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    From my anecdotal experience... we are considerably more supported in Scotland than they are. They certainly have a bigger support worldwide, but that's pribably boosted by people with tenuous Irish links that think sellic is part of that package (folk that would say they're sellic fans if asked but do nothing on a day to day basis to express it). I also (again anecdotally) reckon we've lost a chunk of the middle classish type of supporter who have been persuaded by the discourse of the last 30 years that they don't want to be associated to some of the things that are attached to Rangers. I know one or two like that. Don't think sellic suffered so much with that probably because the 'drip, drip' of disgust and negativity was never quite the same around their 'cultural' songs. Might be other cultural aspects to that too.
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    Imo as adults we're more aware of what we could have lost, and as a result will continue to sell out grounds and STs. My big worry is the kids that haven't really experienced a winning Rangers, can't get the strips etc, don't enjoy what they see on the park. We could lose a generation.
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    We seem to have gained alot more outside Scotland but after the SNPs failed independence referendum I've known a couple if Thistle fans that support the taigs now as they see them as the yes team . Pathetic isn't strong enough a word .
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    Cunts wouldn’t get 8 never mind 10. Imagine walking into a dressing room of Walter Smith and Jimmy Nicholl after that Hibs game last week. That’s what we need
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    And Uncles I brought over one of my nephews from the Dark Side (catholic family). Hardcore bluenose now.
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    If mothers and fathers continue to do their job correctly we will always remain the team with the biggest support.
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    Imagine being in this state before 10am Bravo sir, proud of ye
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    Don't agree with the off the cuff stuff regarding Windass. Yes it can be argued that the celebration was in the heat of the moment but to post the picture half an hour after the game wasn't.
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    You really are a fucking prick.
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    Not only their cultural songs but the institutional and media suppression of the largest and most disgusting scandal in the history of sport in the UK.
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    Whatever happens to Murty I think he's had the toughest job of any Rangers manager in my lifetime given the mess left by Pedro and the two previous managers,given the financial restrictions placed on him compared to the majority of Rangers mangers and finally given that he's basically on trial on a week to week basis in his attempt to secure the manager's job on a regular basis. I've got more respect and time for Murty compared to the last three managers put together but realistically if he doesn't finish second or win the Scottish cup his chances of getting the job on a permanent basis are pretty thin,good luck to him though I would love to see him succeed.
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    Pay me hundreds of thousands of pounds to organise a karaoke after a tinpot cup final defeat, then I'll lighten up. Man's an utter clown and a parasite to boot.
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    He should have been rattled in the mouth for standing outside the megastore doing that
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    We are losing support amongst youngsters. Kids who maybe do not come from big Rangers families but growing up in traditional Rangers areas. I asked my 10yr old nephew who the biggest teams were in his school year - Manchester Utd and Celtic were his answers. When I went to the same primary school 25yrs ago, there were just a handful of boys that followed football and didn't support Rangers. His answer was of big concern to me, because that is a school serving a fairly rural/middle class area, that should be at least 70% Rangers.
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    Never forget Manchester. Always have been and always will be.
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    i notice it now on twitter. if a 3rd party produces a pool that says retweet for rangers, like for cellic - the retweets are always about 4 times the likes. it's hardly foolproof, but it's a decent indication. theres no chance of that. i did think it a while back, but looking at the reaction of my boys and their mates, they have rallied round. We wont be losing anything.
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    We've always had the bigger support . I think the boycott of strips over the last 5 years or so hasn't helped to show that , but I'm sure it will be more visible soon .
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    All of which is why I don't think 'just don't listen to it' (radio) or just don't buy or click doesn't work on it's own. That just allows the one way discourse to persist and do damage.
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    One of my most treasured autographs-Slim Jim (Shawlands early 90s)
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    Yes, Walter Smith - who took a team with Kirk Broadfoot in it to a major European final - is a decent manager. In the same way that winning a million quid on the lottery is a decent bit of luck or how Scarlett Johansson is a decent looking girl.
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    From 18 to around 22 I missed 4 games iirc and 7 games abroad. In the last 7 years you'll be lucky if I've made 80 games. Work and life change sadly. On call/shifts/overtime etc all come.into it. Still got the STs but I've missed both Aberdeen games, hearts, Motherwell, thistle etc already this season. Rangers went from the only thing that mattered to about the 4th moat important thing for me in around 2006/7. Albeit in 06 to 08 I only missed 5 games. Things change for lots of guys but hopefully i can get back to making all home games next season
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    Only in modern day Scotland.....Smith is being chastised as some sort of traitor because he turned his back on his country....my gut feeling is that if he had moved to A big club in England not much would of been made of it....the fact he returned to the club he loves makes him a traitor in their eyes....but let's not stop There, the hypocrisy of the tartan fannies holds no bounds....these are the same arseholes who welcomed broonaldo back as captain after he turned his back on his country to protect his club career as the champions league was more important to him than world cup qualifiers .....never has this country been so divided and deluded with its views than it is in this current day....in saying that Smith should tell them to ram it as a matter of loyalty to the club he loves.
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