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    Loving what? Us being no closer to appointing a manager, two weeks after we sacked Pedro? This is why you got papped off FF I presume, "Mr Grumpy". Cannot believe after Luxembourg we didn't even think about getting a plan in place for a new manager, just incase. Robertson & Dickson get to fuck.
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    neither am i mate but given bears on here made the paper for the Wee Jay stuff id like to see parity across the board with shite like this. Ignore all completely or report all fairly.
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    Whoever runs this account is a fucking wank.
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    THE Club confirms that since the departure of Pedro Caixinha it has received numerous applications for the now vacant position and is anticipating further applications by the end of next week. The Club will then consider all viable options available to it. At this time the Club has not interviewed any candidate and will take its time to ensure that the best possible decision is made. The Club would also like to state @Rfc52 Dad got it wrong. https://Rangers.co.uk/news/headlines/club-statement-82/
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    RFCKing going to his bed tonight like Mr Bean For absolutely no reason at all
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    Sacked Caixinha with absolutely no idea who we wanted to replace him and now we are inviting applicants which is exactly how somebody like Caixinha managed to bullshit his way into the job to begin with. What a shambles.:lol:
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    It’s a yes from me, then, I do sit in the upper tier of the SJ stand. Would have to ask those in the front rows their thoughts.
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    So, fuck all has happened basically, pointless statement.
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    Without candieas our season would be a whole lot worse than it is. He has been a big plus. I'm surprised he is taking stick to be honest, because if he is, the rest may as well chuck it.
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    Always believe in JASON HOLT
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    she will be in the shit for this
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    It's a tough one. Personally nothing really offends me these days. You get to a point where you've pretty much read, heard And seen it all. However some people seem to go out of their way to be offended. I have no issues with sick jokes, dark humour etc. A jokes a joke regardless of the subject. I never post anything on here that is too extreme and that could potentially get me in trouble simply because I'm not an idiot and realise how fucked up the world is. I'm not going to risk shit all for a few laughs even if I think somethings funny. Equally there's jokes I would never share in the workplace or even say to certain family members or friends. You have to know your audience. The key for me though is context and consistency. If someone makes a joke about wee Jay, the Lisbon lions, Harvey, Maddie etc we all know it's inappropriate but it's just a joke and it's generally shared within an isolated community. It's not big and it's not clever but dark humour is funny and you can't pick and choose when you're offended. There has to be consistency and that consistency must apply across the board in terms of finding it funny, being offended and how it's reported. Therefore if anyone is stupid enough to post something controversial online that may offend they should all be highlighted in the same manner, rightly or wrongly. For me there is a difference though between making a sick joke and actually sending a direct message to a person. One is simply a joke IMO (even if in bad taste) and one is directing personal abuse (which for me is different and does cross the line). It's such a grey matter though. That said fuck them cunts regardless!
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    “Anyway onwards and upwards”
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    It's mad how quickly the "Tierney is now worlds class player" machine has ramped up so quickly to fill the vacuum left by the fact that dembele clearly isn't a top player.
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    Looks like the resident tarrier @Rfc52 has caught a few crackers for his dinner tomorrow thanks to @STEPPS BOY.
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    6 weeks to get Pedro and people are happy they’re taking their time The board should be chased out of Ibrox. They are amateurs and running us like a Motherwell or Kilmarnock. Clueless cunts.
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    I’m happy for them to take their time if it means getting thr right guy in. Whether I think they can do that is an entirely different matter.
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    If you ever have the unfortunate experience of spending any time in Aberdeen you'll quickly realise that this doesn't even scratch the surface of their hatred. I went for a pish in a bar up there once and the urinals had pictures of Rangers players on it which apparently isn't an unusual occurrence up there. The whole city is full of scum.
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    Good pro is wee Holt, dropped and seemingly out the picture he has knuckled down and got on with it, no bitching, no running to the press, no downing tools when called upon, no spitting the dummy. He deserves this and it should serve as an indication of expectancy to the rest of the players. Happy for him.
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    What a fucking photo of Ibrox btw! 👏🏻
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    fuck all really offends me tbh. im a horrible cunt
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    Brutal but tbh im not offended at all. I find it very difficult to be offended by things like this.
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    Why wouldn’t we want him after he’s just beaten us twice with a team that cost a fraction of ours?
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    Well!!! Been out tonight & come home to plenty notifications 😂😂 @STEPPS BOY is just trying to generate controversy so he can get a regular gig over at the Rangers Observer.
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    Advocate with gvb assistant and both de boers joint Dofs. The Orange revolution
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    If anyone is actually interested in the game it finished 2-2, Man U scoring with last kick Rangers Line Up:- Alnwick; Dallas, Bates, Alves, Beerman; Palmer, Pena, Kranjcar; Nemane, Herrera, Dalcio. Mayo replaced Alves and Bradley replaced Dallas at HT Gray came on for Beerman Very late subs were Kelly for Dalcio and Lyon for Palmer. James Wilson put Man Utd ahead, Eduardo Herrera equalised before HT. Aaron Nemane put Rangers in front with former Hutchie Vale player Ethan Hamilton equalising with the last kick.
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    The only ridiculous point is you comparing recruiting for the Rangers manager to normal everyday jobs. If you really can’t see the difference then fair enough, yer beyond help.
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    I think most people’s issue stems from the fact that it was clear Caixinha wasn’t working out and yet the board have clearly made no effort to even start preparing a shortlist of potential replacements. Some people will defend them and say oh that would be disrespectful to Caixinha but it’s a common practice at most football clubs these days.
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    If Murty gets it the board are so out of touch it’s unreal because it smacks of desperation, indecision and quite frankly no fucking money. Mark Allen can draw up all the lists he wants but if it’s common knowledge he wants Steve McLaren he should be chased as well
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    I hope the board gets ripped to fucking shreds at the AGM. Fucking arseholes. We are still in the title race as it stands and those pricks are jeopardising it.
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    Kilmarnock had a manager within two weeks
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    ITK arseholes taking a headshot there @eskbankloyal is the only guy to listen to when it comes to stuff like this. Cwoodloyal and jellybeans etc can gtf.
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    miles behind ffs. You're hopeless at this now
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    You'll be on 24 hr suicide watch shortly. You say you'll back him but its clear your waking up everyday and hoping that today is not the day. That part makes ye sound on the brink of meltdown rocking back and forth shaking like a shiting dug I haven't seen you suggest an alternative to DM thats realistic
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    Exclusive from Keith Jackass "It's believed during a Séance yesterday with Bill Struth that Derek McInnes is close to a move to the troubled ex-giants"
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    their official twitter page blackened out Tierney's poppy
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    And travel in their millions and millions to away gemmes on British passports
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    So there'll be nae cunt on your bus then Spastic fenian bastard. The shitebag has since deleted the tweet.
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    What potential he couldn’t tackle a plate of mince and tatties.
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    Only reason these two retarded tarrier fucks abused Dean Shiels is because he played for The Rangers ! http://imperialbears.co.uk/2017/11/09/347/