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    I challenge anyone to disagree with this. Well said that man - he knows how to word how we all feel succinctly.
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    They're rats, each and every single one of them, no ifs no buts.
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    We should all say thank you to King William of Orange. If it weren't for him we would have a fairly fucking non existent fan base right now after the past 6 years. Without the culture and traditions of the majority of our fan base we would be shafted completely as the football is beyond dire. Im fucked. Uppa youf
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    Regardless of your opinion re FF or 1872 the bloke has it spot on. We, the fans, I count myself and all the overseas support as fans are fed up to the back teeth with the shambles that is Rangers. Most of us older supporters have been through the ups and downs of supporting Rangers over the last, in my case, 60 years. The fans have been the only constant over the last six years. We are the ones who are subjected to the ridicule in he media, other fans e.g. Dundee fans singing you're no Rangers any more and from workplace mates. The fans who have turned up year after year paid their hard earned money are the ones who have been mislead. They are the ones who turn up at Ibrox each game and fill the stadium, turn up at all these wee clubs grounds and given them their best game receipts of the season. The various boards we have had over the last six years have all failed dismally to resurrect our club, despite their hollow claims to be true Rangers men. They have all been and are charlatans of the highest order. The only thing keeping this institution alive is the fans. For without the season ticket money the gates would have closed years ago. Unless something miraculous happens at the AGM and the appointment of a manager that will get the team winning again we had better get used to not being Rangers anymore.
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    You may be correct with the above. But remember King initiated his dirty campaign through mini murray and his proxies to discredit the then boards, organise ST boycotts, have morons in rat masks protesting, threatening other potential investors etc etc. All to drive down the share price at each and every opportunity until King could get control with the minimal outlay, no matter that it drove the newco to the brink of insolvency. But the story doesn't finish there; then add to that the incompetence and negligence in how the club has been run since their takeover, no stock exchange listing, no NOMAD, no new investment or income streams worth mentioning, a debt level rising by the month and Kings dodgy dealings being dealt with in the court and that's before we consider how much they've fucked up the managerial and playing side of things. Given all that why is it that you think there's no investors out there looking to buy the club? King and his minions have turned us into a toxic and un-buyable train wreck, that's why.
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    I can't understand why anyone would watch that game
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    Out for a while with a sore back. Not from hitting the post the other night but because he’s been carrying a team all season!
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    'Thats one Mexican Donald Trump doesn't need to worry about jumping over a wall'. Nails everything.
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    'The only thing that a can think of is they want to give whoever it is they've identified as the new manager an easy start so they're gonna hold off until after the split and we'll play the rest of the bottom 6'
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    Fronted by Kenny Miller, the similarities between PLG, Ferguson and Miller Caixinha is staggering. The foreign players are being alienated, we've got a world class defender in Bruno Alves who can't perform and doesn't look happy. As soon as Caixinha is gone then we start to see Wilson, Holt etc getting games every week when they're simply not Rangers class and are dragging the rest of the squad down with them. I don't care if Holt and Wilson had 1 good game this season, they're not good enough to play for Rangers, neither is Miller (anymore) We badly need a manager in to kick people's balls and get rid of the cancerous cliques and division within the place. It's too much of a pals' act from the top to the bottom and it's ruining us, we could buy 3 or 4 good quality players and they'll struggle to do anything when players like Miller are throwing toys out the pram and creating a division in the squad because he's rightly not starting games anymore. How dare Pedro drop Miller? The guy never stood a chance the minute he done that. Look across the city, everyone of them are singing from the same hymn sheet, there's not even as much as a rumour coming from them about fall outs etc. Look at our squad under Smith, Souness etc, no-one would ever go against the grain with those guys or they'd be out. We really are a shambles at the moment, Murty, Miller, Wilson, Holt etc have all been there since the Championship and have a sense of entitlement because of this, we badly need rid of these characters who can't deliver on the pitch and are creating division off of it - don't believe for a minute they want the best for Rangers, they want the best for themselves
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    Be saying the same in the showers later too I imagine
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    See really, though (and I don't mean this bad to Edgar at all) it is a sad state of affairs, that because we are used to being lied to, having smoke blown, told everything will be alright, told we have Rangers men in charge and that everything will be OK etc etc that the first sane, decent fan with a platform (Edgar) telling us the truth and saying what needs to be said is like an oasis in the desert to us. This is how bad it's got that we (rightly) applaud someone for having the balls to simply tell it like it is - compared to the other chancers with platforms out there when it comes to Rangers. It's a sad state of affairs, but a welcome one.
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    I'm not sure what's worse though. Our current position or his sideburns.
