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    Isn’t it a coincidence that the day before our biggest game in years a rhag runs a negative story about our former manager receiving death threats from our supporters.
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    We're gonae win the league we're gonae win the league we're gonae win the league Bertie auld won't see 8 in a row. Mon the fucking loyalists Btw Bertie auld won't see 8 because Rangers will stop it nothing to do with death or the likes focus Lots of love rfc52 x
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    For someone who is concentrating on only theirselves, he sure does love talking about Rangers...
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    You know something, If I was Murty I would be saying to the players: "Look at this guy, he is trying to crassly dump all the pressure on us when all he needs to do is be professional, set up his team, and let his players do the talking. he's scared, and he's using any method he can to try and stack the odds in his favour" "he tries to say we've not known pressure, well you lads have known and dealt with 50 000s fans expectations during times when things weren't going well, you've dealt with having to meet the very high standards set for this football club - and you've shown that you can do it" "there's no need to fear the scum, because they fear you - and they fear you for a reason - you're going to win on Sunday!"
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    Not to be crude but the guy's a fucking jizz gargling, tranny shaggin fuckwit with no constitution for a fight. Fuck you Brenda, the bears are coming to maul you ya fuckin degenerate cunthole.
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    You never handed in your resignation, that's why you never took your legal proceedings any further ya fucking rat Cunt makes my blood boil
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    Make no mistake about it, this cunt, his players, his hierarchy, his rabid fans and his adoring media fan boys are feeling it big time. Their arses are twitching, they can't sleep at night, they're sweating, they're scared, they're anxious and there's nowhere to hide (and this is just on the park!). They all thought this was over. No one seen it coming. In fairness some of us thought it was over. They thought this would be a jolly. They are wrong though. Very wrong. There is no hiding from the fact how big this game is. We seem ready. I think we're ready. I think we'll win and with that everything will close in on Brenda dramatically. He doesn't like pressure. He can't handle pressure. A defeat on Sunday and they will all implode IMO. This could be a very exciting few weeks. I can't wait.......
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    I don’t have any problem with him talking to Forrest when he was with us. He knew his time was up and was looking after himself, my problem with him now is that he is a bare faced liar.
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    Another day another negative story about us, the agenda is clear for all to see.
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    Unfair to tag all the Rangers support with the same brush just because Bluepeter9 organised a campaign of terror and abuse. Fair enough I wasn’t exactly wishing him good luck but as usual our hooped hero Peter lets the side down.
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    ..as The Gers have just lost one of their biggest diehards.ma da just passed this morning.we were only ever happy together at ibrox.never made it up with him after a stupid row which lasted 18 years.fuckin sufferin terrible now.hope we can raise the roof on sunday for big Robert Wilson snr. RIP Dad! No Surrender Rab
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    Glad someone agrees with me ?
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    It didn't take long for the job to turn him into what they wanted, just another Rangers hating obsessive cunt who will soon be rattling on about conspiracy theories in the Scottish game when his side are routinely shafted by us.
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    Think he’s not being truthful, why did him and his team withdraw any dispute against the club for unfair dismissal then? Such a coincidence that the best in the business was at forest a mere 1-2 weeks after the back stabbing. I don’t always agree with what the board does but they were spot on in getting shot of those 3
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    "No contact from Forest whatsoever... honest" Pathological liar aswell as a con man.
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    Fantastic news and a big statement by the club. Time for him to get his head down and find the net even more. Also perhaps to learn the offside rule. He’s got a big future in the game and once capped by his country, he’d be worth even more than the figures quoted from China. Big move.
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    It's quite funny, this week all I've heard is how much talking WE'VE done but it's been day after day of Brenda talking about us and their ex and current players doing the same... Our players cheered a cup draw which was revealed by Sky and we've gone about our business quietly this week. Hopefully we do our talking on the pitch....
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    We're off to fight the provo scum Hand grenades and tommy guns
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    He's young and has recently just came onto a game. It does seem unfair comparing it to players that are sitting on the bench, or don't appear to care that much, but two/three months of good performances shouldn't guarantee a big wage. Once we get the big wages like Kranjcar, Alves etc of the bill we should learn from it and only go after players who have something to prove here, whether it is a way for them to earn a move to a bigger league, or because they love the club and want to be here. None of this last payday shit, no matter what level they have played at previously.