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    You work through the week you get weekend off. You work weekends you get days off through the week. There's more to life than work even as a professional footballer. A little bit of downtime can't be that bad?
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    I remember winning the cup with 9 men. As the skipper lifted the trophy my immidiately thought was “ooft that 35% possession is a howler”
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    Tarriers AGM today and the first 2 questions were about Rangers.
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    I'm fine with most of the shite you spout. But I can't let this go unchallenged yet again. Yet again I will remind you that the donation of the AMBULANCE which so upset you was not to taigs, but to a Greek Island, to help the drowning refugees. . It was in response to an appeal from Sarwar (a Muslim) to our club and the other club. Remember that they're the club with the history of rejecting charitable appeals, not us. One of the things about being a Ranger, is that we tend to help anyone in need - whether we like them or not, or agree with them or not. I would not have been happy if the scum had welcomed Sarwar's appeal and we had not. It was an appeal to the people of Glasgow, and do I need to remind you who The People are? Connal Cochrane (I think it's a Kurdish name?) is a fucking Hero if you ask me. Could be a Scientologist for all I care. He has made the Rangers Charity Foundation the biggest success it's ever been, with the highest profile it's ever had, raising more money than it ever has, for more good causes than it ever has. He deserves a lot of credit for that. And all of that during a period when our Club's reputation has been in tatters. The Rangers Charity Foundation is and has been throughout our history, a shining beacon amongst Football Fan Charity Foundations. It puts ALL other similar organisations in the shade, and is universally and rightly praised by everyone bar you it seems. I'm immensely proud of it. And our friends at Erskine are delighted with the bus they got from them recently. If you want to see it for yourself, you will find it in the Albion Car Park at every home game. Is that not good use of your Blue Pounds??? Oh and you might have missed this... http://rangerscharity.org.uk/news/foundation-to-support-new-erskine-activity-centre
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    I remember when Walter was last here and we were winning titles moaning about the style of play. Thankfully that's over now and we're on to brighter days.
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    There has always been an element of that with our support. I remember when Walter was in charge when we were winning titles and getting to a European final we still had folk moaning about the style of football and entertainment value. They said you can have both, well yes you can have both but that only happens in rare cases when you have a oil rich owner who is willing to build a side every other season without a second thought. We would kill for a Walter side these days who didn't get bullied, were solid at the back and ground out results no matter the performance. It won us trophies and trophies are what counts. The romantic notion of being a club ahead of it's time with a DOF, young and up and coming manager with fresh ideas and a squad filled with technically astute player mixed with talented youth is nothing more than a pipe dream in Scottish football. Our league is a hammer throwing cauldron where 99% of the teams you face look to win a physical battle which is what we lack. We have the quality over them but lack the desire and steel. Go back to basics and go back to what we were good at before all this admin and 'revolution' pish
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    It does until you think about how we've went from Seb Faure to Dalcio, and you realise just how far we've come.
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    Now that I’ve read his argument TMB is actually right. Less trophies and cup finals and more pretty football and regular humpings off of SPFL diddy teams please
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    Leaves for where? No clubs in the Premiership wanted to know him when he left Liverpool, so he had to come up here and play the “lifelong supporter” card to ingratiate himself with the tarriers. Beating diddy teams every week in the SPL while shipping seven, five and three goals regularly in the Champions League isn’t going to make him any more attractive to clubs down there, no matter what the sycophants in the media up here say. The barometer will be his results against quality teams and they’re abysmal.
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    You're a mongo. You've only made a cunt of yourself
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    'Elite’ status in the Scottish FA’s new Academy structure. Would maybe get excited if it was to UEFA standards but not SFA.
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    Imagine complaining about this ffs
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    Or in any losing scenario one of the most undignified bastards in sport. Torn faced wee fucking rodent
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    Our Founders Trail hats are now available to purchase. They are only £10.00 (+£2.00 P&P) and can be purchased here on our website. https://www.thefounderstrail.co.uk/shop All orders are posted out within 24 hours.
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    In the company of RM stalwarts and a cant remember
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    Nut, not having this branded as 'great news' Rangers are one of 8 teams In Scotland to be awarded this, its the very least I would expect for us to be in the top 8 academies in Scotland! Complete nothing story!
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    bollocks they've all expressed a desire to play in England, Rangers have made their dream come true
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    You're creating a fantasy for yourself where people actually care enough about you to hate you.
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    What's so hard about training? What's hard about having professional nutritionist preparing meals, diet plans and personal trailers? try grafting for 40 plus hours a week for fuck all money, no spare time to do anything of note because your either working or sleeping. trying to fit in a hour a night to keep on top of your fitness. These cunts get paid insane money for doing something most of us would love the time to do. It's literally the best job in the world
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    What a child, walking out of an interview like that. He is one of the most rancid, bigots to grace the Scottish game, Greenteef has had a good mentor
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    An Astonishingly brilliant result
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    Wouldn't tire of hitting him with a hammer
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    Won the Irish lotto the night £700 😂
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    Portugal will find it difficult to leave Dalcio out their WC squad if he keeps this form up..
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    Days off? What are they ? I work 26 hour days,not 7 or 8 but 9 days a week. No breaks other than one lunch break a month. Never did me any harm. Other than I hate my job,workplace,my work mates,my bosses and any cunt I meet. There is such a thing as over training. A happy player gives his all. An unhappy player thinks fuck this I don't want to be here. I know they get pampered but he it improves performance why not?
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    You're not the only one, the longer this goes on I'm less convinced about our ability to get the right man in.
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    I'm still in shock that someone is complaining about how we played when winning a title and wait for it...getting to a European final. That's right a European final, but fuck it let's all celebrate the odd occasion we pump a 1st division side a few times a year in the cup.
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    We beat, Stuttgart at home, Lyon away, got a point at home to Barcelona, then beat Werder at home and Lisbon away, then shafted in the league and won two cups, and you're trying to tell us we shouldn't be emulating that We're struggling for second as it is, I'd give my left ball for another season like that regardless of how we played.
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    It's a entertainment business if am a neutral watching a game but if it's Rangers I just want a win don't care how we do it whether it's 5-0 or 1-0 a wins a win.
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    Loved the Danish manager slagging o'neils tactics. Even thanked them for giving eriksen loads of space.
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    Is he really any worse of an option than some of the names? If we are not going to appoint a stand out, proven winner....we would be as well sticking with him till the end of the season at least.
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    I have no doubt in my mind that ONeill ramped up the hatred when he was at celtic.
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    It generally is but can be beaten if caught in time, perhaps he'll be lucky. Happened to one of our own fans and that was almost 10 years ago and he's still going strong.
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    Best result of the year, apart from PSG. MON....lo fucking l. That guy never fails to cheer me up, the bitterest of bitter cunts! lolololol. Couple that with his 'sidekick' Roy Keach.........fantastic!!!!!
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    I have no idea what the fuck is going on here :lol:
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    Yes mclean ya wee papish prick. I knew about that cunt but never took note of him until tonight. He's got that taig dirty republican look from top to bottom. Everything about him. Stokes as well. Exact same tramp dIrty gypo look and attitude.
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    More money wasted by Fritzl. Just a pity he's got plenty. Can't wait to get on the Belfast Telegraph/Live/UTV/BBCNI facebook pages very shortly. Those taig cunts thought they were through, had been giving it big licks about Northern Ireland going out. Childish i know, but i'll be all over them after this humiliation