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    So the individual who pushed for the latest charge against Rangers & the individual who issued it have both subsequently resigned. Amazing what happens when you stand up for yourself.....
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    It chops up the lines like any other card.
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    poor cunt, signed the biggest deal of his life and cunts giving it tight because of the top he was made to wear
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    Hope to fuck that’s not the new kit he’s wearing
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    The guy on the board who supports celtic and pushed for the charge (Hughes) who resigned has now been followed by the employee who supports celtic and actually dished out the charge (McGlennan). Interesting. Purely coincidental I'm sure and nothing to see here though...
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    The EIGHT MINUTE video shows we were unjustly treated throughout the season in terms of: Red cards wrongly issued to our players Red cards wrongly not issued to our opponents Rangers players red carded in very similar circumstances to opponents getting away unpenalised. Genuine penalties not given Assaults on our players Simply we were not treated fairly or equally. To say other clubs could produce similar videos, or that it's paranoia, is bullshit. Now, the reason why we're so badly treated is debatable, I'm not saying it's a huge planned conspiracy against Rangers FC. But it's also not possible or conceivable that it's coincidental or even came anywhere near balancing itself out over a season. We were done as much by the refs as our opponents, and whilst it shouldn't excuse us being so shite and not deserving much more out of the league or cups last season it also shouldn't deny us the fact that if laws were applied fairly we would have picked up more points and wins.
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    Looking good. Fresh lick of paint on the gates too Edit: Goal posts repainted too. Don't know if it's a hybrid pitch or anything, maybe someone can confirm. That moment they walked through the gates into our beautiful stadium gave me shivers
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    Looks shite sack the board fuck kenny miller
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    Big question is....how would it look on Erik Bo Andersen?
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    Way too much paranoia in this thread Bad losers are we .Only complaining about this sort of stuff makes us look ridiculous and complete losers There are no conspiracies ,no bias .The scum haven't taken over Scottish football The last 6 years never happened Let's all just get on with things and be the good chaps Right you are
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    That's the only use my travel club one has had.
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    I was told numerous times that after the first Hibs shambles these decisions even themselves out over a season. Surprise surprise they didn’t. You could argue they got worse. I’ll never get why fans react to this as if we shouldn’t be highlighting it when it’s as blatant as the day as long.
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    Tony McGlennan has confirmed that he felt forced to tender his resignation following abuse and threats towards him and his family by Rangers supporters. Lawyer McGlennan has been with the governing body since 2014 but has now decided to return to private practice and will leave the SFA in late summer due to fear for his and his family's lives. He said "I have been threatened on line and in person by Rangers supporters, I have had to resign to protect myself and children". McGlennan was asked for proof but stated he had deleted all emails as they were so upsetting, and unfortunately no physical incidents had happened where cctv coverage existed. He will be involved in the kid on recruitment process for his successor before leaving Hampden, and has promised his fellow celtic supporters that it will be business as usual next season. McGlennan said "Sevco supporters may have won this battle but wont win the war. As my already identified successor said to me, "hail hail",". ? Tomorrow's reporting..
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    For what I just watched I would say the following...... 1) Aberdeen and Hibs games the referee could not get the cards out quick enough. 2) The Rangers shirt looks like its too big for some players characters 3) As a team we need to harden up and play smarter 4) In some of the games in the video we shat it and we proved that we did not have the bottle to compete regardless of poor refereeing decisions I do agree at times that there has been decisions that look to be extremely hard on us I still feel that with Pedro and Murty that our whole squad lacked the characteristics that's required to play for Rangers. Some of these matches we (fans) knew that we were going to get beat before the ball was even kicked. We have a team filled with players coming to the end of their careers, well traveled journeymen and a nucleus of lower league experience. There are not many actual winners in our team and that's the mentally that we are going to need if we are to compete next season. My gut tells me that (I hope) Stevie G will brings a much needed professionalism, winning mentally, high standards etc that is needed. I hope that we are looking for leaders and winners to bring into the team for next season although with all the latest transfer links I am getting a little worried lol. Good thing is that there seems to be a level of secrecy in our transfer business to date which leaves me hoping for a big man or two. lets go!!
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    Stupid fenian cunts, I never said we would, I said there's a chance in a knock-out comp where big teams might not be taking it seriously so early into the season so if your reading ya manky, wean-raping inbred foodbank dwelling rats don't take it out of context. Everyone knows K.A.I. is my initials Kenny-Andrew Ingils. Morons.
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    Honestly don’t know how you can watch so much football as clearly a man in your position does and not see there was something far wrong last year. I’ve always accepted these things typically balance out - not last year, no way. I don’t believe they start games thinking ‘I’m going to cheat Rangers’ but I do believe that it’s become much easier to give big decisions against us rather than for.
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    Is it? Do you actually visit their sites to know that? All I'm asking for is proof they're as equally hard done to over a season as we were. So do me a simple favour and c&p a comparable video when you're on one of their forums eh. ? And I'll take that as no, you didn't watch the video in its entirity. ?
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    It’s this Kerry dale street I’ve came on by accident? Embarrassing man.
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    https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/tony-mcglennan-resigns-from-sfa-post-mclk8d6vl The Scottish Football Association will this week begin the search for a new compliance officer after Tony McGlennan tendered his resignation. Lawyer McGlennan has been with the governing body since 2014 but has now decided to return to private practice and will leave the SFA in late summer. He will be involved in the recruitment process for his successor before leaving Hampden. The role was created seven years ago under Stewart Regan, the former chief executive of the SFA, and involves reviewing reported incidents from across Scottish football with a view to applying retrospective disciplinary action. The compliance officer initiates charges which are then decided upon by an independent judicial panel. Inevitably the role attracts frequent criticism from managers, players and clubs over which incidents… Want to read more?
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    We are refereed to a different standard and anyone who thinks different is wrong.