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    Well, as some know, my father in law passed away recently. A thoroughly good and interesting chap, and as big a Bear as you'll find. He was hiding some things from us though, like this unassuming little scrap book that he made to commemorate the 1971-2 journey. We knew he went to the matches, but he never showed us this. A veritable treasure trove. Newspaper clippings, photos, programmes, a dinner dance menu signed by John Greig... This is just the first round v Rennes. You can zoom to read the articles or see the programmes, or flip as the case may be.
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    Best thing I've ever seen on Twitter - in tears here! Clyde will not be doing this again!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ https://mobile.twitter.com/ClydeSSB/status/919189803169611776
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    Despite us not being as strong as we traditionally have been, the other teams in the league still seem to give absolutely everything against us. They lunge into tackles, run their hearts out and treat our game as a cup final. Credit to Pedro and the team over the last couple of performances where we are starting to fight fire with fire and weve come up with the goods. I think we are moving in the right direction under Pedro but will need to add depth and some more quality to our side to really push on. Last season we would have lost goals against St Johnstone with all the corners they had and the stats are showing we are right up there on goals scored, so some things to be positive about there The diddy teams can bust a gut against us, nick a draw then lose the next week and their fans dont care....we understandabley dont have same privilege and thats the challenge for the players to meet our expectations.
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    Proved tonight how important he is to Rangers. Receives a lot of grief due to his defensive capabilities, which I accept to an extent. But quite often he can be very solid and offensively is very important. Two fantastic assists tonight and his relationship with Candeias is strengthening a previous weakness. I'm sure he can keep it up.
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    We're flying out to Alkmaar tomorrow for their game on Tuesday. If there's any interest I don't mind coming on and updating with scores and performance etc.
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    I had a bit of a exchange with the OP following him calling us shite after we put 4 past Hamilton, I pointed out he had said the same when we put 4 past Dundee. It honestly crossed my mind yesterday that the OP could have no complaints about us going up there and winning 0-3 only to find he has started a thread about who should replace the manager. I need to be clear here, I agree the OP has the right to his opinion and is clearly a Rangers man however its getting tedious, harsh and imo ridiculous. We have scored 7 with one in reply in our last two games. Pedro will get all the stick he deserves and then some more when its due, the guy deserves credit (or at least a break) when it goes well. There are more than enough people out there with the sole ambition to destabilise us without us having a thread about replacing our Manager on the back of a solid win.
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    Italian football is great to watch these days. So much more enjoyable than the EPL most of the time. German football is better than the EPL most of the time too, actually. EPL's a bore.
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    ...paisley road west during my tea break at work and burst into fuckin tears.stupid big cunt.just thought I'd share.cannot stop greeting.great fuckin tune. No Surrender Rab
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    Aye but can Del boy dance like this...??
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    Can I suggest you get an education in the English language before you try educating anybody else in future?
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    Eeets an injusteece. The Calimero spirit is alive and well at The Piggery it seems. St Brendan is unhappy that his Harlem Globetrotters of the football World are being "forced" to play a League Cup semi-final a full three days after their Champions League match with Bayern. Whilst all has been quiet on the conspiracy front down Piggery way recently, the letters of clarification filed away, the calls for enquiries into referee conduct shelved, it does not take much for the beady eyed lunatics to show face when they do not get absolutely everything their own way. Now that the Blessed one has spoken, can we expect celtic to be given a full weeks rest (perhaps longer if they wish) after every European game they play? Seems only fair in the name of sporting integrity and the fact that they are flying the flag so proudly for Ireland in Europe.
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    I have never actually seen this before today, I knew the video existed from the early 90s but never watched it.
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    Songbook has gotten very impressive lately
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    Hampden has a big pitch. I think he will run riot on Sunday.
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    Away to fuck you absolute mentalist. I have never, ever been so disillusioned with my life that I would visit another team’s fan forum- let alone to accuse them of a crime that the whole fucking world knows has gone on unchallenged at my own club for decades. You and your dirty little midden of a club are welcome to each other.
