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    You work through the week you get weekend off. You work weekends you get days off through the week. There's more to life than work even as a professional footballer. A little bit of downtime can't be that bad?
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    I'm fine with most of the shite you spout. But I can't let this go unchallenged yet again. Yet again I will remind you that the donation of the AMBULANCE which so upset you was not to taigs, but to a Greek Island, to help the drowning refugees. . It was in response to an appeal from Sarwar (a Muslim) to our club and the other club. Remember that they're the club with the history of rejecting charitable appeals, not us. One of the things about being a Ranger, is that we tend to help anyone in need - whether we like them or not, or agree with them or not. I would not have been happy if the scum had welcomed Sarwar's appeal and we had not. It was an appeal to the people of Glasgow, and do I need to remind you who The People are? Connal Cochrane (I think it's a Kurdish name?) is a fucking Hero if you ask me. Could be a Scientologist for all I care. He has made the Rangers Charity Foundation the biggest success it's ever been, with the highest profile it's ever had, raising more money than it ever has, for more good causes than it ever has. He deserves a lot of credit for that. And all of that during a period when our Club's reputation has been in tatters. The Rangers Charity Foundation is and has been throughout our history, a shining beacon amongst Football Fan Charity Foundations. It puts ALL other similar organisations in the shade, and is universally and rightly praised by everyone bar you it seems. I'm immensely proud of it. And our friends at Erskine are delighted with the bus they got from them recently. If you want to see it for yourself, you will find it in the Albion Car Park at every home game. Is that not good use of your Blue Pounds??? Oh and you might have missed this... http://rangerscharity.org.uk/news/foundation-to-support-new-erskine-activity-centre
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    Or in any losing scenario one of the most undignified bastards in sport. Torn faced wee fucking rodent
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    Our Founders Trail hats are now available to purchase. They are only £10.00 (+£2.00 P&P) and can be purchased here on our website. https://www.thefounderstrail.co.uk/shop All orders are posted out within 24 hours.
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    What a child, walking out of an interview like that. He is one of the most rancid, bigots to grace the Scottish game, Greenteef has had a good mentor
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    An Astonishingly brilliant result
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    Wouldn't tire of hitting him with a hammer
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    It generally is but can be beaten if caught in time, perhaps he'll be lucky. Happened to one of our own fans and that was almost 10 years ago and he's still going strong.
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    Best result of the year, apart from PSG. MON....lo fucking l. That guy never fails to cheer me up, the bitterest of bitter cunts! lolololol. Couple that with his 'sidekick' Roy Keach.........fantastic!!!!!
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    I have no idea what the fuck is going on here :lol:
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    Yes mclean ya wee papish prick. I knew about that cunt but never took note of him until tonight. He's got that taig dirty republican look from top to bottom. Everything about him. Stokes as well. Exact same tramp dIrty gypo look and attitude.
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    More money wasted by Fritzl. Just a pity he's got plenty. Can't wait to get on the Belfast Telegraph/Live/UTV/BBCNI facebook pages very shortly. Those taig cunts thought they were through, had been giving it big licks about Northern Ireland going out. Childish i know, but i'll be all over them after this humiliation
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    Funniest testimonial I ever went to was Eadie's at Clydebank in 94/95, I think at old Kilbowie. We sent a strong team - Goram, McCoist, Durie (I think), Durrant etc .. 3-2 Rangers, last couple of minutes Clydebank get a penalty ... to make it 3-3 .. up steps Eadie on his testimonial ... Goram makes a flying save ... even the Rangers fans were boo'ing Goram for being a fucking dick
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    Perfect scenario. Ireland pumped out. McLean gets ligament damage, spends the rest of his career at some no mark paddy club, becomes addicted to pain killers and gambling before taking his own life penniless soaked in his own pish.
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    That would consider playing for the Republic of Ireland? Tell him he's a fucking tool
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    We’ve got a 100% record under Murty so far so I don’t really care what he’s doing as long as it continues.
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