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    Rangers should bid £300,000 for Dembele and unsettle him.
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    A young Cyrille Regis was playing for West Brom one away match in 1978, and the racist taunts from the home fans were getting to him. He was missing shots, headers, even simple passes were beyond him. He walked off the pitch at half-time, dejected and alone. As he walked off, a man from the crowd shouted at him: "I believe in you, Cyrille. Go out there and prove those racists wrong, and be a hero for all black footballers from this day forward!" He then went out in the second half and scored a hat-trick. That man's name? Brendan Rodgers.
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    I'd genuinely put a hammer over a cunts nut if I got disciplined for something posted on an anonymous message board. Cunts are standing in the nation's capital promoting death upon its citizens but if you call Craig Levein a speccy hotdog ye get banished to the pits of mordor That wan liner was originally for Neil Lennon but forgot it was teeth that where fucked not his eyes, although he did resign Ambrose. Fuck the Pope and the IRA stand tall against enemies of the nation.
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    Yet they managed to play no bother when Tommy Burns died. Not to mention the tour of Japan. They are absolute shameless scummy cunts. The most disgusting organisation ever to be created.
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    Shock Horror, the unwashed rheptiles jump on another bandwagon that has nothing to do with them ie the late great Cyril Regis. Three words: Mark. Walters. Debut. Scum from cradle to grave.
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    If Dembele played for us, Charlton and Oxford United would be battling it out for the £500k rated striker.
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    Cyrille Regis was a great footballer and a decent guy and the absolute opposite of everything that shithole of a club stands for.
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    Have to disagree. Hutton warranted a place at International and Champions League level where he excelled. Tav has some way to go before he is anywhere near the level Hutton was at. As good a player as Tav is.
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    Brighton supporter here, just wanted to wish Jamie Murphy all the best at Rangers, he's a quality player that's for sure and its a shame he never got his chance to shine for Brighton in the EPL. Oh and its nice to see Rangers back where they belong, now hurry up and knock celtic off there perch!!!
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    If this game is on, the cunts who are saying it’s off should be banned.
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    Stuck up against majority who slated Tav last year and how underrated he is, but at the moment some are overrating him. Hutton was a class above and proved it at the top level, no comparison.
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    Disappointing but excellent decision to inspect pitch in advance.
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    From facebook;........................ Johnny has been moved from hospital into a home where he is settling in. He remains in our thoughts and all good wishes are with Mrs Hubbard and the family. I know everyone's kindness and messages of support along with the many cards & gifts he got during his time in hospital was much appreciated by the family. Johnny has also received a letter from Sir Alex Ferguson. Fergie phoned to enquire after him too.
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    If anyone is seriously considering comparing the two they need shot. Hutton was a top player at CL level for us. Tav is a few levels below at his best. Just a sign of where we are and where Scottish football is
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    Good decision to take them out the Scottish league this season and play at european level. This will help us long term - guaranteed.
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    The taigs tour of Japan means we have to play both on the same night.
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    I’ve said from day one Dembele is a useless cunt. He was lucky for 6 months And everything he touched went in the net but you could see from his general play he wasn’t exactly an excellent player. Same way I could tell Pena and Herrera wouldn’t make it. Hate to admit it but the ugly thumb is twice the player French wankboy is
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    In behind the striker. His best position I think.
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    Fod tav. Martin. Wilson. John Goss. Holt candeais Windass. Murphy Morelos its our strongest team and should cause their dodgy defence plenty of problems
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    Thought everyone knew that Frank Sinatra live at Ibrox Stadium, Glasgow (1990)
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    He's not better "defensively" than anyone. He's the physically weakest midfielder in our squad and that includes 5ft, 9 stone Jason Holt.
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    Gross holt Candeias windass murphy
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    Agreed, hutton was utterly phenomenal in the CL the year we got to Manchester, tav isn't anywhere near close to him the now
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    Prob why you never made it past Coltness colts
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    Fuck celtic fuck wee Jay fuck the Pope fuck bobby sands fuck the ira fucking absolute fuck Neil Lennon and fuck the rest of thum
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    Regis was nothing to do with them or Scottish football for that matter.They are essentially clapping a black guy for being black and dying. i think it's just in response to some poor press re the mark Walters stories recently.
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    Should play the video of when they pelted one of our black players with a banana. Hypocritical Fenian child touching wankers. The Bheast has no shame
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    Its good to watch a press conference without cringing. You can tell Murty will put his life and soul into making us a success. Hope it works out for him.
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    Thomas Madigage South African trialist.
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    Glad City are back to winning ways
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    Ngannou looks to have the champions shine at the moment but stipe has stopped a higher level of fighter more consistently for me this is a genuinely great fight
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    Another fucking brilliant result away in Europe against another top team it annoys me why these boys can’t make the step up there’s a missing link somewhere games like that make me proud as fuck to be a Rangers fan
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    The run for adams goal, his run for the penalty, his cross for cousin away to lyon, abd i think every old firm game he put mcgeady into the stand lol
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    No because if it still wasn't ready you'd have 1800 fans making a 5/6 hour trip up to Fraserburgh for no reason. Use your head.
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    Hate to be pedantic but its not a replay its a rescheduling. Poor grammar from sky ?
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    Best RB in the league by a fucking mile
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    Just seen there having a minutes applause for Cyril Regis tomorrow ? Am I missing something, is he connected to them in anyway or is this just another classic 'love us love us' excercise ?
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    It's early days yet for his jousts with the Press. IMO their punches are still being pulled since he is the new boy and they are cutting him some slack right now with plenty other news to keep them busy, like the spate of loan signings and a burgeoning squad. Lets see how he copes if the pressure comes on and results don't go to plan or there are some really bad results and the Press start to wire in a bit more robustly as they usually do. The time to measure more fully his performances with the Press will be at the end of the season when we - and the Press - see if he can produce a Rangers side that finishes the season in a spot qualifying for Europe and with a good cup run under the belt. If neither happen then not only will the Press be a bit more pressing we'll see then what Murty has by way of resilience and composure and ability to deal with difficult situations.
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    Brilliant, just fucking brilliant. I know all the stuff about players that support us actually playing for us and how sometimes it doesn’t pan out. But we forget just how proud their parents are for them, Jamie’s father must have his chest puffed and his heart bursting just that bit more now his son has fulfilled that dream. Love it.
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