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    The pitch, the fans, the banners, the £40m left back, the £345bn striker, the tactics, the gameplan, the “hard man” captain... they really were shown up for the dog shit they are today.
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    What do you expect from a tattie field, they'll have just planted them for howkin in the summer.
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    He should have scored today and his final pass/decision is sometimes suspect however I thought he merited a thread. He is a one man front line who never hides, creates chances from nothing and gives everything always. Build the team around this guy. He is what I want from a Ger and he deserves wearing the badge.
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    I feel like he deserves a thread of his own in the BD, he was phenomenal. I know he's not the strongest defender but as a modern fullback his qualities are undeniable. Morelos apart, he's the last player we should be selling. The best RB in the league, and comfortably. That half volley cross.
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    Of me seeing in the new year. Got three hours to go and been up since last nights game.Bbq and beers all day and off to bed now,so it’s a very happy new year to all the good bears here in NZ and all all our Rangers family back home and around the world. Many thanks for keeping us up to date with all the goss and in’s an outs for the year. Thread of the year for me is the Rangers related picture thread. Some wonderful memories The one constant that never changes is our support...Absolutely the best in the world!! ! Happy New year ladies and gents WATP
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    It wasn't a win but it was a fine way to end 2017. The taigs booing their kiddie fiddling team. Uppa Volunteers
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    Once again lads and lasses you done us proud, listening on the telly over here you would swear that our support had much much more seats, the noise was immense and went on from start to finish, take a bow one and all.
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    You’re an absolute fucking tool.
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    Having just reviewed this... the SFA have gave Ryan Jack a 3 game ban
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    We should have won that, that second half performance was brilliant makes me question why it can’t happen every week.
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    It's all the secrets thats buried underneath
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    We have the top spfl scorer who had chances he should have taken. All forwards miss chances or have off days. Most teams have 4 forwards all of whom can strongly contribute. We have 1. That's the problem, not Morelos.
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    That's what happens when you get in their face in the middle of the park - finally we did that and their composure and bottle goes. That has to be the blue print for future games v them. Well done lads, in particular Bates, John and Tav for me (several more though!)
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    No harm to the lad as I understand the EPL has a huge appeal to it and his parents probably had a hand in his move, but anyone that can't see that we are a huge club and at the very least nowadays a huge stepping stone is a fuckinf idiot. Could have worked towards hero status here, even if he eventually left. As I said though, he'll amount to fuck all probably
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    Fans are cunts btw - Hate when they boo like that, arseholes.
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    Aye it looks like wee lads arses aren't the only thing they plow
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    Top scored in a league with a 900 million pound player in Dembele playing it. With a very inconsistent team, and quite often has to make the goals himself. He is one for us to keep, or demand a high transfer fee for.
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    He needs to stop shooting every single time. He takes shots from ridiculous angles that have no chance of going in when passing it would be the best option. He's young so time to improve but he needs to get that sorted.
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    One of my greatest memories is bumping into Arthur Numan in a strip club and saying "hello" to him, he had a bit of a drink in him and he started pointing to his nose asking " are you a bluenose?". Within minutes he had his arm round me and we were bouncing up and down singing Follow Follow. What a buzz.
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    Realism? Now there’s something we don’t do well! no mattter who the manager is to get a squad that will continually fight for and win the spl will take 2 - 3 seasons. We seem to think ANY manager can just come in - a tweet here and there and we will never lose a game. Not realistic. Look at the Critisism if Murty - not even had a transfer window and folk moaning cause we are still inconsistent. And in that period GM is missing Wallace, Dorrans, Miller, Jack - he has called up Ross McCrorie and got great performances out of Bates and Wilson is now looking good. Imagine what he will do with some time and a couple of transfer windows. Folk moan about the board appointing him and seem to think they are backing him while critiquing the board - that’s not backing him. Many Folk on here are not realistic - they carry a sense of entitlement not realism - we will get back but not if we keep chopping and changing and hounding managers.
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