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    Leaves a bit a bitter taste the el club deck. as a debenture holder, liquidation of the old company meant the rights to our seats were taken away, no reason why the new regime couldnt renistate those rights to people who parted with a lot of money to buy "a seat for life"
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    Found these pics of the construction work online. Good pics I haven't seen before. Would be good the club could release a full set of all those taken during the work.
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    Aww fuck up wae this pish One of the most moronic things I've seen on here
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    Just got home scunnered after not being allowed in with the ticket debacle. Saw this little gem from tonight. The Union Jack pride of place smack bang in the middle of the dressing room. Just like the Queen framed in the Ibrox dressing room, these little touches that make us proud to be the club we are. That is all. ??
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    4 of our lot ended up in someone’s house watching it and the wee woman was making them cups of tea lol
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    I miss the east enclosure. Great pics.
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    You've really got to believe me, we're gonny win the league
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    Guys taking 2 days off, 500 mile return trip, bevy whipped aft them half way there. Fuck Scottish football.
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    If safe standing is ever allowed at Ibrox it should be the enclosures.
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    No interest in what the vile little rat has to say.
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    I firmly believe we will win the league
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    Supporters buses are the lifeblood of the away support. If everyone acted like the above it would kill them off.
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    Jason Bourne finally at The Teddy Bears What a signing Ya fkn beauty !!
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    Saw him in ASDA there now cleaning out the fishmonger section in preparation for tomorrow's dinner...
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    I like jam pieces for lunch. About as relevant as the replies about being in the home end at away games, not what the OP asked.
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    it would be fucking immense if it was still like this in the enclosure
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    Got some fakes for this if anyone wants them.
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    He’s shite,it’s a disgrace useless cunts like him and Kranjcar get game time before a promising youngster like Barjonas
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    Morelos needs to start up front. Think tonight showed he offers a lot more up front other than goals.
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    Cummings up top so he can score against them. Cummings is regarded as a Hibs legend and if he scores against them I predict a complete meltdown worth the entrance fee alone. After the match Lennon will be spewing his usual delusions of persecution.
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    You identify as a football?
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    Whilst halliday is shite murty put out a team last night capable of doing what was needed. I don't see him bring utilised much other than just a squad player going forward. Don't see how it is clueless.
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    Word on the street is the day after Norwich U-23 played Real Madrid, he gave Carvajal the run around so much that Real Madrid tried to sign him the next day.
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