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    Barry was a brilliant midfielder for us. This sideways passing thing is nonsense.
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    The one with Gazza and Laudrup in it. End thread!
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    Only one way to find out. It’s for a story I’m writing about the abuse Foderingham received so let’s see.
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    Barry Ferguson might be a bit of a clown these days with his ridiculous opinions in the media but anyone that says he was shite or boring know literally zero about football - from 1998 to 2003 he was a complete midfielder could pass, split defences, tackle, run with the ball and score. when he came back in 2005 he was a different player though not a bad player but a different player but still a leader and a winner most of all.
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    The midfield with Gascoigne and Laudrup even though they were the 2 best players I’ve seen in the flesh for us, they kinda carried the rest of the midfield as McCall, Ferguson, Steven, Durrant had all peaked ... although Albertz did come on the scene I think the best midfield for talent and options/versatility was without doubt Advocaats first couple of seasons with Albertz, Gio, Reyna, B.Ferguson, McCann and Tugay.
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    Probably because we play them in a week or so.
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    That BBC commentator referred to them as the invincibles. Beaten last week by Killie, thumped by Hearts and regular thrashings in Europe. FFS BBC have a day off and give us all peace. That commentator gives the word "moron" a whole new meaning.
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    Souness, Durrant, Ferguson, Cooper, was no bad.
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    Sorry bro, what I actually meant was I've heard from a guy itk who reckons we're looking at bidding for hearts new stand and placing it on top of the Sandy Jardine stand to cope with next season's season ticket demands, GM & JN have been sent to test out how comfortable the seats are.
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    Filled to the brim for their "Glasgow Derby" Cunts will have more "fans" fighting over tickets for Ibrox next month than they had at their big derby game today.
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    I don’t accept that. Fuck not getting your kid a Rangers top because you fear some wee taig appearing
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    Thoughts with Gazza at this difficult time. My old man doesn't keep well and i was down seeing him last night to help him with his new phone, you just kind of take it for granted they will be there but of course you shouldn't.
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    Gazza was the best midfielder we had, but for me the best one was the squad midfield of Ferguson, Van Bronckhorst, Albertz and Reyna. And I guess Tugay as well latterly, but he was a bit part during the best times. I wouldn't describe Laudrup as a midfielder, personally.
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    "Rangers players trolls and incites racial outburst from innocent victim"
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    Finally, a number 9 who can play between Bates and Martin.
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    If mothers and fathers continue to do their job correctly we will always remain the team with the biggest support.
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    I think Brian Reid and Scott Nisbet had the potential to captain team GB at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta if they never got injured and possibly win 20 million pound moves to Brondby and Oldham respectively
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    Don't be so fucking sensible please
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    Perhaps not world class by any means, but Kevin Thomson would have been an exceptional midfielder for a longer time than he was barring injury.
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    It's a parent's responsibility. 'Mum, I want a Barca top for Christmas.' 'Tough shit. There's your Rangers home and away tops, though. And you don't even have to wait til Christmas.' The 'you'll be a Rangers fan or you'll go to the orphanage' kind of thing.
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    Email sent. Let's see if there's any response
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    Quite a few on here easily offended and revelling in ripping into a Rangers player - weird eh? Josh mate, keep scoring every week and run towards me with a shhhhhhhh - i'll take that no problem.
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    Would give Morelos and Cummings a chance to play together and see how we get on. docherty to get a start also
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    How he never got called up for Scotland I’ll never know.
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    The record attendance at Somerset Park is 25,225 v Rangers in 1969 which is when that game was, so you were part of history.
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    Great result for Man City, I feel lucky to be following them
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    Mols wouldn’t have been a world class player. He was 28/29 when he was injured and if he came back at the same level it’s arguable he would never have got in the Dutch team in front of van Nistelrooy, Kluivert, Bergkamp or Makaay. Even Peter van Vossen was getting picked ahead of him pre and post injury. He had a class quarter of a season for us but let’s not pretend he was doing it consistently at a high level for a few years before like Durrant was at European level before he got injured.
