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    A great story . Don't know if it's been on before
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    Hope you all enjoy :)
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    It's a good thing Youtube is blocked in China.
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    DANNY WILSON has lifted the lid on his shock exit from Rangers and told fans: I wanted to STAY. Wilson, 26, quit for US side Colorado Rapids last month, just days after revealing a desire to sign a new Gers deal. Now the stopper has told how he quizzed Pedro Caixinha and Graeme Murty over a contract extension only for Ibrox director of football Mark Allen to perform a U-turn on the deal. Wilson insists he’d have happily stayed at Gers on the same wages but was told he could go. He said: “I made it clear I wanted to stay with Rangers. Absolutely, I wanted to stay. But I was left with no choice but to consider other options. “Plenty of people have had their say about my decision to leave Rangers, especially on social media. “So much of it is inaccurate rubbish. I’m delighted to have the opportunity to set the record straight. “I asked two managers and a director of football about a new contract. “The truth of it is that for four or five months I asked Rangers what the situation was, beginning with Pedro Caixinha before he left. “I was told just to concentrate on my performances — and I thought my performance level over that period of time was good. “Then as it got into January, after we returned from Florida, I went in to speak to them again. “I was told the contract would be there in the next day or so. “That was it. I left the room thinking that would be me, I would be staying at Rangers. “That was on the Tuesday, but by the Wednesday evening I was told there would be no contract for me to sign. “It was Mark Allen, the director of football, who told me. “He’d encouraged me to think there would be a contract for me to stay, but there weren’t even terms discussed. “It was NEVER about money. I actually told Rangers during our brief discussions that I would have been happy to stay on the money I was on. “I was extremely fortunate to have such an attractive offer from Colorado Rapids. “It’s a great opportunity for me and my family with a massively ambitious club — I can’t wait to start.” Wilson, who played over 100 games and won five trophies in two spells at Ibrox, also played for Hearts and had a brief stint at Liverpool. He added: “I was very lucky to get the chance to play for Rangers for one spell. To get a second opportunity was fantastic, and I’ll always be proud about that. “I know I can walk away from Ibrox with my head held high. There are others who are saying I’m taking the easy way out by going to America. That isn’t true at all.” Should have been gave the contract
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    Used to watch it all. Football Italia on channel 4 in the 90's. European football. International football. Obscure Taliban Premiership football where the matchball is a severed head (only joking, forgive me) Now, the wages and transfer fees makes my blood boil. We regularly lose out on players to fucking English Championship teams, its grim how an absolute no mark tin pot club can pay 10 times what we can. Then there's those ads with the epic music playing hyping the shite out of the big Burnley vs Stoke game I watch Rangers and Rangers only nowadays. No Sky Sports either anymore. Anyone done a similar turnaround?
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    Ich bin ein Bearliner.
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    It’s like he had too many different celebrations in his head and couldn’t decide what to do
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    Got a feeling the truth is somewhere between the two sides. Or have we to believe that a brilliant offer from Colorado just appeared on the table once Rangers said no.
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    It really is all about the Rangers. Sad, sad bastards. Forever in our shadow.
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    Nobody is judging him off the back of the Ayr game, he's getting judged from the 30 games he has played for us.
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    If you accept what he says, it may have just been that the club decided that, with money in short supply, his wages would be put to better use in bringing in someone new. Cummings for example who came available around the same time as Wilson left. Dont think Wilson performed well enough on a consistent basis over the last two years for us to be too fussed about him moving on.
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    I’m the exact same, used to watch every game now I just couldn’t care less unless it’s Rangers. The English premier league has become the NFL, the wages and transfer fees are destroying football and have torn the soul right out of the English game. Not to mention ticket prices, stadiums full of tourists and posers whereas real fans can’t afford football anymore, shame really.
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    A club is judged by how it treats it's players under this regime that's not been very good.
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    Tell you one thing I noticed about RM on Sunday was his maturity and experience. Shortly after Wes made the blunder RM had the ball and on any day it's an easy back pass to the keeper. He cleared it out for a throw. I might be wrong but the way I perceived that is a level headed player deciding there is no need to put his goalie immediately back under pressure while he's still reeling from his mistake.