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    If the choice is now or never, I'll go for never.
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    Icardi is a bit special. Need one more from him. Fiver at 28s for a hat trick. Not the greatest odds for a hat trick in a derby but gives me an outside chance with 25 to go.......
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    Top 2 are from our game at Stamford Bridge in 85 for the Bradford City disaster fund , The next 2 are from the reciprocal game played at Ibrox in early 86 , a Friday night IIRC , the floodlights failed for a short time so the crowd just had a joint sing song to pass the time . Far from full houses at either of the games . The last one is of West Ham Legend Frank Lampard at the UEFA cup final .
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    If we were to change the manager I don't want McInnes anywhere near us,we need a proven winner not a nearly man.
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    The large difference here is when we became aware of it we booted them to fuck. We didn't sweep it under a carpet and then when they were found out to be paedos go ahead and rehire them again.
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    I think people are being a bit hard on the Op; he comes across to be a a football man, and particularly a Rangers man, who has thoughts about the club, and a love for the club; his posts are generally quite good, it would appear from reading most of his posts. McIness is not the manager for me, but I can understand why some fans might want him, and why some would speculate about him potentially being our manager. I think the OP was overly critical about our performance the other night, especially against a team who hadn't lost at home this season. I think Caixinha should be given the a lot more time, and if he is the man for the job, on the whole he is going the right way about it- we have improved as a squad since he came ; the performances have been better since last season; and he seems to have a plan to take the club forward. He deserves more time, and a little more respect for that, in my opinion.
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    Don't give a fuck what language you use but if you shout at me again i will kick your fucking cunt in.
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    Its not rocket science to see the benefits come from replacing a wasted jersey from the starting 11. Windass next and we'll strengthen further.
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    Morelos hasn't scored since he was dropped...
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    Just as we're starting to look good, you want to change manager? Get the fishing rod away and get this thread deleted.
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    Normally try not to swear, but Fuck off you bellend. You are full of shite, you hate Pedro and spout any old pish, just fuck off.
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    It's more passionate. It's about the football in Italy. Half the players in the EPL are playing for themselves
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    I said at the time myself, it wasn't just tap-in's look how he reacts especially the first one they were both two cracking finishes even the header look at the way he headers it with curve so it's hitting the inside of the corner of the net and still curling just to make sure of the finish.
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    Fuckin ridiculous hes still allowed to post.
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    Billy McNeil won't remember it lol.
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    Certainly beats Butcher and Sutton.
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    Cannae believe the other teams have the cheek to try and beat us, imagine them running and tackling us?
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    We have to stop looking to change managers all time. Pedro has to be given at least a season and another window or two. He certainly has an eye for a player and recruited well in the summer. Progress (hate that word) can be seen to be being made on the park. Patience is required.
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    Rangers and Northern Ireland Legends - Bert Manderson, Billy McCandless, Sam English, Billy Simpson, John McClelland and Jimmy Nicholl.
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    I think McInnes has found his comfort zone at the sheep where mediocrity and second place is acceptable without risk of the tin tack
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    It's Now Or Never ? I've got a Suspicious Mind that McInnes becoming a Teddy Bear would lead to a Heartbreak Hotel and we'd be All Shook Up, Moody Blue and going Way On Down, rather than having the tims Crying In The Chapel. Little Less Conversation on this please OP.
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    In his prime Andy was widely accepted to be one of the best Keepers in the world. There was times when I actually thought he couldn't be beat the guy was like a brick wall in front of the net.
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    No thanks, ultimate spice-boy. More interested in the idea of being a footballer than actually being a footballer.
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    He got dropped before the Thistle game in league. We drew that game. We then drew with them in league cup. Amazing how folk can spin things.
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    Shouldn't be getting in the team ahead of Pena.. still think he might offer something off the bench but would have to be as a striker and none of this midfield pish. Would rather see Herrera who I think has a lot to offer from th bench ahead of him. Not bothered if he doesn't play again tbh, he has been a good servant but we are moving forward and let Pedro have his own players in who most seem to be good buys