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    Another game where Ozil failed to turn up, overrated shite
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    And them turning up the volume in singing about the glorification of terrorists and the easter uprising is narrowing their appeal? Not! They built up their brand and won the PR war, but they took their traditions with them Not singing the TBB and many from the traditional song sheet, amongst our many other traditions, is exactly the fucking problem as we appease the haters and ditch tradition and lose our identity. If you dont know who and wtf you are anymore how do convince others to follow you? WTF are they to be buying into? A mediocre team on the park? The taigs are more taig now than they were 30 years ago. Rebel societies springing up everywhere. The tricolour flown everywhere. Their politics now the acceptable norm of the majority in this shitehole. Whilst we go about sanitising our traditions to appease the bigotry levelled against us by the haters. Tut tutting at our own. Then there's the shite the UB drone out every other week. Most of it is absolute boring meaningless pish and far from fucking rousing. I suppose they try their best. Whilst over on the other side of the city, they're banging out their songs of hate and oppression and killing Brits to rousing applause and passed off as being just the jolly craicsters of course. You know, them nice St plastic paddy's day people and they must be ok, aren't they? Desert your values and traditions at you peril, as you no longer have an identity and a rallying call and in our unique backwater, that unique identity is everything. No one is going to be excited and energised en mass to follow something that is as white as the driven snow and characterless. What is now our unique selling point? Melting like fucking snow flakes? The young love rallying to a cause whatever the message, right or wrong, matters not. Part of them finding their identity. We are never going to be a Barca, but something that is sanitised is the last place they will be going. I get the impression that too many are now ashamed of our values and traditions as the taig campaign mounted against us took hold and we bowed to it. The light blue jersey, the Union Jack, the Ulster Banner are no longer in public view, having become a rarity and the pride is gone. We are simply no longer loud and proud. We have become "grey" dull and boring as the rustling of sweetie papers take pride of place, whilst the rebel cause across the city continues unabated and relentlessly to deny , ridicule and sully us, as we continue to deny and sully ourselves. We are no loneger what we were in many ways, but many fantasise that we are and the rest just disown what we were. We may continue to fill the stadium every other other week, but it is more in hope than expectation in craving for our return to be the dominating force in football, but if we continue to faill in that, those numbers will quickly dwindle. Lose on the football front, there is little that is now left. It used to be said that we are more than a club, well that "more" has left the building and if we want the "more" back we need to stop rustling the sweetie papers and pay attention to the snow job being heaped upon us and restore all that we are. We are not the English, where it is all about the football and football rivalry. As we all know, ours has that added dimension of religion and very much now politics. It should be all about the football and to the victor the spoils, but that is not where we live. We remain unjustifiably tarred with the sectarian brush and society at large turns against us, as the taig propaganda machine works it magic. We remain silent at the charges levelled against us and sanitise ourselves, but the hatred and demonisation just continues to pour in and the scum remain the populist club in recent times and will do for the foreseeble as the great con is now so ingrained.. Scum fc have capitalised and benefited in exploiting every angle in religion and politics, far less their good fortune in actual football in having us out the road for five years. They now report a half yearly of 70 mil. Now even taking say away 30 mil from that in CL money it still leaves them siginficantly in front of our full annual return. Ever think we are getting something wrong and ffs don't someone say retail! This game up here is not just about the football, but a way of life and the taigs have hijacked it, winning the PR war in their all inclusive club and Scotland have bought it, whilst we rustle the sweetie papers in denial. For us, the more we go forward, the more we go back, suchis the deck stacked ahainst us.We became the victims of our own success and forgot who we were. A large dose of coffee needed. Well that's my take on it for what it's worth.
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    McDonald, Russell and McLean. The season we humbled the mighty Juventus, these three played 170 games between them. Russell, having just joined from Shettleston at 18 years of age, was the missing piece of the jigsaw. The connection between the other two was almost telepathic. Lost count of the number of goals we scored when Doddie ran beyond the forwards or at a quick free kick and he knew Wee Tam would find him. Then some guy called Cooper came along.....
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    Stewart Robertson has an exciting announcement LA Gear and Ascot have both submitted tenders with the kits to be retailed in What Everyone Wants, Peacocks and a wee rack up at the milk fridges in Farmfoods the blogger 4ladshadadream and club 1872 have welcomed the news and say it’s major signs of progress during the rebuild by the saviours
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    Most British people support Rangers!
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    I thought Oleg wrote some good blogs but never realised any of his political stuff anyhows I’ll bitch about Admiral if it happens but it would be a massive kick in the bawz. Admiral are no more credible than Donny and would do nothing, and if not lessen our brand regardless if the money is slightly higher, it’s certainly not worth the trade off and anyone making that decision should be chased.
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    Wee Durrant on the wings. What a time
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    Gazza, but the man who knew exactly how to play it and get the best out of his fellow midfielders was Ray Wilkins by a mile.
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    Some people on here hate Rangers players more than any dhim.
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    Didn't happen. Just outed yourself.
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    You don't need to feel offended to say it was a cheeky and totally unnecessary thing to do
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    Figured I'd have a little crack at an away/3rd kit with this, it's probably shit due to being tired and bored though. So yeah... HQ
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    He was a yellow sticker warrior would cruise into Asda certain time of night to get reduced stuff after starving all day probably grew his own vegetables to save 30 pence a week too
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    Get cancer so far to fuck man.
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    Has Stan Collymore tweeted his disgust at this vile racism yet?
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    If you've nothing nice to say then say nothing at all
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