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    Rangers should bid £300,000 for Dembele and unsettle him.
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    A young Cyrille Regis was playing for West Brom one away match in 1978, and the racist taunts from the home fans were getting to him. He was missing shots, headers, even simple passes were beyond him. He walked off the pitch at half-time, dejected and alone. As he walked off, a man from the crowd shouted at him: "I believe in you, Cyrille. Go out there and prove those racists wrong, and be a hero for all black footballers from this day forward!" He then went out in the second half and scored a hat-trick. That man's name? Brendan Rodgers.
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    Shock Horror, the unwashed rheptiles jump on another bandwagon that has nothing to do with them ie the late great Cyril Regis. Three words: Mark. Walters. Debut. Scum from cradle to grave.
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    If Dembele played for us, Charlton and Oxford United would be battling it out for the £500k rated striker.
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    Cyrille Regis was a great footballer and a decent guy and the absolute opposite of everything that shithole of a club stands for.
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    If this game is on, the cunts who are saying it’s off should be banned.
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    I’ve said from day one Dembele is a useless cunt. He was lucky for 6 months And everything he touched went in the net but you could see from his general play he wasn’t exactly an excellent player. Same way I could tell Pena and Herrera wouldn’t make it. Hate to admit it but the ugly thumb is twice the player French wankboy is
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    Regis was nothing to do with them or Scottish football for that matter.They are essentially clapping a black guy for being black and dying. i think it's just in response to some poor press re the mark Walters stories recently.
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    Should play the video of when they pelted one of our black players with a banana. Hypocritical Fenian child touching wankers. The Bheast has no shame
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    Best RB in the league by a fucking mile
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    By the sounds of it it's ice not snow or rain that seems to be the concern.
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    Just seen there having a minutes applause for Cyril Regis tomorrow ? Am I missing something, is he connected to them in anyway or is this just another classic 'love us love us' excercise ?
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    Hopefully goes well for him but you must be pissed off thinking about how the fuck Herrera gets more game time than him
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    He punched 19 stone Overeem about 3 feet in the air ??
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    Ian McColl, Ian McMillan, Johnny Little and Sammy Baird
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    The sea winds usually mean they don't get much snow, and it's not that heavy when they do. The low is -1 degrees Saturday and Sunday, fingers crossed it's fine.
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    the beasts don't do irony do they, having a minutes applause for someone who received horrendous racial abuse being held at a ground that was the sight of the worst incident of racist behaviour ever seen in this country or maybe they might not remember it having swept it under the carpet as they normally do with things that shame them
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    He is out of contract in the summer , how do you sell someone in the summer once their contract has run out?
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    Sad to see but I guess if the man who knows him as well as anyone won't play him then his career is over.
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    If he couldn’t break into the team this season, he never will. Good luck to him though.