had to catch up with me sometime I'll be watching on Saturday morning against St.Johnstone
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    working for a living, a helluva lot better than what that drunken arsehole sutton does
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    The Rangers team from season 1929/30. Won the 'clean sweep' of domestic trophies - League Championship, Scottish Cup, Glasgow Cup and finally, the Glasgow Merchants Charity Cup. 8 hours after clinching the Charity Cup they set sail on a tour of North America winning all 14 games scoring 68 goals in the process. Some of our most legendary players are in that picture Fleming, Gray, Meiklejohn, McPhail, Morton et al
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    Our ROD . Great bit of business by Advocaat . Always raises a smile watching his late goal at the piggery and the wee ballboy kicking the ball before it hits the back of the net
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    Think last season it was against Killie when he announced the line up. I suppose you can't win with the press up here but I like the way he's his own man and doesn't give a fuck what anyone thinks. That's partly what we will need in a manager as everyone up here is out to make a whipping boy out of whoever tries to step up to the plate and get us going again. His calling out of the tramps over how much Brown and the rest get away with shit is the type of thing that would be considered smart if Jose did it because you do get the benefit of the doubt too often when your on top. We are facing a fight on all fronts and I don't think Pedro will let us down when it comes to saying what needs said. The man has character in abundance. Coming out to face the fans after the disaster in Europe was probably the most honest and ballsy thing I've seen a football manager do. I never wanted him and was dismayed by the way we played under him last season. It's partly why I've not been posting much as I didn't want to constantly moan on here and depress every cunt. It is what it is though and now I'm not so sure if the guys we could have got would do any better in the long run. The likes of McInnes would no doubt get us doing better more quickly but we know their ceiling is probably below Rodgers even without the gap in finances. From what I've seen we are improving but still have huge short comings in terms of the quality of the first 11 but even more so in terms of depth to the squad. I'm now thinking we might as well give this guy the season and another window before judging him because it's a huge and unlikely task for any one to achieve 55 at the moment. We will likely end up just rotating managers and going no where if we don't give any of them time to build properly. If we get second and are a good bit ahead of the rest then it's probably as good as it was going to get this year. I don't think anyone else outwith big names who won't come would manage to win the title soon anyway. It's just the reality of what's been done to us. The more I listen to Pedro on football though and watch the team play the more I think he does know what he's doing and what he wants from the team. We're a lot more direct and solid as a unit and do not waste time making pointless passes which is important when you need to maximise outcomes from a squad that is weaker than we are used to. It's not pretty at times but it's the way we need to go because we will not be able to match the filth for quality for some time. Time will tell and it's likely Pedro won't get any or will come up short anyway but here's hoping we keep improving and he does start to win stuff because the more we keep changing the more things will likely stay the same. We will eventually need to give someone time to fix the mess of the past five years. Might as well see were we're at come the end of the season before judging Pedro because the task is unenviable. He will have to produce a consistently winning team with relatively inexpensive players who are mostly not accustomed to needing to be constant winners. Its going to take time for any manager to develop and drill that into whatever players we can afford.
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    Cracking Protestant attitude ?
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    God speed to you and yours mate.shocked to hear of your turn.i know it's thousands of miles away., but if you need anything sent from ibrox or anywhere just let me know. No Surrender Rab
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    I think that was the start of mine, mate.
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    found some absolute cracking pics of Ibrox before, during, and after reconstruction
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    I completely agree until Scott Brown is proven guilty the song should make it clear that he only allegedly has Maddie
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    because the manager is foreign and sometimes leaves things open to interpretation with what he says and how he says it means people can turn it into something good or something bad. Some people on here just always make out it's a 'load of pish' because they probably don't understand what he's trying to say which I can understand to a certain extent... I think we are moving in the right direction and Pedro will take us too 'another level'. He's an intelligent man and his hard work philosophy is something we have desperately lacked and he is addressing many problems we have had over recent years. Look at how he has improved us down the right side with the tav and candieas partnership, we look a lot more solid as he has the winger defending also and I think we can all agree we have looked a lot better down that side. I read the other day that he has been drilling this philosophy into young windass as well so we will have that similar partnership down the left. Just an observation but one that got overlooked by MW. I think we will see a more disciplined side and it will take a while for it all to come together. Be patient bears and we will see that Pedro is the man!!!
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    One of the best passers I've seen for us.
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    Billy Williamson on a snow covered Ibrox.
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    Plug from the Bash Street Kids.
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    Doddie winner 1975 Scottish League Cup Final
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    'Av shat the bed again' wee j
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    You fully recovered yet mate?
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    Don't think I'll ever lose my sense of humour plumbGER....I was actually going away on my annual V8 racing car week, so I obviously had to can it...I was asked the reason why I didn't go; and I said I had done a head gasket It's not ideal losing your sight, but you have to get on with it....I'm hopeful mine will return in the future.
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    We rightly condemn the bheasts for singing about Lee Rigby and the death of our 66. Both offend common decency and show them up for the scum they are. Singing about this wee lassie is in exactly the same category and will do nothing but bring us grief, again rightly so. Seems plenty have lost any form of moral compass and don't really care about the negative and damaging impact on our club as long as they have a laugh with their pals.
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    As funny as it is, we probably scare most of the new posters away
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