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    People reacting to nobodies like this guy just gives him the attention he’s desperate for. Absolutley irrelevant nobody.
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    I wonder if he knows the Boys Club history as well.
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    Cue the Motherwell fans new hatred for the guy and the tarriers searching hours of old footage of them playing against Rangers in the past to show some sort of conspiracy ...
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    Can’t copy and paste as I’m on my phone but was reading an article there which was a cracking read about how it’s a dream come true for his pal Hateley says they are both Rangers daft but had to keep it hidden while they were playing at Motherwell but it’s great to see his pal arrive at “their team” paraphrasing just the tone of it is nice and will rile a few Motherwell cunts up as he’s saying they were Rangers daft when both at Motherwell
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    After all the dross we have signed over the last few years Murphy is a step in the right direction for once and being a Bear just puts the cherry on top.
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    https://www.scotsman.com/news/ryan-mcgowan-in-court-as-father-is-found-guilty-of-murder-1-4367344/amp Prefer that story to be honest.
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    Excellent. Good to see an improvement in the facilities available for our promising young players.
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    Is there any fucking point in arguing about this? The manager has recalled him and he is back on the staff. I thought he was excellent in the Championship and regardless of what the detractors say he was indeed outstanding in the celtic semi final. Last season he was poor. Perhaps that was because it was a level too high or perhaps there were other reasons. Most players have an indifferent season during their career and come back and shine again. Why have things gone so bad in Azerbaijan? Fucks knows but he isn't the first and won't be the last to move to a strange country and find it a miserable experience. Is he a dressing room malcontent and a trouble maker? Fuck knows but if that kind of conduct does emerge then he is finished but considering the managerial turmoil last season I'm happy to give him the benefit of the doubt and certainly won't be influenced by Internet judge and jury threads when no one outside the club knows the true facts. Halliday is not exactly my favourite player but he is a Rangers fan and I'm pretty sure that having been given a second chance he will surely give it his all. He isn't a great player but nor is he a bad player. I'll back him to the hilt and hope it goes well for him and us. If it doesn't then the haters are proved correct and will I am sure shout their delight from the rooftops. If it goes well then we have the option of a player moving forward or a potential sale. I'm willing to give him a second chance and really hope he succeeds. But as for arguing about it until the end of the winter break, no thanks. It has happened and we get on with it.
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    I hope Tom is joking about having to hide a Rangers allegiance, shocking if true as the rancids can't help proclaim who they really support. Good article about our new staunch player though.
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    Disgrace, money should've been used on something more useful..
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    Fuck it get Hateley in as RB cover, cant br any worse that Hodson. Sounds lile he would run through walls for the club.
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    It's amazing how shite Sean Goss is considering he hasn't even played yet.
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    Seriously? Hop onto any Newcastle forum and read about the way Ashley runs his clubs. Under Ashley's tenure we failed to get promoted from the fucking Championship for crying out loud. You seem to be able to rationalise an argument very well, I'm flummoxed as to how you think Ashley was anything but disastrous. Did you take part in the share issue with Green? Don't have to answer if that's a personal question but whether you did or you didn't are you not disgusted with how that monies was spent? Or the retail deal which crippled our club? Or the insult of the 5 loan players (we paid for) who were injured? Or the rolling set of Chief Executives meaning we had no stable footing? Or the naming rights of Ibrox for a quid? I also want Dave King out the club and can't forgive what David Murray did, but in David Murray's case we've been punished retrospectively for EBTs and with King at least the club is operating in a relatively sane and stable manner - albeit there are still huge criticisms about the operational capacity of the current board. Ashley though, he's no better than Craig Whyte.
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    Just shows the depths this country has fallen to when a player being afraid to let his allegiance to Rangers known is just a given and isn’t questioned in the media why this is the case Can you imagine the uproar if a player had said he was afraid to let his allegiance to the scum be known, the usual suspects in the media would be all over it like a rash.
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    Very possibly true. My son suffered very badly from infantile eczema and was on steroid creams from an early age. At 28 he now has carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands and suffers regularly from muscle aches. Steroid creams are often used to treat acne related issues, so entirely believable as far as I am concerned.
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    "Acne medicine" is certainly a new one.
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    Here comes the inevitable hate......
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    Think McCrorie is wasted at CB.
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    Fraserburgh v Rangers Scottish Cup 4th Round 12:00pm Sunday 21st January Bellslea Park Attendance: 55,000
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    Cheers for that 007 international man of mystery
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    David Bates was the best defender on the park last week, McCrorie has been the best young player in Scotland the past 3 months, yet a cunt that gets bullied by Morelos and has played about 5 full games is now becoming the £20 million guy. The press up here are rancid tarrier fucks
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