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    A used to watch ally mcbeal mate if that’s any help
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    I don't see the problem here. Holloway is quite right to come out with that statement, Murty should never have gone public about his intentions to sign him.
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    I know where alot of tax lawyers and experts are.
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    No matter the weather, Ibrox always looks incredible
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    Not really your decision to make because A) You'll be sacked and B) Your clubs finances are worse than ours
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    “He is one of a number of players that we are looking at." Ridiculous that there are people on here agreeing with another clubs manager absolutely slating ours when that's word for word what he said, pretty pathetic in all honesty.
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    Truth be told, Mr Holloway likely won't be there next year. They are not far off relegation. So lets save our negotiating for a new manager who isn"t gollum.
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    My granddaughters 2nd birthday on Sunday and I've got her a ticket for the match, her first time at Ibrox, also arranged a shoutout for her at halftime, better not get called off... She's already saying she wants a 'Rangers birthday' I will be disappointed as fuck if it gets rearranged.
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    why not? fuck them, Goss was miserable down there playing for the under 23. he probably playing and enjoying the best football of his career so far, playing great and infront of big crowds. Sean will know he is wanted now and the player could push for the move himself. would you want to go back down there? playing for under 23 team or a stand out player in Scotland and playing the best football of your career in front of big crowds. europe next year nd tv every week.
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    Hopefully your trapped in a motor and the polis find you frozen to death tomorrow morning meaning we need never speak of this again
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    I’ve long maintained there is a direct correlation between Timmy paranoia and Rangers playing well, with that in mind the cranking up of everything from H** referees to Masonic weather has been getting an airing recently. Timmy definitely has the fear and while I think we’ve left it too late to win the League (but I’ll keep believing) Timmy is absolutely bricking it at the prospect. I honestly think when we win 55 it will provoke serious social disorder, their hate for us is so great I honestly think it will send thousands of them over the edge, into complete self destructive despair.
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    I'd near say with the games being called off tonight and us being able to cut the taig gap to 3 points that it's happening again. Higher Protestant powers are at work again it seems and Brendan Rodgers is starting to become aware of it.
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    Get a worst reaction when you call them nappie ripping taig cunts.
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    How can I help you?? I have previously advised British home stores,Woolworths and lately toysrus so have lots of experience.
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    I'm not sure whether the vast majority of RM members would agree on these players you mentioned being from the "modern era" Spliffy, but as far as I'm concerned, they are. I saw every one of these players play for Rangers, except one; The late great Davie Meiklejohn who sadly passed away aged 58 years sitting in the directors' box at Broomfield Park, Airdrie in 1958. Tiger Shaw was a hero of mine, perhaps because of being friends of my family but as far as I'm concerned, Butcher could not hold a candle to these guys mentioned, especially Willie Woodburn who was as tough as nails yet had the skills of a midfield maestro and was arguably the best centre-half ever to play for Rangers. Yes! Terry Butcher was a fantastic player for Rangers but he only came to Rangers because English teams were banned from European competition, otherwise, he wouldn't have stepped foot across the border. These other players mentioned played for us because they were true blue Rangers men who were brought up with the same values held dearly by our club and who remained Rangers men at heart after they retired.
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    We are the form team going into the game,. We are the top scorers also, we should have pumped them in their own midden before the break also and they know it. So much has changed since the first old firm at Ibrox, our full backs are better, Candias has finally found a bit of form and him and Tav had Sinclair in their back pocket at the beggerdome. It's the same the other flank, we do what they have been doing under Brenda and we hit teams on the break, and we are good at it as we have pace all over the park Goss is a stick on signing as is Murphy in the summer, Docherty was a fucking steal and Hamilton should take us to court as we robbed them blind as this boy has it all and will be a player in the Barry Ferguson mould and that's not a bad thing in, Windas is another one, yes he has missed chances but we are creating them and he is getting into a position in the first place to miss it, Morelos? What can you say about the 21 year old ? He's fast, skilful, strong and defends from the front, Oh and he's also the top scorer in the league, Him or Dumbele? Morelos every day of the week , yes his finishing is exceptional and his heading needs to improve but he will work on it, And Fords in goal? Exceptional and has been since the day he signed,. And the young boy Bates? Came on as a sub at the beggerdome and got MOM, not very skilful but a big strong centre half who again will be a player( remember Tony Adams wasn't the most skilful) and what a centre half he was, again the boy just has to work on his strengths and pumped the weights and become stronger as I don't want a skilful CH, I want one who can defend, he is young again just like Morelos. But my star man and he is injured at the moment and that's the young boy McCrorie, as a DM he drives the team on and he is strong, just ask Scott Brown as he along with Tav I thought were the best two at the beggerdome followed by Candias and Bates. They know they are in for a game, and if we win ? Yes they have 2 games in hand but they must win them first. We are looking good at the moment and no matter what happens we are starting to build the backbone of a good young squad,. I want 2 centre halfs as a priority this summer along with the loan signings and Herrera and Pena shown the door , and I would let Alves go also, yes he is okay but we can do better and I would rather give Bates game experience as he will be about Ibrox a lot longer and we need to build long term. As for the manager? Not everyone choice, but he has put himself in a fantastic position to get the job full time,. He lacks experience but he knows a player and will bring the younger players on leaps and bounds like Bates, McCrorie, Docherty. Its still early days as we must keep winning until the end of the season, draws are useless, and if we pull off. the impossible and win 55 come May, then Murty will go down as a Rangers great and up there with even Walter, that's how much it means to us. We need to have Ibrox rocking and put the fear of God up the cunts and then see if they are as good as they and the bloody media up here think. They all know now Rangers are fucking back and it's killing them.
