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    a pal of mine and his fellow troops in Iraq yesterday. Happy New Year and safe return to all our troops
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    Hope 2018 is Kind To Ours Everywhere!???
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    Steven worked for me as an area manager many years ago and you could not meet a nicer easy going guy. A real gentleman for whom nothing was too much trouble. Dreadfully sad news...
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    A happy and safe 2018 to the lads there and all our serving lads and lasses.
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    Happy New Year and good health in 2018 to all on RM. WATP.
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    Happy new year to all the Protestants
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    It's a bit of a fucking insult that article. The tarriers played a half strengthed bayern side lost the game but were lauded as the people's champions despite it being a wee bit embarassing. We go there in no sort of form against the greatest side to have played football anywhere 5 guaranteed starters missing and should've won in the end up but we got a wee bit of pride and belief back so applauded the team off to let them.know if they play like that every week but lack the quality to win we will still back them As Rangers fans we know this isn't a Rangers team but we just want to see heart and commitment. Was why the hibs away win was lauded. We went 1 down and showed character to turn it around and despite it not working for us that day we stood up.to.everything they could throw at us. I can handle a lack of ability but not a lack of heart
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    Happy New Year to one and all. Except the taigs.
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    All the Best my fellow Bears. ??????
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    Good new year to you all .... aye, even you !
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    Happy New Year to all you Bears out there! Enjoy yourselves!!?
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    Thanks for the picture, mate. Had forgotten what he looked like.
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    Thats fucking diabolical mate
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    Happy New Year Bears. WATP.
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    All the best troops.. Play up the Glasgow Rangers..
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    Bill leckie is a fucking wombat
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    Health & Happiness for 2018 to all on RangersMedia. Does’nt it feel good to be a part of the Rangers Family.
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    Happy New Year to you all.
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    Happy New Year n all the very best of British for 2018
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    Happy New Year troops have a good one
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    Happy New Year to Bears everywhere. Hope it brings us all health, wealth and a fantastic, winning, well run club.
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    I’ve been out of the loop since the 30th with work commitments and this is genuinely the first ‘press’ reaction I’ve read on what I thought was a hard fought and entertaining game, in which we had been pretty much written off in before a ball had been kicked. Genuinely astounded at Leckies ridiculous column in which he literally character assassinates a young talented player (Morelos) (‘our diddy’ wtf) who incidentally is leading the SPFL scoring charts. The lad did have guilt edge opportunities to score however the keeper had been well positioned for both and 9 times out of 10 both most likely would have found the back of the net. Is it wrong for the support to show their appreciation at his and the team in generals work rate and endeavour, absolutely not. I won’t even start about how he bangs on about the east end opponents are hard done by and allegedly tired by all their games to date etc, etc. In summary, poor column, poor ‘journalist’, poor ‘newspaper’ and poor underhand attempt to demean a club and support who over the past 5 years have relentlessly proved to be second to none.... (apologies for the length of post, needed said)...
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    Fs he's only outscored the world's best ever striker who was wanted by city, Chelsea, man u, Messi demanded him.at Barca or he was going to leave, bayern and Dortmund but is snubbing them for his dream move to errr Brighton/stoke. He's a raw young boy with huge potential. Nearly every Rangers fan I know is screaming for a proper partner up top with him. He had they two retards that were trying to mark him all over the place on Saturday
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    Happy New Year from all the staff.
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    All the best lads Stay safe
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    Happy new year to all the nice folk on RM and the same to the Bams
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    Hopefully onwards and upwards but whatever 2018 brings no fucking surrender!
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    Happy New Year John and to everyone on RM.
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    Thank you. Happy New Year everyone. Even those that fucking hate me. ???
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    Anyone would have been better than Nico. Guy is nothing more than a traffic cone.
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    hear hear. I think this is why we have had so many cult heroes, guys like Marvin andrews, Kerkar, Sebo and a whole host more. They were players that most knew were not good enough for the long term at Rangers, but every time they pulled on the jersey they gave us everything they had. Do that and we will love you.
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    Special shout out to the Vegas lads.. My bae @Mr Soprano the legend that is @Rfc52 Gentleman @Buggleskelly My old pal @Dunny_01 My partner in crime @Sket @CaptainofIndustry ??
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    Happy new year Bears, may 2018 be kinder to us in a footballing sense, Christ knows we deserve it after these 6 years of pain and despair.
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    All the best guys and best of luck in everything for 2018
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    Happy New Year Bears lets have a successful 2018 WATP
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    Happy new year. Hopefully 2018 can be successful for our great club.
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    Happy new year to all bears and loyalists all over,will be an early 1 or me the nite been aff the drink and gear for 2 month so everyone enjoy themselves and stay safe
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    Mate every time we turn it on ~ Sheep twice, Hearts away etc and get the big results, I think “ that’s it, the penny has dropped” and then we revert back to tepid shite. I really hope, this 2nd half performance and the winter break gets the fucking message across. I can tolerate defeat, but I can’t tolerate a lack of fight.
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    Amazing. It’s been quiet on that front for a while now - everyone singing what they want, nobody bitching about it. Then the moment it doesn’t go all their way on the pitch, suddenly it’s s big issue again.
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    Top scorer in the league yet misses a lot of good chances, that just shows how good he is at getting into goal scoring positions.
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    She is almost back to normal mate. It was a massive shock, on holiday as well. If you are ever going to take no well be near Inverness the Ragmore Hospital restores your faith in the NHS.
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    Happy New Year fellow bears....keep believing & no Surrender....
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    Happy new year Rangers media all the best for 2018