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    This guy is arguably the best midfielder Scotland has ever produced. An absolute hero of mine. He knew exactly what it was all about. Single handedly won us game on his own.
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    When Cummings was being interviewed there the commentator mention there was a huge roar in the the dressing room when the draw came up and Cummings said yes because that's what we wanted. That's what we want to hear, full of confidence and no hiding from this mob. WATP
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    If you are talking best midfielders Scotland produced - Jim Baxter, Graeme Souness, Billy Bremner and probably John White were all better.
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    Great to hear there was a roar in our dressing room when we got the taigs. That's the attitude we need.
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    It means fuck all but this is the first game against them since 2011 that I’ve felt confident going into. If ever there was a time to play them, it’s now. It won’t be easy by any means but if we win tomorrow, keep playing the way we have (Hibs loss aside), then we’ll hurt them. The cracks are showing big time. They’re literally relying on Brown at the moment. Step up Greg Docherty. I genuinely think we’re winning on Sunday.
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    He wore my hat at Tannadice the day we won the League. Claim to fame.
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    Didn't always wear short sleeves though or do wee mongo dances after being halved.
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    That’s absolute nonsense. Not a legend? Ffs. Don’t even know where to start with that tbh mate
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    Sending the whole Leverkusen team the wrong way at the first goal
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    I think it's probably not a cause for cheap point-scoring.
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    That’s the thing. If we win, there’s absolutely no doubt Brown and Rodgers will do something on the pitch to suggest it means nothing. Whether that be gestures to the Rangers fans or some gag-worthy interaction with wee Jay, you know they’ll try to deflect the pressure and attention. At the end of the day, it’s this simple really: they went a season and a half unbeaten domestically but since that humiliating pumping from Hearts have never fully recovered. Think of the odds-on favourite boxer getting knocked down for the first time in years, smiling, trying to show that he’s fine, as he clings to the ropes and has legs like spaghetti. Sure, he has the pedigree behind him to recover, but his corner are shitting themselves that he might receive a haymaker before he’s able. Bring the cunts on. If we lose, the leagues done. If we win, I believe we can do it.
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    Obviously I want us to win by any means possible but I want us to absolutely destroy them next week. I mean absolutely batter them on the pitch with them walking off wishing they’d never turned up and their fans foaming at the mouth at the natural order being restored. Fucking do them Rangers
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    his guy is arguably the best midfielder Scotland has ever produced. Read that and burst out laughing, not even the best to play for Rangers, couldn't have laced either of these two players boots:
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    Docherty is a future Rangers Captain. Getting better every game, very commanding.
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    Fantastic headbutt from Windass on Peter Grunt.
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    I dont understand why our fans dont turn up for a cup match to watch the team.........I mean its Rangers, sort it out !
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    Bastard, i will miss this, heading up to Ibrox around that time.
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    Captaining a treble winning side, one of only seven teams to do it. Captaining multiple trophies and a European final. Most European appearances. Since 2000, I'd only consider 2 Rangers players legends, him and Wallace
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    Don’t give a fuck what anyone says but if you have a dislike or hatred of Barry Ferguson then there’s something far wrong with you. See the cunts that come out with “Barry backpass” etc that’s just absolute nonsense. If you watched Barry Ferguson play football he was literally untouchable for years. Imagine lining up against the best midfielder in Europe, wtf is going through their heads? The best couldn’t get near him. Even that video shows he had everything. Not many people will notice the pass in the Motherwell cup game but to have that vision and understanding is unheard of in the game in Scotland now.