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    They are like some strange hive mind. I know we say it a lot on here re how obsessed they are but it's actually beyond obsession.
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    Shows how low the French Media think of celtic when even after winning 7-1 most of the PSG players have been given 7/10
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    celtic must be the only team in Europe to score a consolation goal after a minute.
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    The media would be throwing insults and tearing into us if this score of 12-1 over two games happened to us. Big brave celic who triumphantly done what no other team has done and score against PSG in this year CL. That' what the bankrupt serpent was slevering down the Mic at 7-1. They caused PGS problems and were potent up front....this again at 7-1 The saddest part is these pish stained mutants actually believe that while the rest of Europe is cringing at the mauling this wee Catholic side are receiving every time they face a half decent side. The celtic way is to bend over and take it up the arse....well not exactly but we all know what their way is and it's not too far off it. Minging bastarts
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    Financial disparity? they never mention the gulf in squad value when they pump Ross County or St Johnstone Swiss side FC Basel squad is estimated at approx £11million less than celtic yet they have amassed 9 points so far and beat Manchester United last night who's squad is valued at nearly the same as PSG Just shows what you can do when your manager ain't a arrogant muppet who thinks shipping 7 goals every now and then is acceptable.
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    It's simple in my opinion when you take out all the smoke and mirrors. Whyte came in to put us into administration. The idea that he could buy the club using season book cash without ticketus informing Murray is ludicrous as is the idea that he didn't know Whyte was a relative nobody and a dodgy failed businessman. He knew he had no money. Murray just wanted out of the hot seat before the EBT case took us into deep waters. All the rest is really just the ado. The above is the crucial points. We were fucked from the moment Murray's businesses got into big trouble and he lost most of his worth because he had put us in debt and used EBTs to the extent he did. He sold to Whyte knowing what he would do and no doubt Whyte knew that Murray also knew what was going on even if it wasn't said in absolute terms.
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    There were a few generic football websites giving an update on the Bruno Alves minor injury. To a man pretty much every comment response was from a taig. They literally comment on everything and anything relating to us, no matter how minor or obscure it may be and without question they will give the same juvenile pish. I'll have a laugh and joke on here if they're getting pumped but that's where I'll draw the line. They really are a mad bunch.
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    The highlights need a health warning. May cause sore ribs and breathlessness from extreme LAUGHING.
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    Can I get these online anywhere? Theres a taig sticker has been in the town I live in for ages and it needs covered. Also want one for my welding mask now that there's a catholic in the workplace. Once this is answered you can feel free to let this thread descend into the usual chaos that anything about the UB brings
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    Surprised that Brenda didn’t ask the reporter, “Are you a Rangers Supporter?”
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    You can take a fenian out the bogside but you can't remove the bogside from a fenian. Tramps
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    French media ratings compared to the scottish media the sun actually gives dembele and tierney a 7/10 fucking hilarious
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    True mate. No doubt he'll make out there is a secret meeting every full moon in the bowels of Ibrox were humans wear horses heads and sacrifice Catholics. It's actually pathetic and disturbing to think I'm only half joking. No doubt to get that lot to buy it he will play into all their wildest fantasy's in some way. Something about Catholics and referees is guaranteed. Easy money to be made from such idiotic people. That Phil muppet has been cashing in on their grandpa's yarns for years now. Even rustled up a book about how Scotland mistreated it's poor Irish Immigrants. The cunts lap it up yet I've never seen someone being mistreated for having Irish heritage in all my years in Glasgow. I mean how would people even know. Yet the ones who do still get shit like blacks and Asians don't run around shouting about being oppressed. I honestly despair at how embarrassing and dumb they are. If it wasn't for that football club you wouldn't hear about such historical stuff. Every mass immigration causes problems and some hostility yet these cunts are allowed to wallow in things that happened so long ago simply because a football club was established and run along ethnic and religious lines. All Grandpa's tales of woe should be shot down wherever they are mentioned now but our media and politicians seem to play along for cash and votes. Talk of this nonsense only exists to this day because of that manky club. Only thing that could come close to being the equal of that lot would be if Muslims founded a club and sung songs about ISIS whilst going on about being opressed but they wouldn't embarrass themselves as they have to much self respect. There is no where with a mob like that and it's fucked up the country's football and even the perception of the social history of the place. Nothing unusual about immigrants having a hard time in a new land. It's always been part of the migrant experience. Theirs has been much easier than most and I say that as someone who had a distant ancestor from what is now the Republic of Ireland. Embarrassing that our country still allows people to peddle all this divisive nonsense. It only really exists today because of that fucking football club yet somehow they have even managed to blame Rangers for it. Time such nonsense was ended but I doubt it can be whilst that club exists. They even sell it as the 'celtic story' ffs. Whyte will scrape the same old barrel and the deluded halfwits and ones who like to believe in it all because it reminds them of their daft old Grandpa's will roll up and pay him. No doubt he will stick the boot into us again just for more cash. Little prick needs booted fuck out of and told to disappear. Laws need changed as well so that people can't cash in on their crimes in this way.
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    Someone posted that picture above of the street and the first 30 replies is "Manchester". They really are a rare breed
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    That’s the gutter about the state we are in. I’m more than sure that if we put pressure on they cunts then they’d crack!
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    The tims must have the worts haircuts in world football. There was a snake cutting about tonight with what looked like a diamond shaved into the back of his napper I mean if you are Neymar or Pogba then you get away with it but if your are some hammer throwing nobody then it just looks pathetically sad. Then you have Dembelle and Scott Sinclair who are cutting about like it's 2001 and they are 15 with their frosty tips...that look more like someone' been chucking eggs at them. Last but not least is the thumb who despite spending 20 grand on hair transplants somehow manages to look even more ridiculous than before with an arse hair combover styled to try to resemble a current hairstyle. Honestly the most mixed up group of mutants I have ever seen.
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    Kinda miss the Ashes not being on Sky Sports. I prefer their commentators and pundits.
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    the non existent influence Browns got in Europe or international football is the same he had when we were half decent
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