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    Brown back scouting Barry Ferguson coaching, Goram as goalie coach, Walter as consultant. Miller captain and Butcher in as defensive coach. Just need Andy Cameron as DOF and Ally as groundsman/media/karaoke director and we're good to go.............
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    Fish Fingers and Potato Smilies for tea
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    Fenian bastard who should never have been near our club,joke of a signing
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    JJ barely had any successful coaching skills but is lauded. Ferguson is many things but the guys a winner. We have been devoid of any winners in our managerial set up for some time. A guy from.the desert and a city trader. We need winners. I'd fill the coaching roles with winners and I'd also have Murty in with them. Experiments are over, we don't need a revolutionary we just need people who get what we face in the next three years
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    Who are so many people bitter as fuck towards near enough anybody who’s ever been associated with the club?
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    Sinister. All stems from the fear of God the fenioans put into the refs a few years ago.
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    I've no problem with Barry coming in in an assistant role at all
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    Found this beauty in amongst all my old tops and scarfs while up visiting my parents this week. Going with the style of it and the treble reference I'm guessing it's from Jock Wallace years. Anyone got similar or confirm it's from that era?
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    Found a system that seems to suit our players.......lets change it.
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    I don’t think it’s bitter in the case of Ferguson. No one can argue against his footballing ability or achievements. The issue with him on our backroom staff boils down to: - Ability - Achievement - Attitude In his spells at Blackpool and Clyde he’s done nothing to merit a role in the management team at Rangers. Neither spell was even remotely successful. His history of cliques, undermining superiors, behaviour not befitting our club and his regularly expressed desire to be the Rangers manager rightfully make people concerned about him as a disruptive influence. A no for me.
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    A bit like Peter Crouch when asked what would he be if he wasn't a footballer he replied "a virgin".
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    Thought he was absolutely class today as well as Wednesday. Silly foul for the free kick but did his job and stood tall.
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    So all the Monday signing stuff from the media was more made up bullshit.
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    There's only one Derek McInnes, he likes to drink loads of Guinness, he hates the taigs and he left the sheep, he's winning 55 on the cheap.
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    Just hope both the fergie thing and the DM stuff come to nothing. Don't want DM for the job and think BF would be a terrible appointment in any capacity.
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    The only Red card offense for which Jack could possibly be guilty is 'Serious Foul Play' and I do not believe his actions meet the standard which would warrant a red card. Serious Foul Play A tackle or challenge that endangers the safety of an opponent or uses excessive force or brutality must be sanctioned as serious foul play. Any player who lunges at an opponent in challenging for the ball from the front, from the side or from behind using one or both legs, with excessive force or endangers the safety of an opponent is guilty of serious foul play. I don't see how Jack's attempt at passing the ball and colliding with May could be construed as 'serious foul play'. BTW for all the rockets talking about studs showing etc, stop listening to pundits as nowhere is that criteria mentioned in the Laws of the Game and it would be difficult to call Jack's effort a lunge.
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    Yer back then Ally.
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    Don't know if it's been posted elsewhere but I just seen this and it made me laugh. Aberdeen fan raging after we scored and going to the police
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    The only good thing about McInnes being appointed will be seeing this sub forum get closed (for at least 3 months).
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    They are corrupt to the core. If you watch that back on Sunday Collum actually waits till Jack turns his back and he realises it’s him- straight red The Hibs game was just off the scale cheating, anyone who says otherwise doesn’t want to be labelled a paranoid cunt. Then you look at the two penalties they’ve got in the last week, you could actually make a case for booking both of them for diving they were that bad.
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    If we appeal and this gets rescinded again then surely we have to contact the relevant authorities as it would appear Jack has now been tarnished with a very clear and unfair reputation. To possibly have 3, 75% of your red cards rescinded is completely unheard of. It's nothing short of disgraceful and he should receive, at the very least a personal and public apology. I don't think Jack is a dirty player. Possibly a tad naive and silly at times but he just seems as honest as the day is long. He is clearly being treated differently to everyone else. The club should also make our view public even to make the officials think twice about booking Jack in the future. If there is any doubt a ref should never send anyone off.
