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    Players are pals with each other no matter who they play for, its no big deal. Rangers players have almost always been pals with tarriers off the park. Problem is that braindead wank Windass posting it on Instagram just a day after Allan almost snapped Rossiter in half. Fuckin rocket
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    If he can keep Rossiter fit then he should change his name to Harry Potter
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    Aye, Mcallister has been shite so far and should be replaced..
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    "I have my beliefs, and when I was playing I was bitter. I drank in Protestant pubs and I was caught up in it. I don't hide from that. I don't regret it, and I'm not ashamed of it. I am a Rangers man, and in my eyes Rangers men don't play for celtic.Did I hate celtic when we played them? Yes, of course I did. I ran out of the tunnel detesting the sight of them and even now I hate it when I see Gers players cuddling celtic players. For 90 minutes they need to hate them. It means too much to too many people. Why hug someone you should be kicking to win the league? Sorry, but I was taught then if we won the Old Firm game, we won the league, so I wasn't about to wish them all the best. They are the enemy. I didn't socialise with their players because we had nothing in common. They were good Catholic boys, and we were seen as these hard-drinking maniacs. But who was winning the trophies? Us." Andy Goram
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    So no new deal for Russell Martin, thank fuck for that.
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    Robert Mulholland didn’t return home from Ibrox on the 2nd January 1971. He was only 16 years old. It was fellow supporter Joe Burke who was so touched by Robert’s story that he had a memorial bench placed at Victoria Park in Whiteinch back in 2011. Over the last few years the bench has sadly suffered a lot of damage mainly due to the weather. Joe contacted us and asked to be put in touch with one of our team Chris Beglin who had previously carried out restoration work on the memorial bench to the Markinch Boys in Fife. Once again Chris took the bench to his workshop and the transformation is nothing short of incredible. Chris took no payment to cover his costs from the project for the restoration work carried out on both benches. This is a wonderful example of the Rangers family pulling together and we at the Restoration Project would like to sincerely thank Joe and Chris. Today we remember our brother Robert Mulholland.
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    That's the proper way to build a team; it might be "old fashioned" thinking, but it's the only way to ensure success. The days of when mighty Brazil, and the Hungarian Maygars of Puskas, Grosics, Hidegkuti, Cocsis etc worked on the theory of; If they score six, we score seven, are long gone. Get a stiff spine right down the middle and you are on your way to winning Leagues and cups; Two hard tackling central defenders who kinow how to defend, along with a midfield 'destroyer' and we will wipe the floor with the scum.
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    Says the walloper calling Bears troglodytes, for wanting the players to stay the fuck off social media especially when they hang around with cunts who hate the ground we walk on. The fact you don’t seem to grasp this doesn’t surprise me mind you, just another one of the hand wringing snowflakes that pollute our support.
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    In the past our players like Ferguson or Ricksen would have been itching all summer waiting for the first game against Hibs or whatever nothing team Allan signs for, and fucking nailed him with the first tackle of the game after what he did yesterday. Nothing to do with who he plays for, it was a cowardly potential career ending challenge on a young kid with a bad injury record in an end of season game. Shows you how much the players involved care about their team mates.
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    Cunt's a riddy. 'SevcoNews' and 'Shagger' Imagine actually tagging somecunts da in a tweet as well Attention seeking mong
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    Windass just constantly at it man, ye would think he’s fucking trolling us.
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    I'm not surprised by it, I remember seeing Barry Ferguson out on the piss with John Hartson in glasgow years ago. Saw Craig Moore out with one of their players as well, can't remember who it was right enough but it's been happening for years. What fucking pisses me off is these fuckwits spreading it all over social media without a fuck being given. If they are pals behind the scenes then its unavoidable, but to be peddling it online and openly having a laugh with scum players after a horrific season in which we have been embarrassed in perpetuity, is a fucking piss take. Agree with the cunt on twitter who gave that no-mark goalkeeper of ours a hard time, and for name dropping that fat blowhard mouthpiece cunt Dean Windass an all. For me, half of Josh's problems stem from his dick of a dad who is endlessly whoring his son out on social media to all and sundry in the fucking hope that Real Madrid come in for him. Fuck off Dean. And fuck off Wes for the snide reply to a fan who has dug you out for acting the cunt. Fuck off the lot of these cunts, just hope Gerrard has a spine and the autonomy to ship these nobodies out to whatever lower league english club will take them. bet your bollocks to a barndance that not one of these hopeless, spineless cunts will be seen playing football at any relevant level once they leave Rangers. This linking of Windass to premier league teams is laughable, if he does sign for one of them it will be 6 months before he's on the bench and then getting shipped out on loan to the likes of Fleetwood for a league 1 scrap. Cunts.
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    Stick to tennis. You obviously don’t get football, stop trying to turn it into something it isn’t.
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    So according to Nuremberg Hugh, Logan should not be gesturing and winding up opposition fans. Just banter with peg teef, thumb, broon n loostig though. Double standard Scumbag.
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    Who the fuck goes for a sash bash & worries about donkeys and food?
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    Windass needs to fuck off already and take his mush mouth dad with him. Jak should be kept and fod binned.
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    Nonsense imo. The refs here are shite. They're shite in the games i watch not involving us. The thistle ross county game last week 4 blatant penalties were missed. Its not cheating..They're Just really really shite
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    Once again the content is not matching the headline. Yeah something’s wrong and there are positives as he says but in no way does that say they are going to build from the back. This is just like the other thread about playing Klopps way. Journalists are meant to use fact not fiction. It may well be that we want to build the team from the back but that’s not what McAllister’s answer to the question was suggesting.
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    Some day. Didn't get home until the Wednesday morning and my burd at the time chucked me haha. Absolutely worth it.
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    Silly season starting early.
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    What a day was nervous as fuck all week and then before the game but 7 minutes in and all nerves were well and truly gone and it was fucking party time!!!
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    I see your Windass, and raise you Herrera
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    For being Catholic? Get out of our club for being shit, not being a taig.
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