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    He was one of Ally McCoist's references after he applied to become the presenter of the Beechgrove Garden.
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    Jimmy has all of the Wallace advice and attitude that he will pass on to the current squad. I was delighted at his appointment and he is doing what I expected.
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    Hi Gers fans You maybe interested to know that there is a full length Third Lanark documentary on BBC alba at 9pm tomorrow night charting the history of the club from its foundation in 1872 - lots of rare archive footage in the documentary and interviews On another note their is a reformed Thirds founded in 2007 complete with several youth teams 5 year old to 14 year old and the coaches have been invited by Rangers as guests to come in and view training sessions of the Rangers youth teams to help enhance the training and set up of the Third Lanark youth academy teams which is a lovely gesture from the Gers and one appreciated by the Thirds Academy coaches
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    He’s a fenian fuck and the sooner he’s out the better.
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    I’ll give Asda a go thanks for replies , apart from Plumger who’s clearly an absolute cunt.
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    No, but really like that we do this. Can't let the snp and their ilk think they have a monopoly on all things Scottish. Just because we are proud to be British and fly the Union flag these cunts think we hate Scotland, when it's acts like this that show we care deeply about our heritage. I'm sure we do or did something at St Andrews day as well? Lots of Saltires and Lion Rampants given out, or I could just be imagining it... either way, it's something we should be promoting, because despite what the propaganda says, it's actually OK to be Scottish and British. We are still Scotland no matter how hard our haters try to tell us otherwise.
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    Must say, Hamilton seem like they were good to do business with tbh. The way the chairman spoke about us saying we had been a pleasure to deal with firstly, but also Martin Canning's words in the piece we put up there. Not often do you hear managers coming out with things like that. Credit to Hamilton and Canning for the way they've acted throughout the transfer.
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    Fuck me the tampon gang are out in force tonight. Thought the video was good, what’s not to like about the inside of the greatest main stand in football. (As for those saying it’s just like others, why the fuck you watching clips about other teams) WE ARE THE PEOPLE above the tunnel is cringey. ?? Away and throw shite at yourself. Welcome Greg, I’m sure you won’t let us down. ????????????
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    Mark Allen, Do you think he has brought some much-needed Professionalism to our negotiations/transfers since he's had the chance to negotiate in a Transfer window. It clearly ran poorly before but since he's had a chance to work on Transfers it's improved remarkably. This is why we should have more Professionalism throughout the Club.
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    So let me get this right. The Rangers Chairman visits the BBC and despite no evidence whatsoever it's already been established on here that he is grovelling and trying to build bridges. Only on Rangers Media - the alternative view to the vast majority of the Rangers support ???
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    Considering he has brought in a signing policy better than the previous 3 permanent managers, the professionalism he has brought has been some improvement.
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    Obviously a want us to beat them but they better get their fucking finger out. I never even knew they were bottom. Replacing Ross County with St Mirren after losing Inverness will leave me heartbroken. Away days will become 20 minute journeys and nobody wants that pish on a weekend.
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    Wow I find that hard to believe,Pedro employed tactics that day?
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    The taxi rank would be the safe option.
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    Miller surely no place for Kenny even in the squad now,guys been a good servant but his time is surely up
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    I’m buckled at this man hahahaha
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    Fuck off with the Welcome. They are there to get hammered by Rangers, it’s right for them to be told they are inferior.
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    This is very weird we don’t look fucking shite anymore 5 years of utter sleaze, robbery, fraud, and all round jackanory. And the turning point has come through the temporary appointment of a youth coach overseen by a DoF who has never held such a position before in his entire career. Fucking weird. But if we can build on the signings we have made in this window, which have been absolutely what we need, and also build on the solid Rangers class performance of last night, then we might be on to something. feeling emotional. Going to instigate a fight with the mrs to restore normality.
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    The club just retweeted this from 2012.