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    No mate he was talking about the time he was the Man City director of football that was instrumental in bringing Guardiola to the Etihad.
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    Correct. Cristiano Roberts missed an absolute sitter v us for Savco but didn't seem to get the same criticism media wise as Morelos. Ball took a horrible bobble just as he was about to side foot it. That happens. What impressed me was his attitude afterwards,and his first goal the way he took it was by no means an easy finish regardless of the opposition. (Cummings was also a class finish reminding me a wee bit of McCoist against the spoon burners in a LC final years ago,but again not much was made of it in the media,if Dembellend had scored it his value would have went into the stratosphere). Morelos seems to love scoring for us,and loves giving it tight to the opposition support,can't wait for him to net at the Savco end,they will implode.
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    I'll assist you by advising this type of nonsense is posted in the Bears Den or general sports.
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    Am I the only on getting a bit confused about who's saying what in that article ?
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    There' something just not right about this. As @Amokachi said there's 3 sides to every story. Probably some facts from both Danny and the club and the details both of them have "forgotten" to put in. Not bothered that a he's gone and good luck to him.
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    I watched it one and half times!
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    If Danny Wilson was a foreigner then we would be calling him a mercenary, since he came back he had been half arsed and terrible but decided to up his game when he was trying to earn a new deal. Not sad to see him go at all.
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    Meh. It's Danny Wilson that's left us not a Cuellar or Bougherra.
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    Charlie miller under 12's 1988.
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    The video's only 4 minutes
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    Three sides to this story. The Clubs, Wilsons & the truth.
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    Gutted at hearing that tbh he clearly wanted to stay. Whoever the cunt was who kept calling him a money grabber on the old Danny Wilson thread can go fuck himself btw
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    Seems like a genuinely happy wee guy who often time appears his own worst critic and gets in his own case when missing goals. I'd like to hear him being interviewed for RTV, even through a translator. Great wee asset, only hope we can keep him for a couple of seasons. Oh ate, good video thanks OP
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    Can’t blame him since the recipe change
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    Found this picture but I have seen other Rangers stuff too. Not the Gers ya bass one though ?
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    Football really is pish I hope the boycotters are enjoying River City.
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    I find it odd how a lot of people in this thread wont be kicking back with their feet up and tuning in to the Juventus v Tottenham game tonight. Wtf else can you be doing on a tuesday night
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    Mols had more ability in his right hamstring than averladze had Ffs no.even close. He may have outscored mols but then so did negri. He was miles above them both talent wise. A boy who terrorised not only Scottish sides but teams in Europe till that night in Munich. Look at the types of goals he scored he wasn't a predator striker, he could score all types of goals mols barring his injury was unreal for us. To say otherwise is ridiculous but then it is you....
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    Coop's goal, Drybrough Cup final 1979
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    If it wasn't for Rangers I'd fall it away from it completely. Game is soulless as fuck,the money has killed it.
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    Maybe the guards shared a common-bond, after all, we've been guarding walls for over 300 years.
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    Love Morelos, he scores all types of goals and misses some absolute sitters but like yesterday never hides. Hope he's here for a long time yet.
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    you're a fucking scumbag. that is all.
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    Foderingham Bates Alves Martin McCrorie Tavernier Goss Murphy Dorrans Morelos Cummings Leaves us with a very strong bench.
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    Aye but Bates was shite last season.
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    I don't even think he had been that great this season tbh, he had certainly been applying himself a bit more but that should be expected all the time.
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    Over the course of his second stint in neither happy or sad to lose him. Showed up in some games as a demanding center back and other games showed up like a clueless diddy. Good luck to him in the states
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    The two men that helped form Liverpool FC were both Freemasons and members of The Orange Order.
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    Can’t recall the poster that pretty much told us this word for word. i don’t think wilson was a long term solution for us but I foot like the thought of us fucking around with players like that.
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