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    Belated congratulations to Anderlecht who last night equalled selliks phenominal achievement of being capable of going toe to toe with Europes elite after being beaten 2-1 at home by Bayern Munich.
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    Saw the heat map from last night's game on Twatter
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    And some fans seem happy to accept mediocrity! And for the record, 9 years ago i was in Manchester, and celebrating cups, 6-7 years ago I was at rugby park celebrating a title! Yes the last five years have been pish but I ain't going to start thinking we are some wee diddy club who should accept a manager who has done nothing of note in Scottish football.
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    "As well as the amazing PSG support I want to dedicate my goals and our 7 - 1 win over celtic to my good friend and Rangers Legend Nacho and all the fans at Rangers FC" - Neymar Jr.
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    Never mind weeks ago, if they appoint Big Eck then they’ve literally wasted the past eight months because they could have just appointed him in March as opposed to wasting everybodies time with the Caixinha experiment.
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    Is it just me who really doesn’t want FdB? I think he’s a disaster waiting to happen and an expensive one at that. Seems to only have one way of playing and we certainly don’t have the squad for it. I know he won 4 in a row was it? But did he not get found wanting badly in Europe each time? FdB is a big name but I think his track record is dubious.
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    The mistakes they made last night are the ones they can make up every week in our utter farce of a league but get away with. They are completely unable to step up to that level because they are never tested in anywhere near a serious way domestically. This should concern them, instead they and their media friends revel in it. Hence the 10 in arrow chants last night and Sutton saying they had done well at times. They do also seem to have an idealist for a manager who cant set a team up to defend.Excuses about the budget disparity don't wash when taking into account the difference in budget between them and the rest in Scotland, this is hardly ever mentioned though by the record etc.They are happy for now just making the champions league but this will not go on for too much longer. The reason they have a decent chance of qualifying is because of the champions route in the last qualifying round so they e.nd up playing the like of Brondby rather than Inter Milan. You can be sure the big clubs wont put up with the likes of Ac Milan and Liverpool for arguments sake going out before the league format and celtic,and quarabag qualifying for too much longer. And tv will be also wanting a change if it means watching total mismatches like last night.
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    They are like some strange hive mind. I know we say it a lot on here re how obsessed they are but it's actually beyond obsession.
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    Let's hope Neymar doesn't get a similar sentence for the Raping he did last Night.
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    Never mentioned anything about Sevco though..
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    See if after a month of fannying about these chancing bastards in the boardroom appoint Alex McLeish, we need to get them to fuck. I’m not saying I’m dead against Big Eck because I have respect for what he won when previously our manager, but it’s the fact they could have appointed him within a few days of Pedro going and removed all this uncertainty plus given him a few weeks with no Football to work with the players.
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    "We have a proud history, nothing to be ashamed of"
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    Shows how low the French Media think of celtic when even after winning 7-1 most of the PSG players have been given 7/10
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    celtic must be the only team in Europe to score a consolation goal after a minute.
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    It's becoming more tiresome by the day. Those calling the shots are clearly divided and I think there has to be someone who is stopping the preferred candidate from being approached. It's one of those things which will drag on even longer or we'll wake up tomorrow to hear we have a new manager. The board are as incompetent at appointing managers as they are at sacking them. What a shitshow
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    That last one has turned me with his paean to Saint Brendan and the celtic way...I've seen the light! Far from being frequent, embarassing, shameful hidings that serve to remind them that they're only currently the least jakey team in a pub team league, they are in fact on a one-club mission to rescue attacking football from the defensive pragmatists and atheists out to ruin the game. Losing in an eight goal thriller is no disgrace when you're doing God's work.
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    Excellent thread title! None of this 'presser' pish!!!!
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    not so true. I'd booked a hotel for Almere near Amsterdam, 29.12.17 - 03.01.18, 400 euros pay on arrival. Anywhere central Amsterdam was 800 euro plus. Had a look on Booking.com while bored at work, spotted the Hilton central Amsterdam price error. supposed to be 1350 euros, over 90% off, 150 euros for the 5 nights, in a King Suite with Breakfast included. Booked, paid, rang booking.com who told me it was a price error, they contacted the Hilton, they honoured the price, swiftly changed the price back up to over 1200 euros on Booking.com. So I'll be staying at the Hilton and eating 5 star breakfast for the vast sum of £26 a night, over the New Year. And to top it off, got free cancellation on my other hotel too.
