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    amazing. Maybe get O’Halloran on the chair & Jimmy Nicholl singing over in Florida
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    Why are you encouraging people to set their children on fire ya scumbag
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    I think the RSPCA would be a bit upset if 70 bears died
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    Whilst on the subject of controversy. Why can’t a wee black guy wear a jumper that says “Coolest Monkey” on it? Surely the ones complaining make the connection and therefore they are the racist ones. If I saw a wee black guy with a “coolest monkey” hoody on I’d say “cool jumper wee man”
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    It’s also hilarious how some people have defended Pena for months giving it all the “he needs time to settle and adapt he’s playing in a foreign country for the first time” patter but when Halliday (who was in the exact same position) admits that he struggled to settle in fucking Azerbaijan he’s just a shitebag and a mummy’s boy.
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    Honestly man folk on here are mental, we seem to give our own a harder time than our rivals do. Is the guy a world class player nah he's not, but the stick he gets is unbelievable. He's a Rangers fan and isnt shy in letting folk know it and he gets to play for the club he supports, this should be celebrated instead of giving him pelters every time his name is mentioned.
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    GSA has definitely been slapped about by either Halliday or his birds brother A don’t think I’ve ever seen a poster that angry about a tarrier, never mind one of our own players.
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    New roof, new assistant manager, new coaching team, new players coming in, ffs we are spending money like there's no tomorrow......oh wait.....
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    http://www.vanguardbears.co.uk/article.php?i=172&a=what-is-wrong-with-these-people? Well said
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    We're going to desperate lengths to cut short Dodoo's loan here.
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    Yeah nobody on here has experienced a death. That's exactly what it is.
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    I’ve lost someone to suicide but I still laughed at Gary McKay Steven taking a plunge into the clyde LOL
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    I remember scoring a double hatrick after having both my legs amputated following a horrible accident with an epson desktop printer (dont ask). My recovery is testament to my staunchness and general gemme-ness
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    Some precious cunts on here ffs
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    Why did you want to kill 70 bears in a high rise flat? How would you get them up there? Surely they can't all go in a lift together? Would Attenborough do the voice over?
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    Live it through Murphy or Dorrans instead. It'll go better.
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    Daft move. He made a mistake. There we go. We all make them.
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    @Perth_Campsie_Ger just got excited because he sees Grenfell as a big fuck off oven.
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    Wow I asked you last time about this and you couldn't back up what you were saying, how is he a media whore? Insulting his burd cos you don't rate him as a footballer. Nice.
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    Fuck all to do with folk dying it was about king being a dodgy cunt who is a cheapskate
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