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    Imagine being in this state before 10am Bravo sir, proud of ye
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    You really are a fucking prick.
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    One of my most treasured autographs-Slim Jim (Shawlands early 90s)
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    they made a loss of £4million in 2015 before announcing a profit of £500000 for the financial year ending on 30 June 2016 http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/37411556 Even they admit in this article the "paramount importance of reaching the CL group stages".
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    They will probably have to compensate a few boys for their stingy ring
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    Whats desperate about it? All I'm doing and all I've ever done is challenge the assertion that they are rolling in cash. They (and some people on here) seem to be under the impression that because they have the CL cash coming in every year that they are banking it and then again and again and again. They're not. They're spending it on their overinflated operating costs. Would we rather have their income than ours? Of course we would. We did have at one point for over a decade. At no point during that time were we "rolling in it". The difference is however, even though we were bringing it in and then putting it straight out it was going towards signing top, top, top players. European champions and internationalists. They're right where we were around 15 years ago. Reliant on CL money and good will from creditors. There's not a man alive that can convince me that just because they are better off income wise than we are that we should be jealous of them. They're not run well at all.
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    Walter celebrates with the East Enclosure after we beat Aberdeen to win the League on the final day of 1990/91 season.
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    We fight to maintain our history , they distance themselves from theirs. Says it all really. Odious club who will hopefully get their comeuppance.
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    He can shhh me when he scores a hat trick against the tims And wins us the league. Until then I help to pay his wages and he should show a bit more respect to the fans. Doing it after scoring against Thistle is just embarrassing. Doesn’t he know he is expected to score against them and if he doesn’t someone should tell him quickly.
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    I'm convinced there will be some ambulance chasing law firm out there that will get a group of victims to file against them. Cynical yes but we live in a litigious society these days.
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    That's the left back situation sorted then.
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    Just picked up an Ayr ticket from @Rfc52class updates throughout the tickets whereabouts wheather posted etc , and picked it up no problem at all , top lad ????
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    His "good form" has been widely overstated. He's scored some good goals but his general play over 90 minutes can still be utterly dreadful. Another of the players who has played a key role in our inept displays over last two seasons. I couldn't care less if he left, he's fade into obscurity down in England.
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    Where’s the Windass thread? I’ve defended that boy to the hilt, but see shhh’ing Rangers fans - who pay their own fucking money each week to watch these cunts - it’s unacceptable. I don’t care if he scored, or got an assist. I don’t care if people disagree, get cunts like that to fuck away from this club.
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    Docherty has a problem and let me tell you what it is: Murty has a hard on for Holt and Goss - so he is going to have to dislodge one of them to get a starting place. Combine that with Dorrans , jack and mcrorie returning and he is going to struggle to get a game We bought a super match fit prospect and are going to turn him into a bit player lacking match sharpness by May.
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    It's actually now boiling my piss. The lad got fuck all service. The midfield can't impose themselves and as slow as a week in the jail going forward and reminded me of the Warburton days, but without the retention of passes. High balls to Cummings or Morelos will work of course?! What happened to the instruction to get the ball to Cummings, our fucking main striker? I saw no system out there tonight. The play was thoroughly disjointed and their appears to be little team work and everyone playing for themselves. I've watched better Junior games. As for Windass, yes credit for his goal, but ffs, done fuck all else and if anyone thinks he has an ounce of takent, far less a brain, they are sorely deluded. I looked at the spoon burners game as a wee set back, as they are a half decent outfit, but we should be beating them. Dare I say, it may actually be the lemmon who is the difference! However to see us playing like that tonight against shite does give me cause for concern. Take the result all day long, but that was fucking dire against a team who we should be burying from the off.
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