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    Hope 2018 is Kind To Ours Everywhere!???
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    Happy New Year and good health in 2018 to all on RM. WATP.
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    Happy new year to all the Protestants
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    All the Best my fellow Bears. ??????
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    Happy New Year to all you Bears out there! Enjoy yourselves!!?
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    All the best troops.. Play up the Glasgow Rangers..
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    Happy New Year troops have a good one
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    Happy New Year to Bears everywhere. Hope it brings us all health, wealth and a fantastic, winning, well run club.
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    Happy new year to all the nice folk on RM and the same to the Bams
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    Hopefully onwards and upwards but whatever 2018 brings no fucking surrender!
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    Happy New Year John and to everyone on RM.
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    Thank you. Happy New Year everyone. Even those that fucking hate me. ???
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    Anyone would have been better than Nico. Guy is nothing more than a traffic cone.
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    Happy New Year Bears lets have a successful 2018 WATP
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    Happy new year. Hopefully 2018 can be successful for our great club.
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    Happy new year to all bears and loyalists all over,will be an early 1 or me the nite been aff the drink and gear for 2 month so everyone enjoy themselves and stay safe
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    Mate every time we turn it on ~ Sheep twice, Hearts away etc and get the big results, I think “ that’s it, the penny has dropped” and then we revert back to tepid shite. I really hope, this 2nd half performance and the winter break gets the fucking message across. I can tolerate defeat, but I can’t tolerate a lack of fight.
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    Happy new year too my fellow Bears
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    Happy new year when it comes troops. Fuck the tarriers
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    Regardless of whether you rate him or not, you’ve got to feel some sympathy for the lad. He clearly loves football and whatever it is that’s going on in the background I hope he gets all the support he needs. I know nothing, this has no credibility, and I am not “in the know”, but I suspect the psychological reasons for his absence might be a bigger issue than is made out.