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    I fear for our relationship with Aberdeen after this saga is over
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    Thoughts? My first thoughts are there’s a big McInnes thread above this with a lot of that, if not all, already covered my second thought is your gay
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    "Why are celebrities never willing to show they support us"
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    Imagine how soul destroying it must be supporting them right now? For the last 5 years they have the chance to lord it over us/kick us when we're down for the first and only time in a lot of their lives and now within the last 6 months we have taken their captain for free, fucked them twice, moved above them in the table now their manager is about to quit so he can come here. lol
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    Folk on here with there backs up because a boy likes us and hates them .
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    EverywhereWeGo, on 06 Dec 2017 - 11:50 AM, said: The facts are, he's done with us regardless if he gets their job or not. The cunt has shown the biggest lack of respect to us the fans and a club that have backed him. For those saying I hope he stays.. the H** cunt has burnt all bridges here, there has never been a bigger rat in the history of this club than what he has shown us this past month. He's not at training today and neither is Doc, Sheerin and Robson are there. I've seen this with my own eyes and it's backed up with Steven Duff (local reporter) on twitter. I've always been a McInnes fan, but the moment he did not commit to us with the exact words.. "I'm not interested in that job" his days here were numbered. I'm 38, I love this club, I've gone to games since I was 4 years old...experienced the highs and lows like thousands of others. I despise that dead club, I hate everything they stand for in their short history, I will never accept one of our playing staff or management moving from us to them. Our club and some of the fans are soft as shit at times with attitudes like, "he goes with my best wishes" fuck off.... also that cunt McLean has already told the club he will not be staying, he WILL be signing for them also, he should also never wear our shirt again. Hahahahahahahaha
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    Unbelievable. If I didn't know better I'd say there was the stench of jealousy about criticising lads like this. 'How do celebs no admit to being Rangers fans... attention seeker'. Gie the boy a break ffs.
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    What a work it’d be if we took Mcinnes from them, announced him as our under 20’s coach and then announce Murty as manager.
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    Alves and Dorrans will be good for us too many writing them off imo
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    If I were to draw a picture of a paedophile he’d look like Chris McLaughlin.
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    Can't see the problem.
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    Top class green keeper though
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    I don't believe it!
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    That mob in the East end Declan won't know where to run
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    You don’t want Mcinnes because he’s a dud but you want Eck?
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    Cunts on here sticking up for the sheep over Rangers on this need their head examined.
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    Aberdeen trying to be relevant. Seems to be the in-thing with Rangers just now. Demand money up front etc etc when they seem to forget not one penny was owed to clubs after all the financial shit was settled. They are just trying to be cunts for the sake of being cunts. I’d give them an option take it or leave it, it’s them who then has a manager who would rather be elsewhere and we could move onto another target. This should have been done day 1 after Pedro was sacked. If the board thought Aberdeen were going to be easy to deal with then they are even bigger mongos than I though they were
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    Reed or deed, on 06 Dec 2017 - 6:47 PM, said: Confirmed. They are getting a bang average manager. A previous failure at a low level who benefited from the famous Aberdeen making him look good. The back room staff, the fans and mostly some cracking players we have had in the last 3-4 years. Puts it in perspective when in the clamour to get back in the game these dirty, cheating, corrupt, fraudulent, tax dodging scumbags have to rely on us and our players to try to improve themselves. Absolute H** serpents. They will never have any credibility. Hahahahaha
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    FFS they've had more fines than wins recently in the CL
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    what hope has Jack got when even his own supporters don't back him I hate this forum at times
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    When Rangers come calling, you can't turn it down
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    If anyone still thinks we should be building bridges after this I’d be amazed. The hatred towards us is beyond comprehension and only seems to have intensified over the last 5 years. I tell you what though, it’s going to make 55 all the sweeter when it comes.
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    https://fourladshadadream.wordpress.com/2017/12/06/alves-back-as-wallace-dorrans-near-return/amp/ Alves back in training Wallace to join first team on Monday Dorrans completed injections, and on course for return in few weeks Wilson has precautionary scan - all ok Rossiter... fuck knows!
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    I honestly think we should start using EBT's again and make McInnes' the first beneficiary of one
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    People that think Murty should get the job are morons
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    If we get him I'll back him, if he stays I couldn't give a fuck. Not excited about it one bit
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    I still only see the player in possession pass the ball away, expecting to BE tackled, and the tackling player backing out and making himself an unavoidable obstacle. Ridiculous decision by an incompetent ref.
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    Can't wait til the Lazio Homosexual Brigade, 1st Gimp Regiment get hold of them.
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    Too many defeatists on here fs it's only McInnes we're getting not fucking Mourinho, he only looks good because we've been shite this season, we're more than capable of going up there Tomorrow and turning him over!
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    No chance McCall is leaving Bradford for a coaching job,it would be the managers job or nothing
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    I'm genuinely at a point now where I don't give a fuck who our next manager is Give it to Murty
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    Brian Laudrup and Albertz
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    To be fair to this boy. He almost nailed it 😀😀 1983Today, 11:31 AM My prediction from 2014 1983, on 01 Mar 2014 - 7:03 PM, said: I'm going to make a prediction. After all the huff, puff and hype of recent months about the Rangers being finished they'll make their way back into the top league and within 3 years of this post mr mcinnes will be their new manager. Not only that, but he will attract some of our players. To name but one, Ryan Jack. At that point we'll all feel like we've played some sort of supporting role in the rebirth of the Rangers, with our manager, in one fail swoop, strengthening the H*** and weakening us. Our new professional behaviour as a club will leave with mcinnes, our sport science will leave, our agile media tactics will leave, and more importantly, our mental strength will leave. We will be back to square one as the vision is held by only one man in our club. Message to the board. Put a 5 year extension on the table and make the bastards pay us for him.
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    You are a fenian
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    How people can suggest Derek McInnes is 'scraping the bottom of the barrel' is absolutely beyond me. People may not fancy him or think he has what it takes but come on he's got the best CV since Walter that we've had. Been the outstanding manager in the country outside Rodgers for the last 4 years on a considerably less budget than Rodgers. Took Aberdeen as far as anyone could have taken them and now he's earned a chance at a higher level in a league he knows inside out. Some absolute weapons in here.