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    Brown back scouting Barry Ferguson coaching, Goram as goalie coach, Walter as consultant. Miller captain and Butcher in as defensive coach. Just need Andy Cameron as DOF and Ally as groundsman/media/karaoke director and we're good to go.............
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    JJ barely had any successful coaching skills but is lauded. Ferguson is many things but the guys a winner. We have been devoid of any winners in our managerial set up for some time. A guy from.the desert and a city trader. We need winners. I'd fill the coaching roles with winners and I'd also have Murty in with them. Experiments are over, we don't need a revolutionary we just need people who get what we face in the next three years
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    I've no problem with Barry coming in in an assistant role at all
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    Found this beauty in amongst all my old tops and scarfs while up visiting my parents this week. Going with the style of it and the treble reference I'm guessing it's from Jock Wallace years. Anyone got similar or confirm it's from that era?
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    Thought he was absolutely class today as well as Wednesday. Silly foul for the free kick but did his job and stood tall.
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    Just hope both the fergie thing and the DM stuff come to nothing. Don't want DM for the job and think BF would be a terrible appointment in any capacity.
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    Don't know if it's been posted elsewhere but I just seen this and it made me laugh. Aberdeen fan raging after we scored and going to the police
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    If we appeal and this gets rescinded again then surely we have to contact the relevant authorities as it would appear Jack has now been tarnished with a very clear and unfair reputation. To possibly have 3, 75% of your red cards rescinded is completely unheard of. It's nothing short of disgraceful and he should receive, at the very least a personal and public apology. I don't think Jack is a dirty player. Possibly a tad naive and silly at times but he just seems as honest as the day is long. He is clearly being treated differently to everyone else. The club should also make our view public even to make the officials think twice about booking Jack in the future. If there is any doubt a ref should never send anyone off.
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    Do not get mciness in as manager. He is not up to it. Murty has overseen the 3 best performances of the season (regardless of FT today) I'm not saying murty but not DM , please please please
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    Disagree regards Windass and his dive and just do it better.........NO just cut it out of your game, hate, hate, hate cheating evem more so from my own team.
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    I think having him in the dressing room for games against the likes of the taigs could be a good thing
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    Nah mate, 4th best behind Lustig, Logan and Gamboa...
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    Been the most consistent platey for months now - not just the last 2 or 3 weeks- vastly under-rated by most Rangers fans
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    His outstanding record in coaching and management will add a lot of value. I hope this is only a rumour. Ferguson is a prick
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    Barry was a TOP class player but unfortunately is thick as pigshit, I'm not happy with McInnes as manager and hope Barry isn't his first mistake. I'd go with Murty as 3rd or Alex Rae ,Barry has too strong a personality and doesn't know his limitations, which are many.
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    Leaks to the papers would be a nightmare if he was on the books.
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    Poor JJ, I had hoped he would be retained.
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