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    Good harmless fun what's not to like? If it gets younger bears interested and they all pay their money to come see the Rangers it can only be a good thing. Good to see the youth belting the classics, especially on a OF day. Fuck the offended.
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    The fact almost every SNP MP has criticised this March vindicates doing it imo.
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    Let's be fair, it was only negative because we're a country full of greeting faced tarrier bastards
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    The SNP are rabid fucking bheasts as you can see from them falling over themselves to have a pop at Rangers and our support in that article. Yet some 'Rangers fans' still vote for them? The time has been for quite some time that you need to pick a side here - the SNP and their wee cause or Rangers. Of course there's people who vote for these guys and still claim to support Rangers but in my eyes they are no supporters of Rangers. If they vote SNP then they have made their decision and it's to our detriment. It's us and them. Literally is. Being ignorant to them and their ways is no excuse for any Rangers fan - especially when it's laid out like that in front of their eyes and they still choose to ignore the hatred for us.
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    Remind me, does “progress” mean “done”? Anyone that thinks we’ve not made progress is a fucking lunatic.
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    Good turnout but not my thing at all. I've tried for years to appreciate the ultra thing with hoodies and smoke bombs and jumping about. Just can't. Think it looks ridiculous in all honesty. Like something from a cheap horror film.
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    I still can’t believe we didn’t press the fuck out them in the first 25 minutes we could’ve killed it there and then. It was a fucking joke the way we stood off them, not once but fucking twice. They could hardly string two passes together in the first 5 minutes, even Brown was giving it away. They looked shocked we’d came flying out right into their faces and scored. His nonsense about attacking football at Ibrox etc was made redundant the moment we stood off them after taking the upper hand twice. But aye a get where you’re coming from.
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    slightly off topic - but watching the whole saga and seeing the reaction of certain politicians to the UB march, it struck me though that absolutely nobody defends rangers fans from a political or media point of view - absolutely nobody. Yet the cellic support has high ranking politicians and journalists in their midst who denigrate us at every turn and then keep quiet when stuff like this happens. Im not offended by it in the slightest - but I am concerned at the disparity in both the reporting of it and how it is played out in the media and in political circles. There is only one side winning that battle at the moment and it is certainly not us. I cant think of one politician who regularly tweets against the cellic support, the way they have politicians who regularly tweet against us (for example). I've said it before on here - everybody talks about the "we hate catholics" song in the trainspotting 2 movie - but its the monologue just before it we should be paying attention to - "These are the folks that have been abandoned by the political class". Its absolutely true.
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    It's seems from some (not aimed at the OP ; just a general observation I've seen over the last few weeks) that our good run of 9 wins in 10 was primarily down to Nicholl joining and not Murty. However when we lose it seems to be all Murtys fault. My view on our upturn in form is fairly simplistic. We signed better players in January and now have a better squad. That said as a team Murty, Nicholl, JJ seem to have done well since January collectively as a team. With regard to the subs or lack thereof whilst I agree it should have been changed earlier I can also see why it wasn't. IMO Murphy was our best player and wasn't coming off. Candeias wasn't far off and wasn't coming off either. Buffalo was causing them problems and is a threat. Taking Goss off could have been risky as we could have been left short in midfield. Windass could have been an option but I don't think he was as bad as made out and he's always a threat. His shot should have got us a point if buffalo scores. We had 33 minutes left when they were down to ten. We had loads of time to break them down. There was no need to force the issue. We didn't need to change it straight away. Murtys post match comments were actually fairly accurate when he said the players weren't trying to play through them, weren't moving it fast enough and were crossing from too deep. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. If buffalo puts us 3 - 2 up I think we win and probably win pretty comfortably. He didn't. We lost and everyone involved is culpable but moreso the players IMO. Murty is not without his faults but even when Cummings came on everything Murty said the players weren't doing they continued to do them. We only really played through them once after Cummings came on. Cummings coming on earlier wouldn't have guaranteed anything. I guess we'll never though.
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    scattergun blame game.
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    Political appointments. Reminds me of when Walter and ally brought in burns.
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    Partick Harvie just about sums up everything I hate about the Protestant/Unionist hating scum in that shithole the Scottish Parliament.
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    Video of a Rangers player getting grief gets posted then cunts start paying attention to the guys username Hells bells man.
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    Also have any of these SNP MP's on their respective Twitters or whatever, came out and slated celtic fans for attacking a Rangers bus in Govan or the personal abuse dished out to Russel Martin? can someone with Twitter ask them why?
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    He’s dreadful
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    Look like daftys with they balaclavas
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    Put Morelos and Cummings in together. Should have happened on 67 minutes yesterday as part of a 3-5-2.
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    Showing Too Much Respect I'll keep on saying it till I'm blue in the face.
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    They shat it When we scored, couldn’t believe what hit them, after that soft as fuck goal we conceded we shat it and never looked like we believed we could win.
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    Nate Higgers? Fuck sakes man!
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    If he didn't have those basic attributes as a youth, he wont be getting them now. We are talking basic shooting practice here ffs. He doesn't have the composure and I doubt he ever will. Can't head a ball at 21 and can't tap in a goal at one yard out! FFS, he can't even get the fucking offside right. Ah but he runs around a lot and bullies defenders and constantly looks for fouls as he loses the ball. To achieve what? I want him getting past defenders and burying the ball in the back of the fucking net. Is it too much to ask of your number 1 striker? Now compare his attributes to say Tav. Not the greatest defender I may add, but ffs he goes past players like they are not there. That attribute you cannot teach. He's always had that. It's natural and it's blossoming. Now remind me of Morelos's natural talent.
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    ..... Same here mate. I have been battling to take to him since he arrived ....... all the "he's a young player, he'll improve as he get's older" is fine and well .... but it doesn't help when he misses game changing sitters that even me, at my age now, could put away comfortably .... especially against the scum. All my years supporting The Rangers I remember we always had strikers who could kill off teams with regular deadly strikes .... out of nothing at times .... Morelos unfortunately does not get anywhere near any players of the past who were up for these crucial games. So after yesterday I'm afraid he has done nothing to change my mind ..... we still need a proper striker who has composure under pressure .... and as we have him until 2020, I can only hope he gets his act together sooner rather than later or we are playing a man down if our out and out striker can't get the ball in the net from a yard out.
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    it's time to turn over a new leaf. I hated watching scotland recently, with Naismith, Whittaker etc, and then the "celtic 6" - but now big ecks in charge and we have some Rangers players in the squad - with hopefully more to follow I think its time to take back a little of that which we have let go with barely a whimper. Whole family is going actually.
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    Carragher is out of order. To spit at anyone is pretty clatty and taig like behaviour but to do it with a wee lassie in the crossfire is totally uncalled for. I don't think he'd intentionally spit on a wee lassie but he's acted the cunt to be fair. The dad is just as much of an arsehole. Clearly driving and filming with his phone simultaneously. Then goading an ex player. Doing that is pretty poor at the best of time but to do it on the road is sheer stupidity, all with his daughter in the car. Fucking moron. And he's so caught up and delighted he got a bite he gives no fucks his daughter was even spat on. His daughter even told him to stop it before he rolled the window down. Pair of arseholes.