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    A great story . Don't know if it's been on before
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    Ironically Josh once spent days trying to complete a jigsaw of a cockerel before he realised it was a box of corn flakes.
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    Hope you all enjoy :)
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    Martin Beatty has brought out Wee Jay swedgers
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    I actually think I’ve not seen a Rangers player have so much of the ball for years
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    As I just said in another thread I think he's been good. I can see comments start to linger in about him not being upto much which I don't agree with. We seem to do this as a support when it comes to genuinely talented players while guys like Papac, Hemdani, Sebo, Ryan Jack etc seem to have stardom despite being limited ability. I do think he needs to work on his end-product a little bit more tho but that will come. Murphy has a good attacking head on his shoulders. He's got good close control, touch, skill, pace, can cut inside with ease - he just needs to learn in our system when to release it a second earlier or have a pop but he'll improve that side of things. Just give him time. He'll be a right asset for us.
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    Can’t blame him since the recipe change
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    When he ran the ball out at the toucline? I’ve never been so ashamed of a Rangers player before.
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    Shut the fuck up ya wee wank.
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    No one cares. Both were dreadful in the top league of Scotland
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    In some area's they've got a larger fanbase than us, like USA for example and obviously Ireland. But these stupid child molesting bastards seem to think they are the biggest club in Scotland all of a sudden. They might be the best at the moment but they are not the biggest. They get the two mixed-up a lot.
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    they are the biggest brand in the whole of world football that covered up a peado ring
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    Urgent message to his mum and dad, we need more kids start working on it.
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    Mind everycunt going tonto as he only had played 6 senior games. 4 assists today, would take him on a perm deal in a heartbeat.
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    Love Morelos, he scores all types of goals and misses some absolute sitters but like yesterday never hides. Hope he's here for a long time yet.
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    Really surprised to see some of the views - I think he has looked good and often dangerous, granted the final ball has been lacking a few times, but for me it blatantly obvious once he settles he will be a very good player for us. The accusation used to be we were guilty of hero worshipping just because a player was a blue nose, id say that pendulum has swung to some not giving him a chance on the assumption he's only getting pass marks as he used to support Rangers.............I will add to that I know many are just calling it as they see it but I am surprised. Jamie Murphy will be a very good player for us.
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    There’s nowhere near the same standard of talent in the Scottish game for your last paragraph to work is there anyone Scottish or playing in Scotland that’s on a par with Goram, Robertson, Gough, Brown, Ferguson, McCall, Durrant or McCoist? No chance - the best Scottish player right now is probably Leigh Griffiths or some other fenian mutant - let that sink in nice idea but unworkable Scottish football is dire - let’s just have good scouting and buy top players
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    Ffs motm in the second half constantly went by the full back,set up the windass goal,Morelos goal and scored a cracker wtf do people want from a player?
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    Blackburn and 23 so far
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    Delighted with this tbh. If were serious about winning this league we need to keep our best players and build around them. Tavernier is the best full back in the country and he will be part of a squad that wins the title.
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    That has to be a piss take, has to be.
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    First I've seen the Morelos miss back. Think it's unfair saying it's like Van Vossen, look at the massive bobble the ball takes it's basically up in the air as his laces makes contact. Anyone would have missed that with that bobble IMO.
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    Improving in fitness and sharpness, obviously talented, knows his position, works hard. He will do a good job for us I'm sure
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    ....aye close one to call that....
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    I’m the exact same, used to watch every game now I just couldn’t care less unless it’s Rangers. The English premier league has become the NFL, the wages and transfer fees are destroying football and have torn the soul right out of the English game. Not to mention ticket prices, stadiums full of tourists and posers whereas real fans can’t afford football anymore, shame really.
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    They’re nowhere near the calibre if that Burke can go for 13/14 million how much would Durrant at his peak have went for in this day and age for example
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    I'm surprised by the views, was our best player against hibs and scored a great goal.at the weekend. Works hard and seems to get by his man a lot. Never afraid to have a go. Pretty sure he will be decent in front of goal. Mass improvement on say Barrie McKay for me as he doesn't hide. He maybe isn't as exciting to watch that McKay has. If anything my question mark is on his final ball, but I'm hoping as he gets to know his team mates that will improve.im positive he'll turn out to be a very good signing.
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    One of my best ever away days following Rangers.
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    25 appearances for us in his first season and 20 goals mate. Unreal
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    They also lead the world as the club founded purely on sectarian principles.
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    If we’re going with 2 at the front then we should have Candeias sending in crosses and covering both posts. We don’t need a narrow diamond
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    Hope he recovers soon and is back playing regularly again.
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    He's lucky they he wasn't asked a hard question. Like, what is this?
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    Cannot for the life of me understand how some don't like Bates. His job is to defend and he does it perfectly fine. Absolutely no nonsense about it. For me it's Bates+1 as our centre back pairing now.
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    They only signed him for about £500,000. I don't think his valuation has or will increase that much by the end of the season. If QPR thought he was THAT good he wouldn't be on loan to us just now. I get they wanted him to get game time but if he was THAT good in their opinion they could have eased him in the exact same we have. They may very well say he's not for sale but if Goss wants to come and we make an offer, everyone is available for the right price. If they ask for ridiculous money then we move on but it's certainly worth asking the question IMO..............
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    Was reading up on the Oxfam scandal and predatory paedophilia in Haiti, coincidence?
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    "Rangers players trolls and incites racial outburst from innocent victim"
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