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    I'm saying the forum has a few retards. Kind of ironic I'm having to explain this.
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    If I kept having private conversations with my mate, and he kept going on TV and repeating them, I’d probably stop talking to him.
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    King doesn't have money - so he wants investors. King is toxic - investors will avoid him like the plague (only the Parks will work in his favour here). Any investors - buy King out. Two birds, one stone and all that.
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    Right admin close the thread, Derek doesn't think he's coming.
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    The cunt was part of a group of arseholes who sat back, watched the club be vilified, watched an uber-arse (bain) sign off his own remuneration package, watched on as debt spiralled. He then proceeded to try and procure the club with no money, then money (most of which was to be financed by a now felon) then he promised, if he was defeated in a vote, that he would walk away only for that to be a lie and turn up when king appeared. Throw in his "border" antics, his #hiredhand gravy approach and his complete inability to add the square root of fuck all, to the betterment of The Rangers and you have plenty of reasons to want the cunt nowhere near the place. As soon as he was back the old bainites were swarming round the place, not to mention his email chums.
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    Again guy has said he’s heard it and is asking if anyone can confirm or shoot down. why do you post like people on FF are pushing an agenda when the guy quite clearly asks if anyone has heard anything similar youre an absolute fucking banger
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    He did say he was flying back from Rome for further talks today. Calm doon.
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    Could admin please change the offensive thread title as there are a few members on the forum that could be offended.
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    Thank Christ that none of our Club's decisions are down to you.
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    The impatience that people show every time that it looks like somebody is coming into the club is absolutely hilarious. These things take time and usually take days to work out. It doesn’t happen in a few hours.
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    Nah that's the scum stadium, Ibrox is the beautiful red brick one.
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    3 cup finals???? This shambles cannae even get us to one lol. While i agree with the sentiment (honestly, no taking the piss) i think your kidding yourself if you think any of the bottom feeders that play for us are giving a fuck. They have overachieved making it to play for Rangers, pretty soon halliday, windass, cardoso et al will be back at the level they should be and while they will tell their grandkids about when they played for Rangers, i'll be telling mine about a bunch of fuckin retards that fucked every opportunity and blew nearly every long standing record my club had achieved. Sick of these cunts
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    Great how some on here can suddenly give the DR some credibility to foster their own agendas.
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    The guy talking about admin knows his stuff.. he’s pals with Young Bill with the magic quill... I’m sure if he was to be banned it would be for the first time
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    That's more regularly than some of the lurkers on here attend Ibrox tbf.
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    Mind you left in a strop lol 4 year ago you left like a wee used midden
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    This is very strange it’s almost like he’s wanting these investors in after Gerrard is appointed like he’s luring Stevie in with the promise of these investors being found the man and his regime is so fucking toxic and amateur
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    Surely to fuck youd have the investment in place before you potentially go chasing something you cant afford?
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    Anyone who thinks Fenway will take us over is living in cloud cuckoo land
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    Something that’s always surprised me is the number of chartered accountants and business law experts who have popped up since 2012. I didn’t realise it was a such a sought after career path or pastime to so many people.
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    It seems for some that the DR is 99% lies and sensationalism on most given days, unless they're writing about Dave King, then they suddenly become the gospel.
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    But I thought the investment was already there ready to be announced? can we have an SOS or C72 statement saying what about the 30-50 million you personally promised us, Dave? that would be smashing
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    I have literally no idea what you’re talking about