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    Let' face it, it's been a disgrace ever since we got punted to the bottom tier. The players have been horrendous, the managers even worse then to top it off we go from one set of cancerous bastarts running us to another. Who's even surprised anymore? We are a diddy club now, skint and getting laughed at. Years of succss and breaking records and a few chancing bastarts have ruined it all
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    They forced the refs to strike and since then no one dare give anything against them. Time this board spoke up as Motherwell booted us off the park , break a players nose and finish with 11 men, you sneeze on those cunts your off. Disgraceful but not unexpected
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    One thing for certain is that nothing could excuse that press conference from Naismith and Whittaker
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    Leave the kid out of it ffs. that could be anybody’s child and it’s not his fault people make a big thing of him. We have many many more reasons we can throw abuse at those cunts for without bringing up handicapped children.
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    The taigs may currently dominate the football but we dominate the land Even in my town alone they have one stretch of road just Uppa volunteers.
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    I am saying we've leapt from the frying pan into the fire. After all the points I've listed above, the worst you can say about King is that he "might not be perfect". Jesus wept what would he actually have to do for you to realise he was bad news at the start and worse news now? King and his minions are every bit as unscrupulous and untrustworthy as anyone we've had in the Ibrox boardroom ever.
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    King and his board are shite, but let’s not pretend some fans rep or blogger put them in power - most normal Rangers fans couldn’t give a fuck about those stupid blogs, wee nicknames and online cliques. King and his guys put themselves there by being a better option than Ashley and co. Happy to force change as soon as there’s an alternative that’s better. There sadly isn’t though, and that’s the ultimate issue.
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    We made Hamilton and Dundee look good, and we always lose big games as the players are shitebags. We are getting nothing from the next 2 games unfortunately.
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    Get a life mate, you want to comment on my post then address the point, which was valid. If you still feel the need to comment I don’t mind constructive criticism, but that’s out of order...
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    Every commentator is a mhanky propagandist these days. Dembele's done fuck all this match and they're still sucking his cock and touting him for millions.
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    Went on two win 4 out of the next 5, not a chance similar occurs this season with Aberdeen back to back and Hibs away up coming. Last season's fixtures were harder as well(played scum and sheep away) After spending millions, we're worse off than last season, yet until the last two results some were adamant Warburton had us in a worse position and there was a clear improvement on last year...
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    It's bad that we miss a guy just for his movement upfront and not for goals this is a sign of how poor it is for us now. And we will miss him.
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    Hopefully just some bad bruising because if he is out for any length of time we are seriously fucked.
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    I honestly couldn't care less about religion. Support Rangers as my football team, that is all.
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    This. Walter walked into a fucking shambles and had us in a European final within 18 months.
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    Honestly m8 just get to fucking fuck. posts like this give me fucking eye aids.
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    His podcast should be compulsory listening for King, the directors, the DOF, Murty and his training colleagues and the first team squad this week. The measured tone is controlled but its very clear an underlying and justifiable anger there. Something that is, imo, a good reflection of the feelings of a lot of Supporters, and something that the directors should be aware of because the underlying message enough is enough and there must be significantly better leadership at the Club and fundamentally better football management ......and immediately. I don't know what sort of distribution his podcast gets but if its not already in the hands of the execs and management at the Club then maybe it should be sent to them.
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    If you were around in the 80's then you will realise how lucky they are. The abuse then was unreal. They're sheltered by comparison
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    They are decent and deserving of their league position. Well drilled, organised, press in groups, know their roles. They absolutely dominated the first half today. They wobbled when their keeper not their defence had two howlers (one cost a goal) but they are equally strong across defence/midfield/attack. Ie they don't rely for instance on a great goal scoring to cover for a shite defence- they're similar standard outfield. Keeper does look dodgy. They scored early, then again after they wobbled. Fully deserved win. If we are to beat them we will have to play our best game of the season. Folk underestimating them are miles off if they think they're shite. Probs the same folk that say 4 nil to us cos we're Rangers every week.
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    Dear Mr. Murty, Could you please ensure that Josh Windass never again dons a Rangers jersey under your tenure? He is absolutely rank fucking rotten. This view is shared by the vast and overwhelming majority of Rangers fans, yet this waster gets to start in the No. 11 shirt week in, week out. Only last week, the club published stats to say that he had made twelve tackles in ten games. He shat out of twelve hundred more. Yours sincerely, Most of us in the stadium.
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    IMHO it was bugger all to do with trusting Green. All the high value/high earning players knew they'd most probably be moved on but it would have been on the club's terms and to get the best deal for the club. Not agreeing to TUPE meant that they were free agents to get the best possible deal for themselves in signing bonus and wages. Pure and utter greedy and self serving cunts every last one of them.
