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    The thing with fenians is, they don't know how to handle success properly, that's why they are acting like monkey's. I'm only 30 and we've always been the dominant team, winning everything. The only time they have won stuff is breaking up our winning spree, they've never went on a run like this. And deep down they know that it's took for a miscarriage of Justice and a school of con artists on our part to get them where they are. It's an inferiority complex, being always in the shadows of a bigger club makes you resent and hate, we just laugh at them, but they hate. Things will change for us sooner rather than later and they will be back in their place, for that there is no doubt. They can only beat us when we're at our weakest, and that's why these 'titles' are tainted.
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    Been laughing non stop at this one for the last 10 minutes
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    Can’t emphasise enough though: regardless of inducements, bad advice or naievety, these “Rangers fans” who sign for them are absolute fucking scum, the cunt’s cunts. I wish career-ending injuries on all of them.
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    Signing players who openly support us, probably for slightly over the odds in terms of wages, but still for relative peanuts, in order to undermine us. Makes us look feeble, makes them look superior. Shows they have more money and appeal than us. Opens the door for other players to do it in the future. You think they paraded Scott Allan on the pitch at half time because he was a marquee signing?
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    Honestly reckon this business of signing cunts like Allan and Morgan is part of a deliberate strategy.
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    So it begins with Barry Bennell admiting seven child sex offences. Former football coach Barry Bennell has pleaded guilty to seven child sex offences. Mr Bennell, 63, now known as Richard Jones, admitted six charges of indecent assault, between 1988-1991, on day one of his trial at Liverpool Crown Court. He previously pleaded guilty to one further charge, it can now be reported. He is charged with 55 offences in total, including 42 counts of indecent assault, 11 serious sexual assaults and two counts of attempted sexual assault. A jury for the trial - which is due to last for eight weeks - is expected to be sworn in later. The ex-Crewe Alexandra coach entered the six guilty pleas as he appeared via videolink in court wearing a grey jumper. The offences relate to two complainants who were boys aged between 11 and 14 at the time. Mr Bennell was charged with 55 offences relating to 12 complainants, aged between eight and 15 at the time. The offences are alleged to have happened between 1979 and 1991. Hang the fkn lot of them along with those who knew but said fk all.
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    Did Murphy and Murty shrink on the flight over, or is that shirt made for some American Football giant of a player?
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    The fact they’ve used the money and then thought a 200 seater would be enough sums up they clowns.
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    Wish a long career of second places on any jump the dyke.
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    Cannot fathom how any Rangers fan could even contemplate joining that mob. The thought of it honestly gives me the boak!
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    Just want to get home. It’s been great here but watching us had been hard.
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    I want us to put out strong teams and win both games but would be good to see Atakyi play the second half of the game against whatever one of our opposition has sent their B-team.
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    Kranjcar looks like some jakey that's just following them about
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    Man Utd are the scum of England Arsenal and Liverpool are the laughing stocks
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    Morgan been linked with a move to the EPL yet?
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    Exactly, if they fail to get to the group stages they’re in trouble, they’re wage bill and expenses is a lot higher than anyone else in the league.
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    If you were Morgan's mate or family and supported Rangers you would be thinking, what the fuck ya wee prick, what the fuck are you doing going to them and then slagging us off, fucking hell what a wank. I couldn't even think about going to them, obviously there will be money involved but no it's just a no from me. If that's his attitude I hope he fails big time, hate any cunt or anything to do with that lot.
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    Love how the cunty media, tarrier players and management just assume they’ll be playing in the Champions League qualifiers next year! Due to the court cases coming up in March I wonder what the point deduction is for harbouring and hiding a paedophile ring?!?!
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    Fine then build the kids better facilities In all for that. Tell me though what does a 200 seat stand do to improve our kids at football.
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    Something for matchday around ibrox would have been nice, scrap the ibrox complex and build something the home fans can enjoy and spend money in, benefits a lot more fans and the club on a regular basis Imagine a boozer that had screens showing old classic Rangers games, food etc, filled with fans on matchdays, hell even make it a stop off point for busses going to away games, hire it out as a function suite other times, maybe make it a starting and finishing point for the ibrox tour