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    The media would be throwing insults and tearing into us if this score of 12-1 over two games happened to us. Big brave celic who triumphantly done what no other team has done and score against PSG in this year CL. That' what the bankrupt serpent was slevering down the Mic at 7-1. They caused PGS problems and were potent up front....this again at 7-1 The saddest part is these pish stained mutants actually believe that while the rest of Europe is cringing at the mauling this wee Catholic side are receiving every time they face a half decent side. The celtic way is to bend over and take it up the arse....well not exactly but we all know what their way is and it's not too far off it. Minging bastarts
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    Our board are so incompetent that they probably think they will get a manager for less than his release clause states in the Black Friday sales.
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    Most bizarre site last night was those cunts actually going to greet their fans at end of a humping. If that was us then the players would have been hounded after shipping 7 goals. I remember a great juventus team humped us home and away by 4 goals and the press ripped us to shreds for weeks after it yet now the Tim’s getting horsed repeatedly in Europe is made out by the media as some kind of moral victory. I even heard a Tim say to his mate on the bus this morning ‘ if the ref had given us the penalty and sent that cunt off then I think we would have won as their defence is shite and although neymar is a good player he is a lazy cunt and doesn’t help out at the back”,this is the new la la land ruled by king Brenda
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    A 7-1 defeat is strangely more positive than getting gubbed 5-0?
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    LincolnRedImps 1 Invincibles 0 Barca 7 Invincibles 0 PSG 7 Invincibles 1 Fortress Brendenbeu Invincibles 0 PSG 5 Invincibles ????
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    PSG set a new record of most goals scored in the Champions League group stages last night with 24. 50% of those goals were scored against celtic...
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    If we had a guy who knew what he was doing with the budget Pedro got I think we could take them. He's clueless and when the pressure is on I think they'll crack. Sadly it won't be for a while
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    Invincibles? Undateables more like.
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    Financial disparity? they never mention the gulf in squad value when they pump Ross County or St Johnstone Swiss side FC Basel squad is estimated at approx £11million less than celtic yet they have amassed 9 points so far and beat Manchester United last night who's squad is valued at nearly the same as PSG Just shows what you can do when your manager ain't a arrogant muppet who thinks shipping 7 goals every now and then is acceptable.
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    It's simple in my opinion when you take out all the smoke and mirrors. Whyte came in to put us into administration. The idea that he could buy the club using season book cash without ticketus informing Murray is ludicrous as is the idea that he didn't know Whyte was a relative nobody and a dodgy failed businessman. He knew he had no money. Murray just wanted out of the hot seat before the EBT case took us into deep waters. All the rest is really just the ado. The above is the crucial points. We were fucked from the moment Murray's businesses got into big trouble and he lost most of his worth because he had put us in debt and used EBTs to the extent he did. He sold to Whyte knowing what he would do and no doubt Whyte knew that Murray also knew what was going on even if it wasn't said in absolute terms.
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    There were a few generic football websites giving an update on the Bruno Alves minor injury. To a man pretty much every comment response was from a taig. They literally comment on everything and anything relating to us, no matter how minor or obscure it may be and without question they will give the same juvenile pish. I'll have a laugh and joke on here if they're getting pumped but that's where I'll draw the line. They really are a mad bunch.
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    The highlights need a health warning. May cause sore ribs and breathlessness from extreme LAUGHING.
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    Can I get these online anywhere? Theres a taig sticker has been in the town I live in for ages and it needs covered. Also want one for my welding mask now that there's a catholic in the workplace. Once this is answered you can feel free to let this thread descend into the usual chaos that anything about the UB brings
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    I was thinking the same when we got Pedro to replace Warburton.
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    Can see us living to regret this, big time.
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    McInnes has the best win record for Aberdeen since SAF(both 58%) His accomplishments at Aberdeen are so criminally underrated on here, fair enough if people don't want him as our manager but the argument and comments about Aberdeen in Europe, league without x amount of teams is absolutely ridiculous!
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    Appoint a fucking manager for fucksake
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    French media ratings compared to the scottish media the sun actually gives dembele and tierney a 7/10 fucking hilarious
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    The tims must have the worts haircuts in world football. There was a snake cutting about tonight with what looked like a diamond shaved into the back of his napper I mean if you are Neymar or Pogba then you get away with it but if your are some hammer throwing nobody then it just looks pathetically sad. Then you have Dembelle and Scott Sinclair who are cutting about like it's 2001 and they are 15 with their frosty tips...that look more like someone' been chucking eggs at them. Last but not least is the thumb who despite spending 20 grand on hair transplants somehow manages to look even more ridiculous than before with an arse hair combover styled to try to resemble a current hairstyle. Honestly the most mixed up group of mutants I have ever seen.
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    Kinda miss the Ashes not being on Sky Sports. I prefer their commentators and pundits.
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    the non existent influence Browns got in Europe or international football is the same he had when we were half decent
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    Dan Deacon is a pervert.