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    amazing. Maybe get O’Halloran on the chair & Jimmy Nicholl singing over in Florida
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    Been giggling all afternoon at your meltdown. Imagine you of all people asking for someone to stay on topic, you could turn a conversation about a bovril into an attack on King. Weapon.
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    Fuck up you gimp! Giving it all the spineless bit, needs his mammy etc. You've been offered the chance to meet at Ibrox numerous times, not once have you taken it up, and you never, ever will. You're the one who's a spineless, no balls, pathetic slabber, who gives it big licks from behind a keyboard but like all little pricks, that's all you can do. Why don't you bring you personal armed security with you, you dickhead. Also, why don't you answer the repeated questions, about the pish you've written, Billy Liar? Spineless, compulsive lying fantasist, and that's your best qualities ...
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    Why are you encouraging people to set their children on fire ya scumbag
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    I think the RSPCA would be a bit upset if 70 bears died
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    Nothing to worry about eh Also got these wee things made up for mini bus windows
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    Can't be arsed reading the whole thread, but I bet Dave King got a cracking deal from the company that made the cladding for grenfell.
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    Halliday is no world beater but the way people give him pelters goes far beyond him not being the best footballer in the world. It’s mental that we’ve got to a point where a guy who is a supporter of the club is vilified by a section of the support for what often reads as nothing more reason than jealousy. I hope he rams it right up the people who can’t help but make snidey, petty, little digs about him on a daily basis.
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    Whilst on the subject of controversy. Why can’t a wee black guy wear a jumper that says “Coolest Monkey” on it? Surely the ones complaining make the connection and therefore they are the racist ones. If I saw a wee black guy with a “coolest monkey” hoody on I’d say “cool jumper wee man”
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    It’s also hilarious how some people have defended Pena for months giving it all the “he needs time to settle and adapt he’s playing in a foreign country for the first time” patter but when Halliday (who was in the exact same position) admits that he struggled to settle in fucking Azerbaijan he’s just a shitebag and a mummy’s boy.
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    Honestly man folk on here are mental, we seem to give our own a harder time than our rivals do. Is the guy a world class player nah he's not, but the stick he gets is unbelievable. He's a Rangers fan and isnt shy in letting folk know it and he gets to play for the club he supports, this should be celebrated instead of giving him pelters every time his name is mentioned.
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    You've got a cheek sarcastically calling someone else a tough guy, you've been offered to meet folk on here several times and each time you've shat it. Spineless wee shitebag.
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    GSA has definitely been slapped about by either Halliday or his birds brother A don’t think I’ve ever seen a poster that angry about a tarrier, never mind one of our own players.
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    New roof, new assistant manager, new coaching team, new players coming in, ffs we are spending money like there's no tomorrow......oh wait.....
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    http://www.vanguardbears.co.uk/article.php?i=172&a=what-is-wrong-with-these-people? Well said
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    Prso singing the billy boys
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    Phew!!! Though PCG was at it again!
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    Hhahaah. Maybe read the thread before jumping in with 2 feet and making a tit of yourself ya fucking crank.
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    It's only upsetting him because NAE FUCKING TEAM have made any bids for him
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    Rodgers in the paper saying all the constant transfer talk will upset dembele, fucking tell your boss to stop trying to whore him to fuck then
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    We're going to desperate lengths to cut short Dodoo's loan here.
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    Yeah nobody on here has experienced a death. That's exactly what it is.
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    I’ve lost someone to suicide but I still laughed at Gary McKay Steven taking a plunge into the clyde LOL
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    I remember scoring a double hatrick after having both my legs amputated following a horrible accident with an epson desktop printer (dont ask). My recovery is testament to my staunchness and general gemme-ness
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    Some precious cunts on here ffs
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    “Copland” or “Mammy”? I genuinely can’t make up my mind with regards to which patter is worse.
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    I'm coming up for the Old Firm in March, want to meet at Ibrox, like previous offers from others, i'll even buy you a pie? You can bring your armed personal security if you like ....or your mammy.
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    There's about 3 posts on the cladding.
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    There is genuinely mentally ill people in this thread. This place is off the scale
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    Peado harbouring boss Brendan Rodgers received a complimentary text message from Philippe Coutinho, a player he signed for Liverpool, as the Brazilian was completing his £142m move Barcelona. (Daily Record) Ah so it returns, St Brenda has miraculously and single handedly created the transfer of Coutinho, he obviously deserved such a complimentary text. Wtf does that even mean I can genuinely see tarriers killing themselves when we win the league. I can also see journalists really going into rabid tarrier mode. It speaks volumes for this country when you can actually vision the back page of that rancid paper with something like congratulations on your first league title. That’s how bitter it will become when we win it
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    That is an actual disgrace. What a scumbag. Should never wear our jersey again.
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    Why did you want to kill 70 bears in a high rise flat? How would you get them up there? Surely they can't all go in a lift together? Would Attenborough do the voice over?
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    Live it through Murphy or Dorrans instead. It'll go better.
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    Daft move. He made a mistake. There we go. We all make them.
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    Fuck sake RMs is fucking mental these days. I think Halliday is shite, and shouldn’t be in our team, but the abuse he’s taking today from some is outrageous and absolutely disgusting. Have a word with yourselves man.
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    remember last year at this time they sent dembele down to england for a day, to kid on he was signing for someone - on the off chance someone would see this and panic sign him?
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    I would't say that moving to Azerbaijan when he could have just as easy sat on his arse and collected his wages is the mark of a coward or someone without a spine, actually i'd say the opposite. Instead of kicking the toys out the pram and sitting being disruptive when he knew he wouldnt get a game he took a chance and moved, helping our wage bill in the process. It didnt pan out, he didn't like it, he wouldn't be the first person in history to make a major life change like that and realise "aw wait this wasn't as great as I thought it would be" but nice to see it's getting used as another reason to give him abuse. You just come across as a bit bitter and twisted.
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    And many dislike him because they are jealous. One read of this thread makes that clear. There’s stuff posted in here about him that has absolutely nothing to do with his footballing ability. It just reads as bitterness and people acting like wankers. I know what your opinion on him is and I don’t really want to get into a discussion about it again because you aren’t going to change it.
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    Taking his footballing ability out of it the abuse Halliday gets from our support is an absolute disgrace.
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    @Perth_Campsie_Ger just got excited because he sees Grenfell as a big fuck off oven.
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    Wow I asked you last time about this and you couldn't back up what you were saying, how is he a media whore? Insulting his burd cos you don't rate him as a footballer. Nice.
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    Fuck all to do with folk dying it was about king being a dodgy cunt who is a cheapskate
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    Tell me you didn't just type that? Riddy. Giggling again.
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