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    No need to worry. We’re extremely fortunate to have Kenny Miller who can play anywhere on the park.
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    Offer them Kenny McLean on loan for next season as a sweetener.
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    The games a bogey when @Rfc52 is slagging your typos. The cunt headbutts his iPad.
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    Disappointed in Aberdeens statement when they refer to us as Rangers and not Sevco. vile imo
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    Thought it was worth a post as they had to apologise for this tweet 😂😂😂
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    fucked it not changing the post. No surrender
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    Just a matter of time now. There is unlimited amount of stuff the board deserve criticism for over this shambles of a recruitment process but the sheep acting like cunts & dragging this out even longer isn’t one.
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    Live feed from the boardroom discussing applicants
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    Can see that he next call with Milne goooood afternoon madam. I’m calling from The Sevco. If you just give me your sort code and bank account details we will wire you the monies directly.
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    prank calling them. Directors all mwi giggling away in the background
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    What a joke European competition has become. Won a single game, none at home, lost 5 and conceded 18 goals yet qualify for the Europa?
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    300k a week @psb07158
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    LEE McCULLOCH has lifted the lid on the time Walter Smith threw a TEAPOT after screaming at Kevin Thomson. The former Rangers star admitted he would be scared to be on the receiving end of his old manager’s temper. But it was after the Ibrox club’s Champions League qualifying defeat to Kaunas back in 2008 that things reached boiling point. And it was ex-Gers star Kevin Thomson that was in the firing line that time. Speaking to Si Ferry on Open Goal, McCulloch said: “I was sitting next to Kevin Thomson when we got put out of the Champions League qualifying stages away to Kaunas. “My head was nearly between my knees in case I got eye contact with (Smith) and he started on me. He went through Thommo that day, really went through him. “He picked up a teapot and turned round and threw it off a wall, and it missed Jimmy Bell by an inch! I was petrified, absolutely petrified.” McCulloch admitted that even if Smith looked at you a certain way, you knew you were in trouble. He added: “Even in training, you just knew if you got a stare. “If you’d go out training, his backroom staff would take the warm-up and everybody would be joking about. As soon as he came out, everyone was like ‘the manager’s here, we need to get our heads down’. “That was the presence he had. “And when he walked into the dressing room, everybody just shut up and looked at him Here's the video Honestly that's what we need at the club. Desire like Walter had. I've read Gascoigne say he was throwing things round the dressing room as we led falkirk 3 or 4 0 at half time. High standards need to be demanded. There can be no shit like Warburton did thinking Ross county away is a point gained, nor Pedro's nonsense after a defeat.
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    For the 100th time THATS NOT HOW IT WORKS
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    Wouldn't it be amazing if we already had a manager signed and we were just phoning Aberdeen for a laugh
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    I'm not fan of this board, and after the events of the past week, and what has gone on in the last six weeks I'm even less of a fan. This club lacks leadership, it does not have a proper figurehead, and it is not good enough.
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    10 league titles 5 Scottish cups 6 league cups a goal away from the CL final a UEFA cup final Dominated celtic in old firm results Now fuck up.
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    He was cut down by a thug on the park and the ref done little about it. Dorrans hobbled off soon after. But Jack accidentally hurting an opponent by passing the ball and not defying the laws of physics is absolutely disgusting if you believe the media.
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    @Siwel and @Gustav are gonna have to do some apologising to @backup when Billy Davies is appointed on Friday
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    thanks mate, Not sure its been posted yet
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    Their next statement ”Derek has indicated that he’d like to speak to Rangers and we have done everything blah blah blah” Face saving exercise from Milne before the inevitable happens.
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    That's very high risk for me. Another foreigner with no experience of British football coming in to the goldfish bowl. His record has been good but had a woeful blip in there. Can we afford another high risk appointment? Although any appointment is going to be high risk now given its another rebuild job. After Pedro I want a safe pair of hands who has overachieved and hungry to succeed. That could be Derek...it could be someone else. No one knows how it would play out. We had bagged one of the most sought after young managers in Europe at one point and he bombed spectacularly.
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    Older generation might not agree but for.me he's Mr Rangers
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    UEFA Cup Final mate - I’ll leave it at that
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    Don't know who is behind Rangers observer but they have just tweeted this.
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    well there's your answer, McGregor. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/42225164
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    Aye. Aberdeen will try make it as difficult as possible though.
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    Every time you kick the ball your studs go up
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    Saw this you have to laugh.
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    You can sense the fear the filth had and still have for smith .
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    Bang average manager that's benefitted hugely from our situation
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    Why should he tell Aberdeen he wants to leave? i want him as our next manager but we’ve hardly made him feel wanted - waiting 6 weeks then what appears to be a half arsed approach not wanting to pay the compensation don’t get me wrong I’ve been wrong before - we could be thinking 5 steps ahead and it’s a big game McInnes is in on too and he will do his part soon to engineer it - never say never but I’m commenting on what we are seeing here that we can take at face value
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    MPH comes with a risk, especially if this 2 million release clause thing is true. It’s not like he’s coming here with a track record in a major league and for that sort of money that’s what I would be wanting. It’s a lot of money for a manger who’s done well in relatively poor leagues and before anybody talks about how poor the SPFL is, yes it is, but it’s a complete anomaly, especially when you are managing in the Glasgow Goldfish bowl.
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    It's fucking Ross County we're playing man. If Barjonas can't make the step up to the first team for this type of game I'd question why he's at the club.
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    Rather have Roy Hodgson playing tbh
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    Sky Sports Breaking News Derek McInnes will today add to Rangers negotiating woes by demanding far more than the club can offer him to rebuild the inconsistent squad. The Ibrox side has activated a release clause in the Aberdeen manager’s contract by stumping up a reported £800’000. However there seems to be a mismatch regarding Derek McInnes’s demands and what the Rangers board are willing to give him as he is set to become Pedro Caixinha’s successor. McInnes seems to have become increasingly disillusioned by the process and stress is starting to take its toll. Derek McInnes is demanding that he wear attire designed by himself to motivate his new players however the Rangers board are unhappy and expect him to wear a classic Rangers suit and tie, with brogues. McInnes’s design, which features a Viking helmet to make him seem larger and more authoritarian, sash to remind the players of the standards required of them, and a pink tutu to represent his sensitive side, has not gone down well. Rangers are now getting concerned at the physiological state of their new man and are seeking medical advice on whether or not the man - whom has started calling himself King Billy McInnes - will be able to handle the pressure of the Ibrox job or dealing with auld fish eyes. Sorry, bored at work and wanted to add to the rediculousness of the situation.
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    £1M just seems ridiculous for a manager who has achieved very little.
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    Me too (tu) During the past few years I’ve found myself saying what would Smith do in this situation about so many aspects of the team because he just knew exactly how to manage us and there’s been so many decisions made by various managers that I think would never have happened if Smith was the man in charge. Some snide cunt will probably come on and moan about the style of football or mention europe but IMO he’s the benchmark that all Rangers managers should strive to emulate.
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    Panto season - HES BEHIND YOU!!!
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    Hope he picked the big fud up from a barbers.