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    As has been pointed out already they are an organisation that is populated by bigots. This is the issue that needs addressing first and fore most. A club of our stature has a duty to question those right at the very top of the BBC as to why we are so disproportionately represented in this country when our support is still in the majority. Not to mention some of the comments attributed to those in their employ. There is not another another group of people on this island that would tolerate the ongoing treatment of this football club......Fact. If Dave King's attendance there is any way an attempt to build bridges with these people then he most certainly doesn't represent my feelings towards them.
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    "This is where I wanted to be" Speaks well, respectful and realistic. Likes a tackle Im so pleased he is here
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    Herrera was on the bench Wednesday night and I'd have Miller there ahead of him
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    So.....just to get this straight according to reports the tarriers knocked by a bid of £12mill for dembele before they signed the guy from PSV for £14mill, this after Houghton had stated in interviews that they'd made NO contact with the tarriers. Also this past week we've had brenda and his assistant say that no concrete bids have been received only for brenda to say today they've had 1 bid which didn't meet valuation......aye sounds like they're telling the truth?
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    just stand up at a quiet point in the game and announce to those around you that you need to get to the airport after the match, someone will offer you a lift
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    You fucking leave me out it.
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    All joking aside, this impasse should have been resolved long ago. How many times have the bigots at Pacific Quay spoken to players and managers as part of the build up to a game (and then again afterwards) followed by "due to the ongoing situation, we are unable to bring you anyone from Rangers" Then Richard Fucking Gordon tells you what they've overheard our manager or players talking to Sky, BT etc. Should be copyright like the written word - if you've banned yourselves from talking to us or you are unwilling to treat us fairly, then you may not quote any content, comments, interviews that we give to other, less petty broadcasters. Disappointed that there is not one Bear MSP in Holyrood willing to act on behalf of a huge percentage of Scottish football's public (i.e. revenue) who are getting robbed We certainly have nothing to apologise for or back down over and a resurgent Rangers wont need Pacific Quay CSC as much as they'll need us. Resolve it by all means but no fucking surrender
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    Sounds like he's had a very good upbringing. Very respectful. His answer regarding the difference between Hamilton training and Rangers was very well worded when the journalist was probably hoping he'd trip up.
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    It's building bridges Fuck that , fuck them . They will take the total cunt out of him Humour us a while and be back being cunts and outright taig loving /lying bastards in no time Reason . The place is full of them
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    The scum will get it all due to the sfa scum looking after them.just like the council looked after them and the slum that is the east end during the commonwealth games with full stadium and housing regeneration. dirty cheating tarrier bastards the lot of them.
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    Should be split between both of us, we know it won’t tho. League cup - Piggery Scottish cup - Ibrox Switch around the following season.
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    He needs to start crediting me with sending the message thats made him kick on this season
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    Absolutely zero fucking doubt that the feeling of stability and calm has been driven from this mans appointment. Been around the block, clearly takes absolutely no shite, and bluntly... he is old - it’s the father figure mentality. He will bollock you where bollocking is required but will be soft enough to bring out the best in any fairy bastards that need their egos massaged before walking out in front of 50k (as if that’s not fucking motivation enough) Proper coach. No frills. No shite. Stick on certainty to be manager if shit goes tits up with murty, but let’s hope that never comes to pass. Our boards absolute fucking incompetence might just have got lucky here. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssss
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    What a fucking bizarre thing to say
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    He has only one more year after this. Signed on a two year deal and has developed a cracking partnership with Tav. An extra year would be deserved
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    The great Eric Caldow was given a personal tour of Ibrox this week. Signed by Bill Struth in 1952 from Muirkirk Jnrs, he made 407 apps, winning 5 Titles, 2 Scot Cups & 3 Lge Cups & was Captain in 1961 ECWC Final. A real Rangers Legend.
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    I am raging here. I've flung the toaster in the fishtank and the puffer fish are dead. The dugs next
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    He's no Martin Bain!!
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    I'd have my gran ahead of Herrera and she's been deed 20 year.
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