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    I don’t care that you aren’t a fan of BF, but your last paragraph is attention seeking tarrier shite. Get a fuckin grip
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    Do not get mciness in as manager. He is not up to it. Murty has overseen the 3 best performances of the season (regardless of FT today) I'm not saying murty but not DM , please please please
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    LEE McCULLOCH has lifted the lid on the time Walter Smith threw a TEAPOT after screaming at Kevin Thomson. The former Rangers star admitted he would be scared to be on the receiving end of his old manager’s temper. But it was after the Ibrox club’s Champions League qualifying defeat to Kaunas back in 2008 that things reached boiling point. And it was ex-Gers star Kevin Thomson that was in the firing line that time. Speaking to Si Ferry on Open Goal, McCulloch said: “I was sitting next to Kevin Thomson when we got put out of the Champions League qualifying stages away to Kaunas. “My head was nearly between my knees in case I got eye contact with (Smith) and he started on me. He went through Thommo that day, really went through him. “He picked up a teapot and turned round and threw it off a wall, and it missed Jimmy Bell by an inch! I was petrified, absolutely petrified.” McCulloch admitted that even if Smith looked at you a certain way, you knew you were in trouble. He added: “Even in training, you just knew if you got a stare. “If you’d go out training, his backroom staff would take the warm-up and everybody would be joking about. As soon as he came out, everyone was like ‘the manager’s here, we need to get our heads down’. “That was the presence he had. “And when he walked into the dressing room, everybody just shut up and looked at him Here's the video Honestly that's what we need at the club. Desire like Walter had. I've read Gascoigne say he was throwing things round the dressing room as we led falkirk 3 or 4 0 at half time. High standards need to be demanded. There can be no shit like Warburton did thinking Ross county away is a point gained, nor Pedro's nonsense after a defeat.
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    Okay so Jack and Tavernier were both outstanding in both Aberdeen games and now you want to change their positions?
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    Thankfully George also saw some of our greatest years. A True Blue. RIP Big Man.
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    Looking at this from afar, there is no doubt in my mind that there is a coordinated agenda against Rangers in Scotland. The fans of other clubs hate us, the press despise us, our players are even unwanted by the national team and are abused when they have the temerity to accept a call up, the SFA hates us (just look at their inaction over the 2016 Scottish Cup Final hooliganism) and I suspect even the Scottish ruling political party is equally as hostile as everyone else. So why should referees be any different? The level of hate in this country is scary. It would never happen in English football and wouldn't be tolerated by officialdom and the mass media if it did emerge. I suspect that as each refereeing injustice occurs the world of Scottish football just pisses itself laughing. Cluster fuck of a country.
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    A road got closed for 4 hours due to a crash and MOH and 3 teammates were in a car stuck in the traffic backlog. A. Why is this even newsworthy? B. Bearden?
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    i This would have been my view prior to this season however... The same ref in the same week gagging to give those cunts a penalty to save their unbeaten run and also couldn't get a red card out his pocket quick enough in our game, it's suspicious behaviour
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    I haven't always liked how Barry can come across as a person but it does seem that some are always determined to knock domestic players that have given Rangers an awful lot. We see how there's still a fair few that believe Pedro was simply a victim of small minded Scottish players If Ferguson returns as a coach then I'm more than willing to give it a chance and he'll bring that winning mentality at the very least. Even if it is a bit harsh on JJ (and some seem to overrate him) managers always have the right to decide their own staff without needing to be pressured by sentiment
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    No they Dont. Yes they do..
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    Disagree regards Windass and his dive and just do it better.........NO just cut it out of your game, hate, hate, hate cheating evem more so from my own team.
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    I think having him in the dressing room for games against the likes of the taigs could be a good thing
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    Hopefully instead of Docherty.
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    Nah mate, 4th best behind Lustig, Logan and Gamboa...
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    Been the most consistent platey for months now - not just the last 2 or 3 weeks- vastly under-rated by most Rangers fans
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    I'd say since the taigs put them on a strike the whole things been fucked
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    My first. Bought in the 60’s