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    You know as well as anyone Rangers players have been booed by the tartan army. Its utterly despicable. Even ex Rangers like Weiss booed when coming on as a sub for Slovakia at Hampden. Didnt hear much booing for Van Dijk the other night. Strange any Rangers supporter willing to break bread with those eager to stick the boot in at any opportunity.
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    Why do these cunts still get the same coverage as the rest of the home nations? Not 1 poppy on between them not that anyone should be forced to wear one (before the usual couple start) but the point is we give these cunts too much respect - Germany who it effected more done their bit last night
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    It’s a recurring theme with them though and Rangers players - FACT
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    I'm half cut and it took me ages to see that bit of writing in that picture
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    Try living down here mate! They are by far the most bitter hate filled arrogant bunch of people I have ever known. The fuckers move here then spend all their time talking about how much they hate England, the English, our monarchy, our military and anything else that is even remotely English and openly supporting and singing songs about the IRA and yet everyone down here loves them! Makes me fucking sick.
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    been to ibrox a few times...living in new zealand no easy feat...but the first time i went with the wife & our 3 sons(2011) honestly there were tears in my eyes, a life changing thing
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    They hate our guts but the English in particular who have plenty reason to hate them fucking love them.
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    It's also a recurring theme that tartan trannies moan about Rangers. Give me Rangers, over a peice of land i was born, any day of the week.
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    Kill yourself, The Falklands are still British.
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    The crazy thing is, North and South, never mind how bitter they are, they all support English football teams and love English football, makes them even bigger wankers. I love to wind up some of the cunts I work with about it, they don't know what to say.
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    Germanŷ have more class and grace than ROI.
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    My thread making capabilities when pished is a shambles. Ban me
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    So looking at the above replys people don't want an established EPL player with an absolute wand of a left peg....they must be happy with rosshitter,Holt, pena jack bizarre
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    Good pro is wee Holt, dropped and seemingly out the picture he has knuckled down and got on with it, no bitching, no running to the press, no downing tools when called upon, no spitting the dummy. He deserves this and it should serve as an indication of expectancy to the rest of the players. Happy for him.
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    Don’t worry I’m sure if the game was played at Tannidice, Armstrong would have been booed aswell.
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    I was just meaning because, er, there was an incident not long ago with a fan aiming a kick at a player and their was no such outrage.
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    I hate the fkn love-in cunts have with these bastards
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    I think our strip looks amazing in those socks?
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    BBC and sky always report on them as if they're a home nation, in sporting terms. I'd treat them just like any other foreign country, that played shit, boring to watch football..
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    Hugh Burns and Gary McAllister
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