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    No need to worry. We’re extremely fortunate to have Kenny Miller who can play anywhere on the park.
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    Thought it was worth a post as they had to apologise for this tweet ???
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    What a joke European competition has become. Won a single game, none at home, lost 5 and conceded 18 goals yet qualify for the Europa?
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    LEE McCULLOCH has lifted the lid on the time Walter Smith threw a TEAPOT after screaming at Kevin Thomson. The former Rangers star admitted he would be scared to be on the receiving end of his old manager’s temper. But it was after the Ibrox club’s Champions League qualifying defeat to Kaunas back in 2008 that things reached boiling point. And it was ex-Gers star Kevin Thomson that was in the firing line that time. Speaking to Si Ferry on Open Goal, McCulloch said: “I was sitting next to Kevin Thomson when we got put out of the Champions League qualifying stages away to Kaunas. “My head was nearly between my knees in case I got eye contact with (Smith) and he started on me. He went through Thommo that day, really went through him. “He picked up a teapot and turned round and threw it off a wall, and it missed Jimmy Bell by an inch! I was petrified, absolutely petrified.” McCulloch admitted that even if Smith looked at you a certain way, you knew you were in trouble. He added: “Even in training, you just knew if you got a stare. “If you’d go out training, his backroom staff would take the warm-up and everybody would be joking about. As soon as he came out, everyone was like ‘the manager’s here, we need to get our heads down’. “That was the presence he had. “And when he walked into the dressing room, everybody just shut up and looked at him Here's the video Honestly that's what we need at the club. Desire like Walter had. I've read Gascoigne say he was throwing things round the dressing room as we led falkirk 3 or 4 0 at half time. High standards need to be demanded. There can be no shit like Warburton did thinking Ross county away is a point gained, nor Pedro's nonsense after a defeat.
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    10 league titles 5 Scottish cups 6 league cups a goal away from the CL final a UEFA cup final Dominated celtic in old firm results Now fuck up.
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    He was cut down by a thug on the park and the ref done little about it. Dorrans hobbled off soon after. But Jack accidentally hurting an opponent by passing the ball and not defying the laws of physics is absolutely disgusting if you believe the media.
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    Older generation might not agree but for.me he's Mr Rangers
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    UEFA Cup Final mate - I’ll leave it at that
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    well there's your answer, McGregor. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/42225164
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    Every time you kick the ball your studs go up
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    You can sense the fear the filth had and still have for smith .
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    In CL games with Liverpool and celtic Rodgers has an 11% win ratio. Fuck me 11% and they call him a tactical genius in the Scottish media.
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    Bang average manager that's benefitted hugely from our situation
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    A boy in work saw Walter putting stuff in his boot whilst parked on a double yellow. He walks over and says to him that he cannae park there. Walter looks him up and down and growls at him to fuck off. Boy says “I’m only kidding Walter I’m a bluenose.” Walter looks at him and says “What the fuck are you wearing a green jumper for then?” Legend for that comment alone...
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    It's fucking Ross County we're playing man. If Barjonas can't make the step up to the first team for this type of game I'd question why he's at the club.
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    Rather have Roy Hodgson playing tbh
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    Me too (tu) During the past few years I’ve found myself saying what would Smith do in this situation about so many aspects of the team because he just knew exactly how to manage us and there’s been so many decisions made by various managers that I think would never have happened if Smith was the man in charge. Some snide cunt will probably come on and moan about the style of football or mention europe but IMO he’s the benchmark that all Rangers managers should strive to emulate.
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    Imagine the outcry if it had been an orange chewit.
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    Sad to hear one of the legends of the Banter years has passed away
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    The defeat isn’t important, through to the europa is all that counts , job done , flying the flag for Scotland after Christmas , it’s the least they deserve for their great unbeaten record blah blah blah.
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    That's 6 defeats in 7 games and a whitewash at home and the commentators don't say a word about Brenda. If that was Pedro's record they would slaughter him.
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    First time round, he had the cash to do almost anything, and arguably could've won the champions league. Second time round, took over the worst "proper" Rangers team - Le Guens mess. Brought in old men like Davie Weir, Christian Daily, a shite Lee McCulloch and the likes of Kirk Broadfoot and turned them into a team that won 3 leagues in a row and took them to a European final. Kept a clean sheet at old Trafford when not a single team except us left that stadium that season with a clean sheet. Helped bring our debt down while he done all that. If Walter Smith isn't a legend, then I don't know who is. Best manager of my lifetime, probably only beaten in full Rangers history by Bill Struth. People go on about his "aggression". He wasn't an aggressive guy, but he knew when aggression was needed. And used it wisely, not aggressively. The taigs hate him. If that is not enough alone to show some on here that he's a Rangers legend (someone said best living Ranger, hard to think of many, if any better) Walter Smith is a God in Rangers terms. How anyone can say anything to the contrary is beyond me. PS, Scotland would've made that world cup if our club didn't need him more and he answered our plea.
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    His motion is that of passing the ball, you don't tackle like that, who gives a shit if he is passing it to McCrorie or out the park, he is not tackling. As I have said and others in this thread if you try to hurt someone with an open foot like that you are in danger or snapping your shin or dislocating an ankle
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    Can you imagine any of our last three managers treating the pampered fucks like that.
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    Spot on every Ref knows what’s coming if they appear to give us the benefit of the doubt. The fact we have Jack with 2 red cards rescinded and what should be a third is all you really need to know.
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    Sinister. All stems from the fear of God the fenioans put into the refs a few years ago.
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    St Brendan never won a game at fortress girodome in 2 campaigns. think the tarriers have won about 3 in 18 European home group games another myth about their intimidating fans they peddle on about. 1 win in 12 and will get another free pass
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    That taig cunt Rob McLean trying to sound positive. Five defeats and a shitey win tells you everything ya wank. Mind Rangers getting slated for qualifying to the last 16. Hope they get Arsenal the cunts.
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    They celebrate defeat like no other
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    Not a god, just the best manager most of us have saw at Rangers and one that'll take a bit of beating in the future. But you concentrate on the negative side of him if it makes you happy in some weird way.
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    Studs up challenge, FFS, who needs enemies. Play Barjonas in there or Candeias on the right side of midfield.
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    I'm sure you'll have been to Aberdeen... all I'll say is that it shouldn't be the Germans that get stereotyped for their lack of a sense of humour...
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    Somebody got their wool knickers in a twist.
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    Barring 2 good seasons (1992/1993 and Manchester) Europe was very much Smith’s Achilles heel overall Europe was and always will be a bonus for a Scottish team especially in recent years. For me Smith properly proved his worth as a Rangers manager second time round as the odds were higher and it was a completely different job to the one he had during the money lavished 9 in a row days when celtic were shite
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    Such a god, he took us to arguably our most impressive Euro away win ever, and a European final in the same season.
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    Class on the pitch but the guy's toxic - don't want him anywhere near the club, leaks like a sieve.
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    Found a system that seems to suit our players.......lets change it.
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    Not much gardening to be done once the frosts begin.
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    Pena can't play left wing, right wing, left back, right back..
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    But still better than Rangers 92/93 Champions League obv...
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    The two of them didn’t go for any ball. RYAN JACK PLAYED A FUCKING PASS
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    Fuck me if you can see all that you must either have some telly or some imagination. Think I need to write to Samsung and tell them their OQLED TVs are shite. Will leave it on that note.
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    I've came to the conclusion that the majority of people on this forum have never played a game of football in their puff if they're agreeing that's a red card. Nobody has still explained how Ryan Jack is supposed to bend time and space to get his foot out the way after making a pass Jesus wept man.