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    Rumour has it he's managed to get Pedro to pay all of Pena wages whilst he's away as well as agreeing a fee of around 2m in the summer if all goes well. That'd be a great piece of business if true.
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    This place allows the idiots of our fanbase far too much freedom to embarrass themselves.
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    The thing with fenians is, they don't know how to handle success properly, that's why they are acting like monkey's. I'm only 30 and we've always been the dominant team, winning everything. The only time they have won stuff is breaking up our winning spree, they've never went on a run like this. And deep down they know that it's took for a miscarriage of Justice and a school of con artists on our part to get them where they are. It's an inferiority complex, being always in the shadows of a bigger club makes you resent and hate, we just laugh at them, but they hate. Things will change for us sooner rather than later and they will be back in their place, for that there is no doubt. They can only beat us when we're at our weakest, and that's why these 'titles' are tainted.
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    Honestly think it's too early to say
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    Patsy Clyne.
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    Until I see proof that this is anything more than a concerted campaign online to damage our brand during an important transfer window, these topics are getting locked.
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    imagine posting a thread on this.
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    Been laughing non stop at this one for the last 10 minutes
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    He clearly is wiping his nose with our shorts, why anybody is trying to pretend otherwise is confusing to me. A clear sign of disrespect, no idea what's brought it on but that is clearly what it is.
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    Can’t emphasise enough though: regardless of inducements, bad advice or naievety, these “Rangers fans” who sign for them are absolute fucking scum, the cunt’s cunts. I wish career-ending injuries on all of them.
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    Haha do you know a tim signed up to the Heart and Hand subscription service then moaned fhat Edgar told Thommo he couldn’t pick the lego muncher in his top 11. Yes that’s right, a tim signed up to a Rangers podcast then moaned about anti-sellik content.
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    Until we get 55 no cunt is getting praise off me! ??
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    No one could be more of a fucking idiot that anyone who backed a convicted criminal who as it turns out again fucked the rules to take control. Now one wouldn't need such a large IQ to work out that you were going to get fucked. Backing a criminal cunt with a track record that would make death look like an act of clemency and this criminal cunt who now has it in his gift to put us out of fucking business as a consequence of the COS judgement. Ah but, he's a Rangers man. That'll save us! Now correct me if I'm wrong. Can't remember Ashley ever running us. I do remember that two of his placemen were on the board who were instrumental in getting us running on a break even basis. I can't recall Ashley ever starting a war, but I do recall King starting one and as it turned he hadn't even read the fucking SDI contract. I do recall SDI honouring their contract as a supplier, but King actually breaking it. I also recall and to this day, that not one shred of evidence was provided to prove the SDI contract was one sided. I also recall Ashley giving us back the crown jewels for fuck all, when he didn't need to. However, I do recall, 1872 paying Ashley 27p a share to get king off the hook. So you want Ashley as a supplier to tell Green, oh I'm going to earn too much from that, just reduce all the pricing? Now you don't need to provide me with evidence that you live on Pluto, but start telling me about business and how it should be run and I'm listening, but not one where you have a career fucking criminal running it and then you can tell me who the fucking idiots are. BTW, I never voted for Ashley.
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    Bit early this we congratulate at the end of the season if we have achieved anything.
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    Still racking my brain to find an answer as to why big Derek never started in any of the 3 World Cup games that year. He was the highest scorer in Scottish football that year. Still remember the headed goal vs. Wales. Big Vancouver shout out to the Bear who put the Colin McAdam video on thread. I'd like to say that it brought back a lot of memories but this was at a time when the world was bigger and I had lost touch with Rangers bar the odd newspaper sent out to me.
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    Glad i found this thread. Supposed to be meeting a guy called wee JP to be buying some sugar. If youre reading this i dont want the same pish as last time and it better be a full gram. Volvo for sale.
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    Aye his isny spelt the tarrier way!!
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    OP called Harry Handsome and he’s after a hook up. ?? You do know this is RangersMedia right??
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    I'm also a bit wary of jumping the gun before there are any positive results on the table, Smile; so you are correct in what you say. I'm fed up of fans falling into the trap and predicting we will run riot with new players we get, only for them to be a massive disappointment.
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    Probably the worst thread in any Rangers forum ever. Just fucking awful and the sentiment in the photo is lovely as well. People need to have a fucking word with themselves and admin need to seriously consider why this thread wasn't sunk.
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    I would take Ashley if he was to put money in to the club and get us back to being the premier club in Scotland and competing in the champions league. I’m not an Ashley lover but he does have enough funds to take us to the top in Scotland again. I’m sick of the way we are run and I just don’t like King at all we are embarrassing ourselves with everything we do. I realise this won’t be popular but wether it be king, Ashley, the fans, whoever I’ll still buy 3 season tickets this year and next season 4 season tickets 9 kids kits plus 2/3 adult tops every year and on the cccs. I’m so desperate to win this league. Am I sports Direct loyal?
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    Apparently gave this to his dad after signing.
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    I bet he has a Ranger's wank sock as well.
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    Imagine Rangers turning down bids for 2 of our players and recruiting when we are in such trouble. Delete the thread and dont feed the bheast.
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    Why are people pretending that producing a pair of shorts with a club crest clearly visible, and wiping your nose with them, in front of a load of photographers, is normal behaviour? Fucking twilight zone in here.
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    Prick should never be over there on any loan , a few games in and they will know he's a donkey. He should have been sold , and everything should be done to make sure he never comes back.
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    In all honesty, I'd still rather be a mexican than a 7th generation oirish fenian.
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    Hardly blowing his nose on them as the papers have printed already.
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    No the easiest chap to get in contact with...
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    I think folk need to take a step back and wait to see how the season ends before these types of threads. It wasn't so long ago folk were praising the board for bringing in the likes of Barton, Niko, Rossier, Dodoo and co and it ended up an expensive disaster. Let's just wait and see how it pans out.
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    MacLeod was a clown, looking back it’s unbelievable how the nation fell for his pish. Although when you think of what almost happened in the referendum a couple of years ago, maybe not so unbelievable.
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    Simples, he wasn’t half the player Dalglish and Jordan were
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    I would have taken Ashley, Whyte, Green, or whoever if they took us back to the top of Scottish football but the sad reality is none of them had any ambition to take us back to where we want to be. Ashley doesn't give a shit about Rangers, all he did was exploit the plight of our club for his own selfish interests, he has treated Rangers with utter contempt. Time to give up on the fantasy mate.
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    Honestly never see or hear anyone saying otherwise other than a few guys on here. Madhouse.
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    Ashley is a total cunt. Anyone who thinks he is the answer is a fucking idiot.
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    Signing players who openly support us, probably for slightly over the odds in terms of wages, but still for relative peanuts, in order to undermine us. Makes us look feeble, makes them look superior. Shows they have more money and appeal than us. Opens the door for other players to do it in the future. You think they paraded Scott Allan on the pitch at half time because he was a marquee signing?
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    Honestly reckon this business of signing cunts like Allan and Morgan is part of a deliberate strategy.
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    Apparently there was a lot of bets being laid on it. So much so the odds tumbled from 5000/1 to 500/1. Those pesky troublemaking tims sure like to throw their Giro money away.
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    Subscribed to this on Patreon, Fuck the scottish media, I only listen to Rangers related content now.
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    Are we though? No being snide, and wish it wasn’t the case, but we’ve no money, no quality players, no likelyhood of winning trophies, no champions league football and we’re 3rd in the SPFL with a youth coach in charge.
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