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    The bulk of the lower league clubs were respectful and appreciated our value to their league. Our presence raised the profile and obviously got them a huge cash boost too. The SPL seems to be about bitterness, pettiness and jealousy.
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    Getting more than 1 away ticket a season on ccs , being welcomed by clubs , no bile and hatred towards us like the spl , I thoroughly enjoyed our warbuton season in the championship
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    Should ask any mhanky you know what they think of all of this. They're quick enough to greet about tax avoidance/evasion when it suits them. So far Dermot Desmond has been implicated in the Mossack Fonseca /Paradise Papers leaks. It's all coming home to roost. I remember many of them being adamantly against John Reid the 'war criminal'. High moral standards and that. Clearly the morals evaporate when it's to the financial benefit of their club (or when it's just so bad that it couldn't be acknowledged, of course). Hypocrites the lot of them. Same with everyone else commenting on Scottish football that took us apart but turn a blind eye to other things. Clearly morals are partisan in Scottish football.
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    A Catholic I work with who has no interest in football was aghast that celtic don't wear poppies. For the record he was wearing a poppy. Our Ladys RC PS in Raploch Stirling had a mural last year showing respect to the fallen with poppies that was stunning.
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    Someone should publicly ask Brenda why he didnt wear a poppy. He has wore one often before. Just because the taig fans dont wear one doesnt mean he shouldnt. Oh and the taig fans dont wear one because the British Army "invaded" their homeland in Ireland... although: a) they arent Irish b) most have never been to Ireland c) most werent even born during the "Troubles" d) the Catholics that attend chapel in my town were wearing poppies and held a service in rememberance so it has nothing to do with religion e) chances are their grandparents or great grandparents fought during the two World Wars
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    Am I the only one who isn't really arsed about the taigs not having poppies on their strips? Would the club or their fans be any less scummy if they did? Rangers did it right, as did the vast majority of other clubs in the UK. That's all that matters to me. Fuck the fenians.
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    amazing how many taigs now are actually FOR tax avoidance. For the last few years its been one of the seven deadly sins
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    Nothing, hated every minute of it, genuinely, felt like a chore every single week and was embarrassing, not being good enough to get out the Championship was the absolute low point in supporting Rangers, to come 3rd in the 2nd tier of Scottish Football was the boot in the balls to end all boot in the balls.
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    Was speaking to my friend about this. I have not hidden the fact I rate Penà for his goalscoring and willing to trade that for the shit passing, technique, communication. Push him upfront, let him use that movement and and finishing. Looks deadly in the box and already scored some really good goals. Some Latin american flair up top! Looks far removed from the picture under Murty. Buffallo and Gullit up front.
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    Have a few memories but the one memory that will stay with me was the night we played East Fife? was a during the week game and it turned out a near sell out which was unexpected and Sandy Jardine giving a speech that will live with me forever!
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    I'll agree with this, we got some great welcomes from the clubs and it was great to have the blue pound benefitting the small clubs than the spl clubs that we all hate
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    That’s a banner for the next game then #AreyouaRangerssupporter.
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    Hahahahahahhha Are you a Rangers supporter?
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