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    Peado harbouring boss Brendan Rodgers received a complimentary text message from Philippe Coutinho, a player he signed for Liverpool, as the Brazilian was completing his £142m move Barcelona. (Daily Record) Ah so it returns, St Brenda has miraculously and single handedly created the transfer of Coutinho, he obviously deserved such a complimentary text. Wtf does that even mean I can genuinely see tarriers killing themselves when we win the league. I can also see journalists really going into rabid tarrier mode. It speaks volumes for this country when you can actually vision the back page of that rancid paper with something like congratulations on your first league title. That’s how bitter it will become when we win it
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    ‘Up to our knees in fenian H***’ would turn it right back around
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    Good looking flag in Florida, belong to anyone we know
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    438 views but no one wants to say anything that could be deemed positive towards the board
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    Tbf mate and can't go into to much detail on here but from what I've heard from ex external contractors who are Rangers supporters that have provided maintenance of the stadiim, the maintenance of the ground has been shambolic for near on 15 years or so. I've heard some.horror stories regarding some of the plant and an alarming story that I actually hope isn't true. But too many tarriers and journo looking in for that one. Not really a praise the board post from.me just more a gratitude that someone is doing something lol
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    we should really be calling them H*** fuck knows how it got turned. Jail will be heaven 3meals a day no foodbanks and benson bumming his arse 24/7. Wonder if he will hunger strike seen as he has his death buddy on his arm. just scum simples.
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    Cunts sitting on the current board started the maintenance cut backs that have us where we are today. But you want me to say thanks for them finally doing what should be a given. They should be apologising to us for letting Ibrox get in the state it has.
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    At least this time we will be going into the third division with a fresh looking stadium.
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    The bookies must piss themseelves laughing when taigs bet their giros on us going into admin. Obsessed retards.
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    Mental to think we gave them West Enclosure
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    My mate posted that on facebook, was buckled man
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    The thing with fenians is, they don't know how to handle success properly, that's why they are acting like monkey's. I'm only 30 and we've always been the dominant team, winning everything. The only time they have won stuff is breaking up our winning spree, they've never went on a run like this. And deep down they know that it's took for a miscarriage of Justice and a school of con artists on our part to get them where they are. It's an inferiority complex, being always in the shadows of a bigger club makes you resent and hate, we just laugh at them, but they hate. Things will change for us sooner rather than later and they will be back in their place, for that there is no doubt. They can only beat us when we're at our weakest, and that's why these 'titles' are tainted.
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    Where we getting the cladding from
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    Hope there's no Bears getting squeezed into lifts and set on fire in here. That cunt is sick!!!
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    Daft bet to have done, but got away with it. Cashed out after the first two went in. If I'd let it run I'd have got hee haw back. Two shortest priced didn't win...
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    Players like Bravo, Mangala and Toure just can't be trusted.
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    Still our greatest European result in my opinion.
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    Mccafferty used to send young celtic players down to Crewe to stay at Bennell’s house and vice versa. Pretty clear case of a paedophile ring between the two clubs. Anyway here’s the article: https://www.google.co.uk/amp/www.BOYCOTT THIS LINK/news/scottish-news/pervert-kitman-jim-mccafferty-sent-9413974.amp
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    An injury free Clint would have outshone Alves all day long. Warhorse is a great name for the big man.
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    Absolute gentleman. Had all the time in the world for the fans and new exactly how important it was and how lucky he was to play for our great club, what a guy!
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    Be the last of the year knowing my luck mate