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    If I kept having private conversations with my mate, and he kept going on TV and repeating them, I’d probably stop talking to him.
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    exactly this. I genuinely have no idea how I feel about it. Half me thinks it's a mental gamble at the worst time ever to gamble. The other half can't help but get a bit excited.
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    Nothing kills a buzz quite like a transfer target doing a rape.
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    Right admin close the thread, Derek doesn't think he's coming.
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    Again guy has said he’s heard it and is asking if anyone can confirm or shoot down. why do you post like people on FF are pushing an agenda when the guy quite clearly asks if anyone has heard anything similar youre an absolute fucking banger
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    He did say he was flying back from Rome for further talks today. Calm doon.
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    Scenes on here tomorrow when the world press report they went to Ibrox for press conference and its JN saying the boys have trained well....?
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    Understand you’ll get yer baws toed ya virgin mong.
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    Hopefully the next few days will lead us into a successful phase in returning to our glory days. Talking my two young kids tonight (both of whom have only known the tough times) they asked me my favourite 3 Rangers players ever. 2 of the 3 world class players I saw included Gazza and Laudrup. They didn't really know about Davie Cooper, I showed them this, and they said he was a Rangers Messi ?. It ain't easy watching us these days, but enjoy, and think about the good times as hopefully they come round again soon enough.... https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://m.youtube.com/watch%3Fv%3DiRZHAe3ARiw&ved=0ahUKEwi3zK7LrOraAhUIDsAKHSk5C1kQtwIIKzAD&usg=AOvVaw36FPQChhkCYFnJKgwtT87M
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    The guy Bill Young from Rocksport posts on here under the name Moody Blue Legend.. less of the abuse guys..
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    Thank Christ that none of our Club's decisions are down to you.
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    The impatience that people show every time that it looks like somebody is coming into the club is absolutely hilarious. These things take time and usually take days to work out. It doesn’t happen in a few hours.
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    I can’t make my mind up if this is a shrewd move or an absolute crackpot idea bringing him in.
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    Nah that's the scum stadium, Ibrox is the beautiful red brick one.
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    If that rocksport cunt is wrong again I’m gonna torch his house
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    You forgot the 'i' after the 'u', Sparkle!!
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    Who ever cleans the toilets are gonna literally be up to their knees in fenian blood.
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    My understanding is that there are an insane amount of lurkers on the site today, also my understanding that some of them can't contain their inner beggar from escaping.
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    100% the worst part of any announcement, is the shite patter like that
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    You must be the life and soul at parties man.
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    The guy talking about admin knows his stuff.. he’s pals with Young Bill with the magic quill... I’m sure if he was to be banned it would be for the first time
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    That's more regularly than some of the lurkers on here attend Ibrox tbf.
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    Hopefully no one ever quotes RockSport again now just 4ladshadadream and Rangers observer now
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    There is absolutely no chance we are getting rid of King never mind spending £50M 40 year old guys posting for attention on social media and forums
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    Something that’s always surprised me is the number of chartered accountants and business law experts who have popped up since 2012. I didn’t realise it was a such a sought after career path or pastime to so many people.
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    I have literally no idea what you’re talking about
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    Article mentions the talks being held in London today. Meanwhile there's been a cunt on FF adamant all day Gerrard flew into Prestwick
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    Will people stop quoting that fucking edition of War and Peace please
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    Just had a text saying tours cancelled because King has sold contents of trophy room.. vile, imo.
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    My understanding is that you are correct in your understanding
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    So you don't have to look at all those ethnics? I get you.
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    Too funny that he never replies after being called out on shite like this
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    Bit of a mix up tbh. The appointed administrators are called Mcallister and Gerrard..
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    Mate, some are just absolutely busting for this all to fail. Like he would even know what gets talked about in the board room, nevermind anything like that
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    They'll probably have a big banner with... 'No bloodstained panties on oor burds'
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    It should be private jet stuff into Glasgow then helicopter landing in the middle of the park at Ibrox. Standards are slipping. king oot.
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