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    Barry was a brilliant midfielder for us. This sideways passing thing is nonsense.
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    The one with Gazza and Laudrup in it. End thread!
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    Barry Ferguson might be a bit of a clown these days with his ridiculous opinions in the media but anyone that says he was shite or boring know literally zero about football - from 1998 to 2003 he was a complete midfielder could pass, split defences, tackle, run with the ball and score. when he came back in 2005 he was a different player though not a bad player but a different player but still a leader and a winner most of all.
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    The midfield with Gascoigne and Laudrup even though they were the 2 best players I’ve seen in the flesh for us, they kinda carried the rest of the midfield as McCall, Ferguson, Steven, Durrant had all peaked ... although Albertz did come on the scene I think the best midfield for talent and options/versatility was without doubt Advocaats first couple of seasons with Albertz, Gio, Reyna, B.Ferguson, McCann and Tugay.
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    Souness, Durrant, Ferguson, Cooper, was no bad.
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    Thoughts with Gazza at this difficult time. My old man doesn't keep well and i was down seeing him last night to help him with his new phone, you just kind of take it for granted they will be there but of course you shouldn't.
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    Gazza was the best midfielder we had, but for me the best one was the squad midfield of Ferguson, Van Bronckhorst, Albertz and Reyna. And I guess Tugay as well latterly, but he was a bit part during the best times. I wouldn't describe Laudrup as a midfielder, personally.
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    "Rangers players trolls and incites racial outburst from innocent victim"
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    Finally, a number 9 who can play between Bates and Martin.
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    If mothers and fathers continue to do their job correctly we will always remain the team with the biggest support.
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    Quite a few on here easily offended and revelling in ripping into a Rangers player - weird eh? Josh mate, keep scoring every week and run towards me with a shhhhhhhh - i'll take that no problem.
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    Would give Morelos and Cummings a chance to play together and see how we get on. docherty to get a start also
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    How he never got called up for Scotland I’ll never know.
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    Most British people support Rangers!
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    I thought Oleg wrote some good blogs but never realised any of his political stuff anyhows I’ll bitch about Admiral if it happens but it would be a massive kick in the bawz. Admiral are no more credible than Donny and would do nothing, and if not lessen our brand regardless if the money is slightly higher, it’s certainly not worth the trade off and anyone making that decision should be chased.
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    Wee Durrant on the wings. What a time
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    Gazza, but the man who knew exactly how to play it and get the best out of his fellow midfielders was Ray Wilkins by a mile.
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    Some people on here hate Rangers players more than any dhim.
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    Figured I'd have a little crack at an away/3rd kit with this, it's probably shit due to being tired and bored though. So yeah... HQ
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    He was a yellow sticker warrior would cruise into Asda certain time of night to get reduced stuff after starving all day probably grew his own vegetables to save 30 pence a week too
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    Get cancer so far to fuck man.
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    Has Stan Collymore tweeted his disgust at this vile racism yet?
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    If you've nothing nice to say then say nothing at all