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    "Why are celebrities never willing to show they support us"
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    Folk on here with there backs up because a boy likes us and hates them .
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    Unbelievable. If I didn't know better I'd say there was the stench of jealousy about criticising lads like this. 'How do celebs no admit to being Rangers fans... attention seeker'. Gie the boy a break ffs.
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    Alves and Dorrans will be good for us too many writing them off imo
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    Can't see the problem.
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    That mob in the East end Declan won't know where to run
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    FFS they've had more fines than wins recently in the CL
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    what hope has Jack got when even his own supporters don't back him I hate this forum at times
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    https://fourladshadadream.wordpress.com/2017/12/06/alves-back-as-wallace-dorrans-near-return/amp/ Alves back in training Wallace to join first team on Monday Dorrans completed injections, and on course for return in few weeks Wilson has precautionary scan - all ok Rossiter... fuck knows!
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    I still only see the player in possession pass the ball away, expecting to BE tackled, and the tackling player backing out and making himself an unavoidable obstacle. Ridiculous decision by an incompetent ref.
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    Can't wait til the Lazio Homosexual Brigade, 1st Gimp Regiment get hold of them.
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    Cheers, you've given me the extra nudge I needed. And to be fair, Rangers won me £1,200 last week against Aberdeen. It's only right to show my gratitude! And I know walking up the marble staircase will be a special moment for my Dad.
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    He posts about Rangers all the time, like any other Rangers fan, don't understand the negativity towards him? He's a goalscoring machine in the development league for Swansea and has played a few games for their first team, boy is going places.
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    A technically gifted player who has had a horendous time with injury it was unfortunate that we only saw glimpses of his talent I wish him well and hope he can stay clear of injury for the remainder of his career
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    He had a horse tranquiliser addiction. Allegedly.
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    I’d take Zander Diamond and maybe Darren and Derek Young. The rest are pish.
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    Shinnie is the only player I'd consider that isn't a youth. Ross that came on looked good though.
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    Captaining us to a European final. Winning 15 trophies majority as captain. 5 league titles. 5 Scottish Cups 5 League Cups But aye not a legend. He won more than Laudrup for us ya fucking tit
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    Don’t be scared by the Club Deck being the only tickets left. I love sitting up there. Amazing view of the pitch wherever you sit and you can truly appreciate the size of the Struth Stand.
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    Another reason why i don't come on here as much now a days Don't get me wrong, there are still a good few proper Rangers fans on here, but the majority seems to be wee fannies looking for attention or beggars thinking they're involved in some undercover sting operation
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    Rangers shouldnt appeal on the basis that jack didn't mean it, or tried a pass or whatever, what the panel will likely think is "was he reckless or did he endanger the opponent accidentally or not by using more force than required" and tbh he probably did What the appeal should be based on is the precedent set by willie collum in the game with both shinnies yellow card and McLeans none booking for studding holt down the back of the ankle, This then would put the panel and the sfa in a position, do they reduce the red card and say the ref got that one decision wrong based on his angle of viewpoint and the one second to see it nonsense, or do they uphold the red card and basically admit that the ref was wrong in both shinnie and mcleans incidents, after the uproar about collums penalty decision against motherwell the sfa might want to limit the exposure of said shite referee
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    Anyone who likes us and hates the tarriers is fine by me.
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    Ridiculed for supporting Rangers. Peak RM.
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    Hope the cunts get Lazio, especially after their firm swore repercussions after their shite with Gazza.
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    Remeber how we got fucking slaughtered by the same press when Juventus beat us in Europe. Juventus with Deschamps, Del Piero, Peruzzi, Vialli, Ravenelli, Conte, Sousa, Lombardi etc ... but for they cunts it's OK to get horsed by bigger margains off Barcelona, PSG and the likes .. don't worry boys you done Scotland proud.
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    In CL games with Liverpool and celtic Rodgers has an 11% win ratio. Fuck me 11% and they call him a tactical genius in the Scottish media.
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    Sad to hear one of the legends of the Banter years has passed away
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    Haha ffs. Na mate. No quite that bad when I lose Maybe herpes or summit no cancer but
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    I'd rather sign Declan john on a free than hand Aberdeen another £1m trying to get Shinnie. John, McLean, Walker, Moult, pick up guys that are free on pre-contracts. During the summer a few top earners will be off (Kranjcar, Alves, Miller) and hopefully we can get some quality then.
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    So tragic that he passed so young. RIP Ugo.
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    None of them would improve our squad. Would take Scott Wright at a push. McLean is so overrated.
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    Stole nothing. We rescued a brother from the clutches of evil cunts holding him hostage.
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    Means you can sit beside him then ya fucking wank.
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    It's local tickets for local people.
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    Slating people connected with Rangers. MongoMedia strikes again.
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    I like him tbf. He’s a good CB and people forget he’s won 3 trophies with us, not many in the squad have won any trophy never mind 3. All he literally needs to do is go back to when he played with us the first time and treat every game as seriously as he treats Aberdeen, tarriers etc. When he’s on his game he can be a great CB he just needs consistent concentration
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    They are fucking dug meat. If we sorted our act out we’d overhaul them no bother at all.
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    The cunt is unemployable outside of Scotland
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    well there's your answer, McGregor. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/42225164
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    That taig cunt Rob McLean trying to sound positive. Five defeats and a shitey win tells you everything ya wank. Mind Rangers getting slated for qualifying to the last 16. Hope they get Arsenal the cunts.
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    Remember the straight red Scott Brown got last season? After the game Brendan Rodgers said he deserved to be sent off. Then celtic appealed it and it was reduced to a caution. If Scott Brown can get away with that then we would be mental not to appeal every single instance of a red card from now until the end of time. I hope Jack wins the appeal again.
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    Just had a look at the SPL rule book and can confirm that in both scenarios if cellic don't score it's a penalty kick to cellic.