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    If only football could be just about playing football. If only Rangers could only be about winning football games and cups and league titles. If only the world was a more straightforward place as it used to be. If only there was no facebook (I still don't know what that is supposed to do), or twitter (ditto) or snapchat (ditto) or social media and we had to rely on getting football news from the papers or from rumours in the pub. Now it seems that if the Club and players are not up there in front lending their support to whatever extra-to-football issue is demanding or expecting visible support from the Club and its players it risks the Club being seen as being out of touch with whatever cause it is that want support and as a result somehow out of tune with the rest of so-called wider society. There's a game to be won on Saturday. A league to be competed for. A new manager to pick. Votes to be cast at an AGM. Football and football related stuff. Oh for the good old days,
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    As far as I can tell, there is still no song for me
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    I heard the ground staff are getting in on it as well.
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    That’s them all going out for Fishtank’s 40th
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    Is this not all becoming a bit over the top, if someone is a poofter or whatever people want to be then fine, but why do we need to start promoting it.
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    He was already from the house Translations are great
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    Nephew on the rails looks like he made the local papers
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    This prick would walk over hot coals to Parkhead if he had been offered the job. Do we really expect this guy to stop his boyhood heroes getting ten , no fuckin chance. As for the “fans “ on here suggesting we should be signing him , you are fooling noone , this forum needs a fuckin clearout of taigs on here.
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    A bit peeved that Follow Follow get a day dedicated to them and we don’t. Sent Greg a strongly worded email.
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    Fucken stick yer cock in any other cosenting adult all ye want, christ, slice it up the middle tuck it into your pelvis and call it a fanny for all I care. Just get outta my face with all this shite.
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    Still waiting for our twitter account to wish everyone celebrating the twelfth of July a nice day..
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    Human trafficking.
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    Ah yes .. the type of Rangers "fans" that are pals with tarriers, love football banter, say that beating France at Hampden was better than winning the league at the Piggery and went to Dublin and happily drank with fenians calling us orange bastards etc (and maybe even joined in) Those types of "Rangers fans" ... I don't consider them Rangers fans. I consider them spinless, scummy, appeasing bastards, those types.
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    World Cup without Italy somehow does not seem right
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    I didn't really know what this was all about, after looking on the club website (which I wish I hadn't) I now fucking hate football, they going to all shave their heads next as a show of support for bald cunts like myself? poofs shouldn't be at the football anyway they should be styling women's hair or at the fucking bingo.
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    Decent read from a likeable, hard-working player.
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    threads fucked.....
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    Never fucking ever. God bless the uvf
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    Not it isn't ... and it's not just the SFA either. Tarriers playing. The Tartan Army. The Scottish footballing authorities (SFA and SPFL) The other Scottish football teams (and their supporters) Scotland's footballing media. The agenda's to kill us off, then strip us of our titles when we were at our lowest. Scottish football labelling us cheats. Flower Of Scotland and it's anti-English rhetoric. Targetting/boo'ing of Rangers players and them getting told to get off because they're a H**. All of the above equals out in the Scottish football team. They are the epitome of all that and represent all of that at the highest level ... and Rangers fans are expected to support that, forget the pain current and past and stand shoulder-to-shoulder with some YES voting tit in the crowd that hates Rangers and everything we stand for, and probably goes back to his own team's games' singing about H*** and cheats and orange bastards and boo'ing GSTQ etc. The list is endless and not even exhaustive what I've felt like mentioning above. I've thought it for a long time and make no apologies for it (even if I can taste the replies from one or two folk on here in advance) that any Rangers supporter supporting that shite should hang their head in shame. I think less of them in terms of being a Rangers supporter as to support that lot to me is like some sort of validation for everything we've been through since 2012.
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    Don’t worry I’m sure if the game was played at Tannidice, Armstrong would have been booed aswell.
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    Ungrateful horrible bastards. Alex McLeish was a fine Rangers manager. His CV shits all over dross like McInnes, O'Neill, Padrew etc etc.....get a fucking grip of yourselves. He is a gentleman, a Rangers die hard and has had a fine managerial career. One of very few men who have been lucky enough to win a treble. A treble with strong opposition as well, none of the shite Brenda is enjoying just now. Brave enough to try Egypt, daft enough to work at Forest and really struggled in Birmingham with 2 clubs who have been in decline and a coma for well over a decade as the world of football sprinted past them. Far more success stories than failures for McLeish. We could do far worse, in fact, i expect this board to do far worse.
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    No nuns and no priests, no rosary beads ............
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    A World Cup without Italy just doesn't sound right.
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    The players are going to walk out to "YMCA" before the next game, with a half time version of "in the Navy" also on the cards.
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    Naw, they can fuck off with their homosexuality
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    Listen why has taken all day to tell us the real reason you do not want him is because he is Irish catholic..all this going round the block ffs.
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    Not too long ago Ibrox was leaking like a sieve, now not a squeak, I was a bit meh with McInnes at the start but most of the other names supposedly in the frame are giving me the fear to the point that I will be delighted if DM is our new manager.
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    Nelson Mendela minutes silence 60k out our charity fund on a refugee bus Food bank drives Asian games at Ibrox rainbow laces Nothing surprises me anymore it’s just the latest in a long line of cringeworthy shite from our once formidable football club
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    It makes me hate football when I see this stuff now.
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    Bet they all slag him off in the dressing room, taking turns at singing their own songs just to taunt him. Jason Holt doing knee slides in front of him "Jason HOLT, HOLT....."
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    When I do something in games they move a lot.
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    Do you have a speets fewapist?
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    This. I've got a feeling the board are obsessed with pursuing some sort of 'style of play,' they referred to it a lot in appointing Warburton and Pedro. Totally unaware that that's a distant priority at the moment. You deal with style of play from a position of strength. Walters retirement on 3 in a row, for example, would have been an ideal time had it not been for the imminent financial meltdown.
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    you are tragic your patter is absolutely honkin
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    Out of all the names we are linked with, the best that I can see, if Van Bronkhorst isn't in the reckoning, is Pardew. I don't necessarily want Pardew, but I'd rather him than other we are linked with.
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    True, he is a somebody who has done nothing.
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    My grandad served alongside him
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    It’s a recurring theme with them though and Rangers players - FACT
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    Am I the only one who keeps laughing at the title of this thread, it seems the subject has made us all ignore the Josh Windass part by the young scamp Lloyd.
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