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    Countless more where they came from He gave them a penalty in 3-2 game when we were going for league in 2008 The turning point . Van Hess nearly halved one of our players at 2-2 . Never send him off and rest is history The last time beggars were facing defeat 1-2 down at St Johnstone last year The most blatant pen you will ever see denied for saints 5 min later . He gives the scum a pen when no one else was even looking for one The biased cunt is bought and paid for and nothing will convince me otherwise
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    bear in mind that some previous AGM questions included (in no particular order) why are Rangers not in the annual FIFA game stadium wi-fi the lack of women on the board the cost of pies
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    If I’m correct I’m sure ally said the only player to get in touch and tell him that he was leaving was infact mcgregor. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if green did say to them to find new clubs.. 1st month of preseason and having to pay out a heck of a lot of dosh whilst planning for 3rd tier? Its the same as when John greig walked out when whyte took over. Never said anything, why? Why didn’t he and then our players tell us why they were leaving? It really fucks me off as these players that left- strong Rangers fans they are/were and they never had the balls to tell the loyal fan base that supported them for years what was happening.
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    A protest is all very good but achieves nothing in the bigger scheme of things at the moment. As with a boycott of games, the board won't give a fuck as this years ST money is in. Now when it comes to renewal time, starve the cunts and force their hand. If it's ok for King to call for ST boycotts, then surely he'll have no problem being put in the same position (if he's still here that is).
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    Shitebag. Honest to fuck. Some of the conclusions people come to. Mind when Danny Wilson shat it going off against Partick Thistle?
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    I'm hoping for a good old fashioned strict disciplinarian to come in. These players have been pampered for so long and living off the clubs good name. Fish supper Friday's with McCoist, mid week breaks under Warburton, worked hard under Pedro (spat the dummy out) and also an extra day off under Murty. All these top clubs around Europe to double sessions daily and are worked to the point of collapse. I've been lucky enough to see these first hand and convinced that what we need to turn around this pampered squad..
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    Likewise. I used to think he was one of the original "paid-hands" types when he was in the RST but I like him a lot more these days. I think he started to change his mindset when David Murray phoned his boss up and tried to get him sacked for criticising him on air one time. I used to actively avoid Edgar when I used to go to do's and functions (wouldn't be seen dead at the majority of them now) but I'd happily buy David Edgar a pint and spent time with him/give him the time of day. Good bluenose IMO.
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    Do any of you cunts have any clue as to what the fuck you are doing? PM: What exactly do you bring to the table that justifies your place at it? Given that your previous stint was a fucking disaster, what are you doing differently this time? Do any of you cunts have any clue as to what the fuck you are doing? DK: When are you going to fulfil at least one of the promises you made prior to sweeping to power? Do any of you cunts have any clue as to what the fuck you are doing? AJ: When you first joined the board you boasted that you had a contacts book thicker than the London phone book and that you would provide all sorts of sponsorship deals and financial openings - do you still have that contacts book? If so, then have these people been contacted? What have you done since your return? Incidentally, you were responsible for giving gave Martin Bain, (the worst Chief Executive in football history) a 39-month notice period with full pay and bonuses. After that clusterfuck - do you actually think it's appropriate that you now have a place on the board again. Do any of you cunts have any clue as to what the fuck you are doing? SR: Who was the manager of the 'highest possible calibre' that you were looking at and why was Pedro appointed instead? Do any of you cunts have any clue as to what the fuck you are doing? GP: Do you believe that your friendship with Pedro Mendes somewhat clouded your judgement over Pedros appointment and that any compensation due to Pedro (and backroom staff) should come from yourself? Do any of you cunts have any clue as to what the fuck you are doing? DK: Is there any chance of you (or your board members) finding a replacement and you taking a one way ticket back to SA, in other words - could you kindly ease the way in fucking off. Do any of you cunts have any clue as to what the fuck you are doing? That should be enough to get started with.....
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    Any cunt, that has any sway whatsover, should be holding the Board to account for where we find ourselves. They wanted in control so badly, so they got it, so the buck stops with them. Up to them to fucking sort it, or find someone else who will, and then fuck off. Plaudits for getting rid of the other cunts are well finished now.
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    There’s cliques in every squad, the secret is to get a manager that ALL players respect. Holt and Miller were terrible last night but Candeias/Herrera et al were just as bad.
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    Mr king thanks for saving us. Can you please update us on the progress on safe standing? Are there plans in place to improve disabled access? When are we going to get new ovens to keep the pies warm cos they’re always cold and I like them hot? Is there anyone else to blame now that ashley is out of the picture? would you prefer me to rim you or just go straight to the eating of your shite? Club 1872.
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    Paid hands. Giggle gang etc. Absolute chronic patter