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    Brenda is asking for the OF game be the first after the split. Saying by avoiding it looks bad on Scotland haha. I think he forgets that its because of his fans we don't have old firm deciders! Its because of them we kick off early. They'll never ever get the day we had in 1999 and that still kills them as a club
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    If We're Not Looking At Glen Kamara

    Tiresome. Why do we always shout from the rooftop that we must sign a player after a good game against us? Signing the defensive midfielder from the third worst team with the third worst defensive record ffs.
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    Then there's something seriously wrong with our scouting department. This boy's going all the way to the top. I think he'd be an even better option than Mulumbu - and that's saying something. Thoughts?
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    Just hoping for 90 minutes of absolutely vile bigotry and poison from the stands from our support, anything on the pitch will be a bonus
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    Rodgers who is not long here telling us how Scottish football should be run (to suit the scum). Sanctimonious devious deluded bastard
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    Surely you know if FDB is already looking at him, or not?
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    win at all cost. sick of playing 2nd fiddle to these fuckpigs just fuckin do it Rangers.
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    No mate, just you.
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    accumulator Stanley
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    ***Official Rangers v Taigs Thread***

    Morelos has to start and that CB partnership is suicide.
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    City are NOT a big club ffs
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    The midfield doesn't have anyone remotely defensive in it which worries me.
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    ***Feedback Thread***

    Just met @nine4eight to get my ticket. What a gent. That's 2 semi final tickets he has sold me (at face value). Thanks once again ?
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    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Who are they...
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    I hate Utd, really hate them but that game is a prime example of the mentality never leaving you when you’re a big club. They aren’t where they were even 6 years ago but they still have that belief and fight in them and we need to get that back through our club as well because our belief and mentality is broken at the moment.
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    Grand Prix 2018

    Pleased Vettel won. Not often I want a British sportsman to get beat but Hamilton is an arrogant cunt.
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    If we marked Lego out the game we would rocket our chances of winning this game. Cunt or not he is their captain, heartbeat, he dictates their play from keeper forward, their energy and tempo etc. I'd go for attrition and tell a player to not move more than 5 yards from his side, no matter what. Have no involvement in the game other than to ruin his influence. Holt or Docherty would be ideal. Murty won't do it obviously, but imo if we wanted one tactic to influence a game that would be it.
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    You know it's a riddy when Kirk makes you look like a fanny!
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    Push them back and press constantly. Don't give them any space or time to settle. Mistakes will then come from the back giving us a shot to beat them. We can't repeat ibrox were we sat back after scoring and let them dictate play.
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    Rodgers has no idea what he's talking about. Those scummy bastards cannot behave when things dont' go their way and this has been proven in Scotland and in Europe over the years. Also why was a Scottish international waving an Eire flag at Ibrox ?
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    If anyone was sad enough to document all the advantages and bad decisions they've been given this season I'd not be surprised, as shite as we've been, if there wasn't any gap once you account for them.
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    Again they have been below par and pedestrian and sleepwalked to the league. Sickening how much of a joke we’ve been this season. If we just had a bit of belief and fight then we’d give them a game next week but I imagine we’ll sit off them and give them all the respect they always deserve
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    Tims struggling so they get a helping hand
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    Your seriously retarded, you claimed we should play the same way as ever by lining us the same as always. These cunts are there for the taking, we need to attack for the full 90
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    If We're Not Looking At Glen Kamara

    I would love to know how many times you've seen him to know he's going to the very top
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    It still hasn’t happened for wee doc?? Give the boy a chance ffs are u saying every game he’s played he’s been poor?
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    im surprised at that considering this is a Rangers forum Too many handwringing hipster gimps on here Make Rangers Hate Taigs Again
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    It’s called “initiating debate”
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    Came in to say these after reading Keysers latest blunder.
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    You typed a lot of made up stuff there didn’t you.
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    Given our recent displays and the fact we're likely to be outnumbered in midfield again... It's wise not to expect anything from this, as tragic as that may be.
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    King Jela

    ***Official Rangers v Taigs Thread***

    It’s all good talking about formations, tactics etc but chances are he’ll play the same as yesterday, maybe Halliday for Docherty, and we’ll get pumped again as they go on to another treble. Doom and gloom Loyal
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    Flood the midfield, pressurising them in to mistakes, battling for every single ball and you never know. I don't think this side has it in them. I'm unsure where I'd play McCrorie. Ideally as a holding midfielder but I have no faith in our fit centre backs. 4-1-4-1 would be my preferred system as Candeias and Murphy will provide support defensively for the full backs. I have doubts over central midfield too. If all else fails, hopefully there'll be a poisonus atmosphere coming from our end and these bastards are kicked off the park.
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    The quality on the ball might be lacking a little but this everything you want from your players. Hunger, desire and fight............
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    Thank fuck you're no in charge then
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    McCrorie has got to play in midfield - we have absolutely 0 physicality in there and we NEED a physical player in there. Alves and Martin will not be as bad if they have someone in front of them giving them some proper protection. I’d play a flat 4-5-1 and just try and hit on the counter. Goss shouldn’t be anywhere near the team sheet. Docherty should be dropped too.
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    I like both, but we gave the ball away 4 times yesterday by Docherty turning into their man in our own half. You do that against the taigs and we get battered!
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    UFC live.

    Fair play to Al!
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    UFC live.

    Cunt's some talent man.
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    big blue Fin

    Far Cry 5

    Just reached the finale and I'm so fucking pissed off. Ok it's Far Cry I expect moral ambiguity but this ending, I mean, what the fuck were they thinking? Here's a huge tip. When you've killed off all of Joseph's family, delete the game. Seriously, you do not want to play either the fight or walk away ending. Just delete it and stick it on eBay, that's what I'll be doing with mine. Bastards at Ubisoft.
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    King Jela

    ***Official Rangers v Taigs Thread***

    Quite right too. Would be as well conceding the game before it started tbh
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    If anything that second half has showed how terrible his negative tactics have been all season when his team puts on an attacking display like that when 2 down.
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    Keys to new gaff next week, won’t have everything sorted by Sunday or could of got a head start on the ASBO.
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    ***Official Rangers v Taigs Thread***

    Cunts gonna be fucking blootered with a 14:30 kick off. Gonna be poisonous.
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    Johnny Dangerously

    Rangers related picture thread

    That doesn’t really say if it’s for the Rangers game. I found this ticket
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