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    thank fuck cos I’ve just bought his book for the beach.
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    Sickening that that neither of these are away. Have emailed the cub to complain.
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    Alpha male hard as a coffin nail, traditional British values, supports the Rangers....... What's not to like?
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    What a handwringer. All club statements should refer to them as fenians imo
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    Not happening cos @Copland bear said so, ok?
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    Me and my husband have both got one on separate walls! Hope that's not an omen!! Anyway I got mine on the Jock Wallace wall and while I was looking for it I saw one with my grandsons name. Exact spelling. Just the name, no date of birth or slogans. The next game we went to I told him we had bought him a brick and showed him it. We even took pictures of him pointing at it. I'll tell him.one day it isn't his.........
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    Report on tonight's Under 16's game. https://rfcyouths.wordpress.com/2018/06/07/16s-win-in-fife/
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    Got the same on the big billboard in Anniesland. Anniesland...a hotbed of staunchness!
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    kluivert must have had a look round feegie n thought "fuck that"
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    Colin maclachlan the other guy off the program is a celtic fan. He tweeted saying he couldn't wait to be at browns testimonial so I tweeted back asking what kind of reception does an ex sas man get at a republican fest but he never replied
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    If someone is truly a bear but pretends that they are something else for whatever the reason then they are a cunt, Cameron is a wee slabbering bawbag, another thread that only heightens my desire for football to hurry the fuck up and start back.
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    I said about the enclosures and again was told no chance and it would be the corners . I think the enclosures would be perfect myself and take the ground back to how most of us remember it
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    I'm prettt sure the SLO said it wouldn't be happening after the union bears put 'fenians' in one of their statements.
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    Would be great across the broomloan now we have banned the torbett tower brigade
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    Guys cool as fuck. Good to hear.
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    Was saying this exact thing tonight. We have nothing to be ashamed of in our past yet our celebrity fans are ashamed to admit we're their team, meanwhile on the other side of the town where they have plenty to be ashamed of their celebrity fans are loud and proud. Baffling.
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    Therein lies the problem, if he is a Bear he should come out and say it. The celebrity beggars have no problem doing it, i know he isn't exactly a celebrity but the point stands.
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    Let Ant do the team talk before the next game against the filth.
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    Got a feeling this "let's go" patter will come back and bite us in the arse just like "we don't do walking away" and "going for 55" etc. Would rather we did our talking on the pitch, it's not like we need that to sell already sold out tickets.
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    Wallace has got better the less he's played.
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    Never heard of him until the transfer rumours so know nothing about him. Best of luck and hopefully he can make an impact.