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    Signing someone who walked out when we needed him, and looking like we’re getting an under 18s manager as our manager, not exactly positive is it
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    A lot of this I've said a few times before, but at the risk of repeating myself. McGregor I'm not fussed about. My issues with Foderingham were the same issues I had with McGregor and that's they both got beat from too many long-range shots being too far off their line and not as commanding as they shout be at set-pieces, although both really good reflex/reaction shot-stoppers. Arfield will be a great signing IMO. I hope he doesn't turn out to be another Barton, Nico or even Dorrans to a lesser extent in that they came with a good pedigree from the EPL but didn't do it for us (Dorrans case he's not done it yet but there's still time) ... but he'd defo a player I'm happy to sign. We can't stop signing players with good pedigree's because a couple previously didn't work out. I think he's similar to the way Armstrong is for them, in that he's a competent and strong midfielder who's matured into a good player with a lot in his locker. My confidence levels depend on who else we sign but equally importantly who we ship out too. If it meant more money into the transfer pot then I'd cash in on Tav, Windass and Morelos. They all offer us something but only sometimes. That's not good enough. I have doubts on their consistency and mental strength to play for Rangers considering everything we need from our top players. Alves, Pena and Rossiter are 3 we must get off the wage-bill and save ourselves somewhere in the region of 65k per-week. Even if we spend a small fortune doing it to save a small fortune in return then that's fine. Obviously try and cash in on Herrera, Cardoso and O'Halloran. Rip up the contracts of Halliday, Wallace, Miller, Hodson, Dodoo, Forrester. Dalcio & Martin return to their clubs end of loan. Sign Murphy and Cummings on the pre-determined fee's of 700 and 600 grand. Whoever the new manager is really needs to sign a whole new backline including full-backs who can defend and position themselves and 2 commanding center halfs. Have John, Holt, Docherty and Jack as capable squad options when we sign a much higher caliber of player for our first XI contentions. I have a strange sense of hope in the summer before every new season starts, even if deep down I knew under the likes of McCoist, Warburton and Pedro we would be onto shit and not trusting the decisions of the people that run our club. It looks like it's Steven Gerrard as our new manager. I can't get excited or on board yet. It depends on who he signs and who we get rid of. I can see some advantages of him being the manager, but an over-riding feeling that it's another massive risk and gamble that won't pay off. I think I may get used to the idea after a few days but if this gamble doesn't pay off, for the first time ever I think it would be time for a large-scale boycott until this lot are gone because this would be one bridge too far. There would be nothing to lose from doing it this time as the taigs would have their ten in a row so that's a game changer for me and drastic action would be essential.
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    Outright off the scale mentalness imho.
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    Warburton- An up and comer who we hoped was going to be the next ting Pedro- A fucking nobody who we plucked from obscurity hoping we could unearth a gem Murty- Promoted from within Gerrard- A big name who has literally never managed a senior match 4 different types of managers and not 1 is the kind we all want, a proven winner. Absolutely sickening how out of touch these idiots are. As for 'social media' fans they're the only ones happy at this shambles, every single person I've spoke to and seen posting who follow the team everywhere are against it.
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    Board should be chased out of Ibrox if SG is our next manager .
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    He's the only person with a track record of fucking up Brenda's chances of winning the league.
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    The clubs in the worst state in my lifetime Even worse for me than 3/4 years ago We have people there, who seem to embarrass our clubs name and support on a monthly basis . Many give the impression .They don't give a fuck about the fans pain and embarrassment . If you look at the subjects we discuss on here.The club is always on the back foot ,fucking up on something or being secretive about things .3/4 ears ago they lied to us and promised transparency . We have given the beggars so much of a head start ,it's quite frightening since then 10/11/12 is a very real possibility Only 2 teams ever won the Scottish title and our enemies made sure we were out of the picture for years .However since the present lot took over us .Who is to argue it's not worse than the 3 previous years before where the beggars were doing some fucking up of their own They have galvanised and taken control of Scottish football to almost the humiliating stage .. Back to back trebles is something I will never see in my lifetime In the early 60s our club went 14 OF games without defeat . The scum had never done 10 until semi final recently .And that is with their all conquering team of the late 60s .You see even with that great side .We still beat them on the park more often than we lost 67/68 season we won both games against them in league for example Even this amazing record is in jeapordy because of this shower of useless cunts that are running us into the ground Fair enough .Finances dictate that it's a different climate nowadays but it's going to take years or decades to catch up with this shower of mutants because of the last 3 years more than the previous 3 To conclude and it's hurtful to say it There is absolutely nothing about my club to be positive about about going into another season with the same bastards running us And we all know it if we are honest with ourselves The next fuck up is just around the corner
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    He’d instantly be the best midfielder we have at club....
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    There are genuinely people happy with this because he'll get us noticed and a worldwide name. Fucking mongs
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    It's quite an article given it's direct attack on quite a few named individuals associated with us along with board members themselves. Interesting that one misspell was all you've commented on from the piece.
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    Guardiola took over a squad with Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, Ronaldinho, Puyol... and Zidane took over a squad with Ronaldo, Modric, Bale, Ramos, Kroos... Gerrard will be taking over a squad with Halliday, Holt, Windass, Herrera, Dodoo etc.
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    You think this decision would help with this? this is one almighty fucking gamble. Bigger than pedro
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    So let me get this right,we've went from 'We can't afford to take another gamble,we need to get the next appointment right. The next manager needs to be proven and experienced' To.... 'Ooooh Steven Gerrard!!!' Call me cynical but this would have the makings of another disaster. I just dont see what he's done to merit getting this job. Souness mk2? Geez peace ffs
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    Scenes if he's good but and sends Rogers back down south greetin' after he's single handedly fucked their 10 in a row
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    Ill be fucking disgusted if we end up with him.
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    Finally a manager that will mibby get rossiter to play since they both speak the same language ....
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    Where did you get insight like that from?
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    stv2 monday 6.30. glasgow cup final v celic
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    Gerrard as outright boss has disaster written all over it. We have not learned one lesson since Walter left. Not one. Same mistakes every single year without fail. Repeat repeat repeat whilst throwing what little good money we have down the drain. Obviously I've not got a crystal ball and don't know for 100% certain but I'm just saying how I feel. Gerrard will be good in some ways I feel like player recruitment and commanding respect but it doesn't matter how good a player you are, you can't always go from coaching under 18's to being a successful manager at a team like ours. This is every bit the same gamble as Pedro was. and also please spare me the line about Souness and Walter and their lack of managerial experience, I give you Ally McCoist and Alan Shearer. Just to balance it out.
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    If we get Gerrard I'll be fucking fuming btw.
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    Fuck that mate you still support the 11 whether it’s mike Ashley king or any manager in charge. dont let that shit influence having a ticket
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    The guy can be a full on prick, but he’s got that spot on, we have just switched one bunch of cunts for another bunch of cunts. The second lots of cunts being far more dangerous because they have so called Bears running interference for them with the fans and feeding them lies after lies. We will never move forward while these trough guzzlers are in and around our great club. If our esteemed SLO is reading this (we know you prowl about ya cunt) you and your old man make Ashley and his crew look like amateurs.
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    Gerrard should be cutting his teeth at a Tranmere or Accrington, not Rangers ffs.
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    I can’t believe this is even a thing.