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    Twenty minutes before the owner grasses bears into the polis.
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    this was at the height of Lennon led celtic paranoia. Still quite funny
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    Spell check?..... I just hope he is in our range and not too deer mate ..... it's not the first time I've herd a manager saying that a player was not for sale only for him to be so. Seriously though both should have kept this under the radar and under their hats for private discussion ..... all this has done is give the rabid hacks something to try and put a negative spin our way .... you would think there was an important "title challenging" game on the horizon .....
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    Sense! Murty is in the wrong. Absolutely correct, though I do hope IH gets sacked and Goss could get signed permanently.
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    If this snow does win us the league we should should have a white away strip next season.
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    Every chance mate. I've been ploughing snow from ibrox to their shithole for the last 24 hours now. 😂
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    We’ll sign who we like you Worzel Gummidge cunt.
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    Aye I was thinking about that this morning at 0430 when I was sitting in my gritter on the m8 and a pair o fannies stopped their motor and asked me if I'd stopped gritting to get the beggars game cancelled. Fucking right bhoyos!!! #establishmentgritterloyal
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    Sorry but that is astonishing from Murty. Fucking have the balls to come out and go mental, list the players this season that are still currently out from fouls which weren’t even punished in the games. This Mr Nice Guy will get him no where. Fucking piss poor.
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    Next Tuesday on BBC Radio 4 at 11.00am is a prog called Aftermath,covering the Ibrox disaster.
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    Wit you on about ya pervert.
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    The real cunts are the Daily record who sought out Holloway for the story, A Fenian rag.
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    And in at number 5. on Kerryfail Street's most popular thread titles we have "Anyone a lawyer on here pref corporate?" In at 4. its "Phil just said Admin 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 is on its way" An old favourite in at 3. "Father, why did you touch me there?!" At 2. a popular one, "I'm pyur raging, the SFA made me miss my bus" and at 1. for a record 420weeks "The Rangers Sevcooo Score"
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    the dons could easily rally round and scrape a 3 nil defeat
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    Can't take anyone seriously that has an accent like that
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    Wish they were still in Europe to be honest, couple of backed up European fixtures and a few postponed and rescheduled games here would have been pretty good. Pressure.
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    Terry butcher saying morelos has turned up eventually this season 😂 hes been the top scorer all fucking season absolute cretin these days.
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    I'm an absolute spastic. Watching the final re run n didn't realise the darts was cancelled, seen rob cross knocked his glass over against Taylor n I'm shouting "that's twice that pricks done that to him"
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    Its shocking how many belters of strips that fans come up with, yet the professionals usually cone out with something very meh...
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    Some howl if their game gets called off and ours goes ahead again
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    Not up to the old standard : Fuck your Harry, your Lou Macari, your Kevin Barry, your Harry Hood. or UDA, all the way. Fuck the pope and the IRA
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    They’ve absolutely convinced themselves were just another SPFL team where they need to turn up to win. It’s bit them on the arse a number of times this season and they’ll come to Ibrox with the same mentality. Do them there and the paranoia and doubt will start to creep in with them all doubting each other and the manager that throws them under the bus when it goes wrong. I hope our momentum hasn’t started too late though, I can see this going to the wire.