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    Without candieas our season would be a whole lot worse than it is. He has been a big plus. I'm surprised he is taking stick to be honest, because if he is, the rest may as well chuck it.
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    It's mad how quickly the "Tierney is now worlds class player" machine has ramped up so quickly to fill the vacuum left by the fact that dembele clearly isn't a top player.
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    If anyone is actually interested in the game it finished 2-2, Man U scoring with last kick Rangers Line Up:- Alnwick; Dallas, Bates, Alves, Beerman; Palmer, Pena, Kranjcar; Nemane, Herrera, Dalcio. Mayo replaced Alves and Bradley replaced Dallas at HT Gray came on for Beerman Very late subs were Kelly for Dalcio and Lyon for Palmer. James Wilson put Man Utd ahead, Eduardo Herrera equalised before HT. Aaron Nemane put Rangers in front with former Hutchie Vale player Ethan Hamilton equalising with the last kick.
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    And travel in their millions and millions to away gemmes on British passports
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    So there'll be nae cunt on your bus then Spastic fenian bastard. The shitebag has since deleted the tweet.
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    I don’t have a bad word to say about John but we need top quality. It’s the same for any position really. We can’t settle for just an improvement on the incumbent player!
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    What potential he couldn’t tackle a plate of mince and tatties.
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    Herrera has something - I keep saying he’s just not had the chance to show it. The footballing geniuses on here want him gone because he’s not scored 10 goals in the 3 games he’s played.
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    Only reason these two retarded tarrier fucks abused Dean Shiels is because he played for The Rangers ! http://imperialbears.co.uk/2017/11/09/347/
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    I actually think Tav has been really good this season for us. Probably imo one of our best performers
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    Tomorrow we’ll be delighted to be joined on the Founders Trail by the members of the Gartcosh Loyal RSC in what is this their 70th year. They’ve reserved every seat on the coach and we’d like to thank them for supporting the project in such great numbers. If your Supporters Club would like to Follow Follow in the footsteps of our Founders then please send an email to thefounderstrail@gmail.com or call us on 0790 2855536.
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    agreed, if you go every week (home or away) no matter the allocation youll fucking be there
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    How many goals has Tav cost us this season? Genuinely? There isn’t one that absolutely sticks out for me compared to his season in the championship. Candeias has helped a lot in that respect.
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    Off topic I know but Papac was better than a 6/10 every week. He was at least a 7, usually an 8 and sometimes a 9. He was more than just consistent. Our last really good full back who knew first and foremost he was a defender but seemed to get better and better at going forward as well. I reckon if he was playing in this team you would instantly recognise how good he is in comparison to what we have.
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    Totally disagree. A better manager would get more out of Pena, Herrera and Morelos. Miller is past it.
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    He would need to get on the park to satisfy that criteria though.
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    I think Tavenier is a massive asset to us and IMO the best way to accommodate him and cover for his weaknesses is to get somebody on the other side who can tuck in and almost turn us into a back three when we have the ball in a similar way to what Papac did when Hutton went forward. An attacking full back with somebody playing from the position in front of them rather than somebody who hugs the touch line and a defensive minded full back with a winger to provide width in front of him would be my ideal set up.
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    Spot on. Been our most reliable attacking option all season.
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    Probably this place is full of lunatics who don’t know if they need a hair cut or a shite when it comes down to soccerball
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    Hopefully he's been nursing a few niggles and is taking the time to get back to 100% before returning Would love nothing more for him to prove everyone wrong and rediscover his form from the Championship winning season
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    He has always been a player that has stood out to me whilst watching the Belgian reserve league and the Aussie league I suggested on here that we sign him but was shot down in flames.
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    The propaganda machine in full flow now. Kim Jong slant eyes favourite puppet sutton now having a go at Cascarino, in true sutton fashion he has to bring Rangers into it by having a go at Joey Barton. Seems they are a bit touchy with the lack of respect being shown for their token tin pot run. The real world outside Scotlands ring fenced media can be so cruel with the truth.
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