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    3 separate Headlines I’ve seen this morning. 1 - A player being called a fenian bastard. Implication we are all bigots. 2 - The Neely story. Implications are obvious. 3 - The SFA Charges. Iplication we are cheats and the consequences could be including massive fines and we can’t sign players. All 3 headlines this morning. Coincidence? Is it fuck. After 8 months the SFA apply those charges last night. After how long that Neely story is regurgitated and the MOH story thrown into the mix. I’m not going to take apart the individual stories, anyone with a brain can see what’s going on with all 3. It’s so obvious. Over the past few weeks there has been a huge shift in the positive press we have been receiving (mostly if not exclusively beyond our borders). High profile English journalists talking positively about our club, on a fairly consistent basis. Yet here we are this morning with our very own ‘3 Billboards’ - a blatant attempt to shift the narrative. Bad Rangers - stay away, disassociate yourself. The club cannot allow this to go on and token retaliation statements isn’t enough. If we do not have a PR team able to represent us in what is a PR war then we have to get that in place at whatever cost. There is a genuine propoganda machine very effectively attacking us and the impact of these types of headlines should not be underestimated. Wake up Rangers. We have to fight back. What I’ve said here isn’t anything that the majority of us haven’t been saying for some time however it’s time, it really has to be.
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    Horrific if true. Let's not play whataboutery. Police informed, check. Now let's ensure this and every instance at every club are probed fully and the findings of police investigations about the bastards who commit such acts and the worse bastards and scum at clubs who concealed or facilitated such acts are highlighted. And hammered. If anyone at Rangers was guilty they deserve punished. As do Rangers if they didn't report it, retained the abuser in employment, or paid off victims / families and allowed such conduct to continue. Let's get this all out there rather than be Scotland's shame. For every club in Scotland. Every detail whilst protecting the identity of the complainer.
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    Quite the opposite, we don't play dirty like this so they have free reign to destroy our name and deflect away from Torbett's trial They are pishing on us from well above while we sit twiddling our thumbs trying to be every bodies pal
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    Dubai with Scott Allan.
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    Since the club knew nothing of it and unlike the filthy tarriers, didn't cover it up, I can't see how they would be accountable. Just the BBC trying to drag Rangers into the news since Torbetts trial is coming up and the scum are in for a pasting over that.
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    The only way you stop a bully is to boot them in the baws. Time to start booting some baws.
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    Remember when the kits were launched late June/early July? Those were the days...
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    id rather we didnt make the lawyers even richer than they are, but sometimes you just have no real choice in the matter.
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    Having Gerrard in charge is the perfect time to take on the Scottish media. We will be getting a lot of coverage from down south so it's the perfect time to stand up to them and let others ask questions.
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    It’s no coincidence that 3 anti Rangers stories are bound together and thrust out for a three pronged attack on the club in the media today. With the arrival of Steven Gerrard and the start of decent signings being announced we have upset their plans. its a pathetic attempt to smear the club from a pathetic lot.
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    we should always fight. we should have always fought. Without us there is no viable Scottish football. SDM, BAIN, mini murray, and assorted pals have wrecked this club from 2000 onwards.
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    This is what I am talking about with PR. Is this guy for real? On a day we take a battering he casually tells twitter there will be no kit release. Is he at the fucking wind up? - I’m honestly finding this hard to believe.
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    Fuck sake man, I wanted to get myself and the wee man one before holiday. Why are we such a farce with this shit?
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    We have been punished more than any other club, probably in the world - certainly in Scotland, for being run by crooks. We have served our time, paid our fines and more. The 5wa was a joke. By signing that at the time we ensured that the top flight were financially well off while we single handedly ensured the lower leagues were financially set up for years to come. We had to look after ourselves with no help from anyone. All this while crook after crook took what they could from us. Finally things are looking up for us and instead of congratulating us on our achievements - not many clubs would have survived - still the greedy bastards, that are our governing body, want more. Jealousy is a disease and these arseholes are riddled with it.
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    So the day Torbett is back in court the BBC top sports story is Tierney to Atletico, followed by Rangers taking the SFA on and their convienent take on abuse at Rangers as well. I fucking hate this country
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    "Bend over and take everything we give you up the arse if you want to play fitba again you cheating bastards".
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    We should be standing up for ourselves over everything the media have backed our club into a corner it's time the club came out fighting like the Bear we take our Nickname from.
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    Just imagine the positive headlines and profiling of their brand that the Manks would do if Gerrard was going to them. That is where we are failing. Traynor is too busy fighting his own petty ego battles to grasp the opportunity. Get the English press right onside. Go to them rather than them come to us. Every day offer them exclusives about Gerrard, open our doors to them. Have the Scottish press either looking stupid or starting to think, I’m going to get on board with this (keep in mind where the all want to be working) It’s within our gift right now and we will let it pass us by whilst penning retaliation statement to the blatantly obvious agenda driven bastards in the SMSM
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    We need a right dirty, snake bastard as head of our PR. It’s time to fight fire with fire Bears. For too long we’ve been fighting with one arm tied behind our back.
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    I have plenty of constructive ideas to fight our corner. First one - which wouldn't do much but would certainly give them an idea of the strength of feeling amongst fans - would be to have a small protest at a wee event the SFA are hosting this weekend. I'm sure thousands of bears at Hampden before, during and after the Cup Final would cause them a massive headache. I'd stop giving a penny to other clubs in this country. No tickets, no increased allocations, no players on loan, no teams sent to play them in testimonials. Nothing. Provide the absolute minimum required for any SFA/SPFL events. If we have to provide players for events send youth players along. Stop the cosy wee arrangements we have with celtic over votes on the SFA/SPFL boards. (we stand a candidate/they dont and vice-versa). I'd go out of our way to highlight every transgression by every club in the country - regardless of how petty - if necessary release statements every month highlighting said issues that haven't been dealth with. Bin the PR guru who is more interested in fighting battles with his former colleagues on our dime than doing his job. Release the 5WA, in its entirety, and lay bare quite the hurdles we had to agree to jump through to get our licence. and probably most importantly, hire executives from outwith the Scottish football bubble who doesn't care about ruffling some feathers just because it might hurt who they play golf with.
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    I think the club need to ask why Daly hasn’t commented again on hivs. The following is from Daly’s previous 2017 report: Neely took up a youth development position with Hibs in around 1983. In about 1986, abuse allegations concerning him were put to the late Hibs chairman Kenny Waugh. Sports reporter Ray Hepburn told the BBC Waugh had confided in him. Mr Hepburn said: "He said 'we've had complaints by two sets of parents about Gordon Neely. And his behaviour with some of the boys'. "And of course it was quite devastating news. He went on to explain that he had sacked him that day, had reassured the parents by dealing with it in a very speedy and decisive way. And that was kind of the way people did things then." The BBC has also spoken to the then Hibs manager John Blackley who confirmed Hepburn's story that Waugh had been made aware of complaints. The police were never involved. Nor did anyone at Hibs warn Rangers about Neely's behaviour. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-39553258
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    That post is every bit as bad as what Blue Fin posted.
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    This is so blatantly being banged out there so the taigs can scream “aye but what about Rangers” When the difference between the way the 2 clubs handled things is night and day, not to mention the fact the taigs had an organised peado ring operating inside their club for decades and did nothing about it, in fact went to great lengths to cover it up and let the abuse continue.
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    Just looking at the Twitter feed it's quite obvious that the SLO is yet another Rangers wage thief as it's apparent he hasn't got a fucking clue what's going on with the club or supporters and is another one rimming the board.